Saturday, May 7, 2011

Uncovered the Secret of Happiness Gene

Scientists from the London School of Economics and Political Science, United Kingdom have successfully identified a gene trigger a sense of happiness which is called the 5-HTT. Genes are happy to help nerve cells to recycle the compound serotonin, known to relate to mood and depression.

The study mentions 5-HTT is present in the form of 'old' and 'short'. Individuals who have two kinds of variants of the 'old', one from each parent, tend to have many more happy gene content of the other combinations. The smaller the feeling of happiness is for people born with two types of short genes .

"It has long been suspected that the 5-HTT plays an important role in human mental health, but this is the first study that could explain this gene," said Jan-Emmanuel De Neve from London School of Economics and Political Science, who led the study.

"Our results reveal the relationship between happiness and the 5-HTT gene," he added. The results are reported in the Journal of Human Genetics. For this study, scientists analyzed the genetic data of about 2,500 people.  "Finding this gene helps us to explain why some people tend to be happier than others," said Jan-Emmanuel.

Latest Console Xbox 360

Successor to the Xbox 360 console was allegedly being developed by Microsoft. In fact, prototypes of the console reportedly already reached the party game developer, Electronic Arts, which had the honor to test the console. Newer hardware that reportedly has been sent to EA, last April. Given its design is still raw, the console casing so that it does not have to be in a PC.

"We quite often receive a new console that is stored in the PC package. When we look at it, we just know it is a new console,"said one senior employee of EA. Last March, sticking speculation that Microsoft is in the early stages of developing a successor to the Xbox 360 a phenomenal success. Because the Xbox Concole Architecture Group had put job advertisements such as Graphics Hardware and Performance Engineer. New employee is believed to be responsible to "make the concept and create the next generation consoles" as stated in the ad.

No information could be obtained related to these brand-new console specifications. However, Develop indicated when this brand-new Xbox will feature support for the motion sensor Kinect, with some changes. Since launched in May 2005, there were 52 million units of Xbox consoles have been sold. The addition of an innovative motion sensor Kinect, last November, successfully increasing attractiveness Xbox.

Ocean is on Saturn

Could Saturn's largest moon, Titan, has a giant ocean below its surface? At least this is the opinion of the researchers from the Royal Observatory of Belgium in Brussels. The team used radar from the space shuttle from NASA's Cassini to 'peek' behind the thin atmosphere of Titan. They found some parts of Titan's surface shifted to 19 miles. According to them, this shift is due to Titan's surface is above the liquid form of water and ammonia.

Besides Earth, Titan is known to have liquid on its surface. If the alleged 'underground ocean' is proven true, this will increase the chances of that month had a life. Not only that, based on data transmitted by Cassini, Titan's rotation axis is also experiencing a shift to 0.3 degrees. According to the research team, this shift in the axis of rotation to be evidence that Titan is not completely made of hard or solid material.

Titan would allegedly have a shell of ice that is above sea water, ice caps and the center of the frozen and rocky planets. One researcher, Rose-Marie Baland, said, "These findings turn from what we know about the planets and other satellites as well as the process of planet formation."

However, researchers also consider other possibilities if Titan was hit by a comet or asteroid recently, causing the rotational axis shift. But apparently they are still determined to prove that Titan is hiding a giant ocean below its surface. They indicated that the sea has a depth of 3 to 265 miles.

"Our analysis strengthens the possibility that the ocean beneath Titan's surface stores. But it was not yet certain. So there are still many job we had to do," said Marie.