Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Discovery of Dinosaur Fossils Single Fingered

A fossil dinosaur with a single finger and big claws on each hand are found in China. The scientists claim, the fossil is a species Linhenykus monodactylus. Linhenykus monodactylus including alvarezsuroids group, which is a branch of the theropod family who ate meat. Higher animals only reach two feet and weigh as well as a large parrot.

Different from other theropod family, such as Tyrannosaurus rex and Velocireptor, Linhenykus only have one finger on each hand, has large paws. Scientists from University College London, Michael Pittman, explains, "theropod that do not have the character of birds originally had five fingers, but then evolved into just three fingers."

"Tyrannosaurus was also quite strange because it only has two fingers but Linhenykus that have only one finger to show how the complexity of the modification of the theropod hand,"said Michael Pittman. Some Linhenykus framework, the estimated age of 75 to 84 million years old, found near the town of Linhe, Mongolia.

According to Dr Jonah Choiniere of the American Museum of National History, "Degeneration of the structure, such as legs on whales and snakes, can appear and disappear randomly in the process of evolution." Linhenykus coexist with other theropod families who have similar size, as well as small mammals and lizards.

The Smallest Portable Scanner in the World

Fujitsu ScanSnap S1100 brings the smallest portable in the world, equipped with connection capabilities to a variety of popular cloud computing-based services like Google Docs, Evernote and Salesforce CRM that allow users to save the image data. S1100 has a feature for easy use, with one-touch scanning and reinforced with various capabilities to enhance productivity and durability. Model S1100 is equipped with a continuous function Document Feeding (CDF) manual for easy scanning dokuman much non-stop.

"Fujitsu ScanSnap new S1100 is the right choice for business professionals who are busy and need the speed, efficiency and toughness when it came to do a scan on his way," said Janet Tan, Regional Director of the Fujitsu Imaging Products. "Through service feature Cloud, Fujitsu offers the convenience and comfort in the scanning and distributing the results," he added.

Another advantage obtained in this device is, the presence of ABBYY FineReader for ScanSnap software increases user productivity by quickly changing the document into Word and Excel, simply through a single touch. In addition, S1100 able to automatically detect the words or parts of the specially marked in the document, then convert them into key words that can be searched, using the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to facilitate and accelerate the search for PDF documents. ScanSnap S1100 has a speed of 7.5 seconds/page or about 8 ppm) A4 sized documents, using the same automation functionality with other ScanSnap model.

Google will do the Mobile Revolution

Google CEO Eric Schmidt said the Mountain View, headquarters of Google, is preparing to spearhead a mobile revolution that will help redefine the role of the smartphone. According to Eric Schmidt, the handset will soon be able to provide streaming of personal information ranging from "where you are and what you can do over there" in real time.

But the CEO admits that Google's first phase need to do some endorsement that requires serious preparation, such as developing advanced LTE network to carry the burden of data which is of course inevitable. "What is needed is approximately 10 times what we have today, which will lead to new applications and creative, most fun and social,"wrote Eric Schmidt in an article in a recent Harvard Business Review.

Eric Schmidt also stressed that Google is interested in promoting the use of mobile devices as a financial tool that serious and safe. "The phone, as we know, under-utilized countries. But we want for the transaction can be done through a handheld device, so that consumers can go far," he added. Finally, Eric Schmidt noted that Google wanted to increase the availability of low-cost smartphone on the whole of the world. "Can you imagine how this would change their consciousness about local and global information," said Eric.

Printing the Document using the Cloud

Google provides printing solutions to long-distance or remote by relying on the cloud, for Android and iPhone smartphones. Google has launched a service that allows users to print documents from any printer without having to install the printer driver to the computer. Now Google is expanding its services by attending the Google Cloud Print.

Cloud Google Print can be operated to print any document on your phone, even email attachments or contained in Gmail. The service is still in beta format. To use this service, users send documents remotely to a printer destination. Users must open the document to be printed, in a file or in the Gmail inbox, via a browser. Then select 'print' from the menu located in the upper right corner. Thus, your document will be printed remotely.

Users of this service may be possible to print a variety of email attachments, either pdf or doc. Unfortunately this new feature will be found at short notice in the U.S. and can only be used on phones that support HTML5, such as mobile phones running on Android operating system 2.1 and above, as well as iOS 3 and above it. To start using these services, users must connect the printer to them first to the Google Cloud Print.