Friday, May 29, 2009

New Technology from Google Custom Search

ADRIAN'S BLOG:Custom Search EngineSearch for content in a website that complies with our needs is not easy to do when not provided a search box. Search box that is installed on our website will help visitors to quickly find what they need. At this time we can use the search box provided by Google using the new technology which provides a selection of more relevant search results in our website.

Google gives us the opportunity to use the search box with custom that powerful to help the visitors to explore our website in accordance with the keywords they type in the search box. I have installed the Custom Search Engine (CSE) used to search for content in ADRIAN'S BLOG and also some links that are on the top blog or linkbar.

Custom Search Engine (CSE) is easy to implement on the website with the copy and paste the code in our blog section. Custom from the google search engine uses new technology that provides many options in accordance with the settings we need, such as labels, Site Exclusion, Collaboration. With custom this search engine, we can invite people to contribute to the search engine that we install on our website. To make the settings of the search engines can we do through the control panel that will make it easier for us to use all the features available.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Increase Computer Skills through Training Programs

Countrywide Increase Computer Skills through Training ProgramsComputer training at this time to more easily found online with the international standard of qualification. Computer training programs will improve our skills in using hardware and software on your computer. Training includes a lot of computer training classes, such as Cisco, CopTIA, EMC, IBM, Microsoft training, programming, networking and others.

Training to learn the computer is you can select according to your needs, where there are as many training classes for office desktop, online IT, certification, and use CBT video. Program training is provided mainly for those of you who really need the increased computer skills.

Computer skills we need to update so that we can control technology, software and hardware that have been developed by the engineers in the field of computer science. Computer training programs that need to be given to employees so that they better understand each instruction of the new software has been installed on their computers.

Computer training provided by Countrywide there are many training classes that you can follow, where you will be led by instructors who have professional trainers certificate of the company software and hardware such as Cisco, Microsoft and so forth.

If you already have plans to do the computer training you can find onsite training program that has been prepared by Countrywide, which is one of the largest IT professional who has experience in conducting computer training online or through video training.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Strengthen the Community with Google Friend Connect

Members Google Friend ConnectEstablish links with the many friends of fun, today I have been using the facilities provided by Google known as Google Friend connect. Google Friend connect I've installed this on my blog, where the widgets from Google will help me to connect with my friends around the world who have been using Google products such as gmail, Adsense, iGoogle, Reader, Analytics, Blogger, and others.

Comments Google Friend ConnectIn this blog I have installed social gadgets for the member and comments, which will help the visitors to join in the community Adrian's Blog. Google friend connect supports 43 languages and visitors to the website you can read comments in accordance with the features of translation in their preferred language.

Social gadgets from Google is very flexible for use with support for different languages around the world. Facilities friend connect Google's aim to build a stronger community for Google users around the world. To install Google friend connect is easy to do and can be found in the Gmail settings Gmail Settings --> Accounts --> Google account settings --> My Products --> Google Friend Connect. So now you can build your community website through Google friend connect.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Social Network Optimization using Twitter

Dia Adrian Syah TwitterToday I was doing optimization on My social network, where I have integrated some of the network to improve communication between different networks such as Twitter, Twitterfeed, friendfeed, digg, mixx, and so forth. This social network can interact with each other provides some information taken from My blog feed.

Social network optimization this I do to improve the reaction to My blog to be more known by friends who are in My network. Many benefits that we can take from the social network to do this in the marketing and to introduce some new products we will launch. To improve communication on the social network, you can make settings that have been provided by the network.

Interconnection between the networks will make it easier for us in distributing information on a regular basis in accordance with the settings we have to do. Now has many social networks that have been integrated and provides access to login to Twitter network. So take advantage of the Twitter network to facilitate us in making communication with friends all around the world.