Saturday, July 24, 2010

Global Warming Increasing Body Weight Guinea Pigs

Impact of global warming turns out not only disturb the human life course, animals also joined the global warming affected by this. One of these animals are guinea pigs. Yes, global warming caused by the heating of fat from the previous experience. From the research group of scientists in Colorado discovered that guinea pigs became more body fat because of climate change.

Warmer temperatures seem to make guinea pigs more quickly wake up from hibernation period and more eating. Guinea pigs became one of the few animals that can benefit from increasing global temperatures. However, the guinea pigs were active between four to five months a year. The existence of an extra month to make up their period increased by 20 percent. In the end, guinea pigs population becomes uncontrollable.

It also makes an extra month they are also getting more calories and make them survive longer in the dry spring. In the end, when they go into hibernation period, namely in September, had more body fat guinea pigs. Scientists noted that guinea pigs have been around 1,190 increased the average body weight of 6.8 pounds.

Nokia will Launch the N8 to Face Competition

Nokia said it will launch the N8 in the third quarter of this year to help save the mobile business which is currently facing pressure from its competitors. But some analysts doubt the Nokia will come out of pressure because in the second quarter yesterday, Nokia reportedly suffered a sharp decline in profit, reaching 40 per cent to USD291 million, compared to the same period last year which reached USD487 million.

Nokia profits this quarter is estimated to rise only one percent over last year to USD12, 8 billion. But it predicted revenue would be down to four per cent in case of currency fluctuations. "View Devices in our portfolio, it is clear that the current situation is very difficult. And I do not expect to get the ease in Q2 to Q3," said Nokia CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo.

"But towards the end of the third quarter, we expect to start shipping the Nokia N8, our first devices running on operating systems Symbian3. We hope Symbian3 consumer demand for devices will rise," said Olli. During the third quarter, Nokia said that they expect them to grasp the device can generate about 6.7 billion to 7.2 billion euros.

Siemens SCADA Attacked by the Worm Stuxnet

A number of computers in Iran has experienced a number of malicious worm attempts to steal information from industrial control systems. According to data compiled by Symantec, nearly 60 percent of all systems infected by the worm is located in Iran. In addition, Indonesia and India also have been hit by malicious software, known as Stuxnet.

"Seeing the date on which the digital signature generated by the worm, malicious software may have been circulating since January," said Elias Levy, senior technical director of Symantec Security Response. Stuxnet discovered last month by VirusBlokAda, an antivirus company based in Belarus. Stuxnet found in the system software on the device customers in Iran.

Worm find users Siemens SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) management system, used in large industrial and utility plants, and tried to upload to the Internet industry secrets. Siemens will not say how many customers have been infected in Iran, but this time two German companies have been infected by the virus. A free virus scanner posted by Siemens earlier this week has been downloaded 1,500 times, "added Elias.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tablet PCs will Dominate the Market in 2013

Many observers who say that the year 2010 is the year of tablets. But according to ABI Research analysts from Jeff Orr, the tablet PCs is still much to master a large market this year. "Tablet PCs will dominate the market later in the year 2013. This is because a lot depends on the distribution of the coverage Apple is still very limited," said Jeff Orr.

"In addition, a number of competitors iPad tablet PCs released now, but a global recession, the implementation of the operating system the most suitable and appropriate challenges iPad user experience all the causes of delays, in particular tablets increase also resulted in increasing categories of MID (Mobile Internet Device)," added Jeff.

"Most of the volumes that we've projected for the MID category since 2007 is now being taken over by the other form factor devices such as media tablets, but also smartphones, which sees more and more functionality," said Jeff. However, Jeff was projected that 11 million tablets are expected to be shipped in late 2010. "Our estimates 11 million tablets of media delivery in 2010 was based both on the availability of a wider iPad," he said.

A man Deceive Thousands of Women on Facebook

A 60-year-old man managed to fool thousands of women whom he met through the social networking Facebook. He was named Clive Worth is able to meet around 1,500 young women who met through the internet media. Most of these women feel cheated when meeting with Clive.

Of the thousands of women, 300 of whom she met through Facebook social networking media. In creating the account, other than create a false identity, Clive also use the profile photo of the model Coralie Robinson to appeal to women. "I've made a Facebook account for four times, and all have been deleted by Facebook. They argue, because social networking is not a place to meet people who are not known," said Clive.

Previously, in 2004, Clive was also part of the site He claimed to have met with at least 200 women. But unfortunately, he said that he always failed to have a relationship. In addition to the DatingDirect, he also claimed to have been 'evicted' from sites such date and and video sharing site like and Although already 60 years old, Clive will not stop the love adventures in cyberspace until the age of 80 years.