Saturday, April 30, 2011

iOS was in Top Position

A recent study showed two-thirds of respondents believe that it is impossible for Microsoft, RIM, HP, and Nokia to shift the position of Apple and Google. Surveys conducted among developers shows, the developers say the phenomenon of 'cloud mobile', have a tendency toward a promising mobility connected partly to address the problem of fragmentation and change the relationship between business and customers.

Android enthusiasts rather loose after the developers disappointed from the initial tablet sales have caused developers to pull back from their enthusiasm for Google's mobile OS. In a survey of more than 2,700 Appcelerator developers around the world, nearly two-thirds of respondents believe that it is impossible for Microsoft, RIM, HP, and Nokia to reverse the momentum of relative to Apple and Google.

Apple the iOS remain high where 91 percent of developers said they were 'very interested in iPhone development and 86 percent are very interested in developing for the iPad. While Android phones go down 2 points to 85 percent and tablets Android fell 3 points to 71 percent.

How about you? whether also like to iOS?

Apple's Record of the Location of the Users?

After Google admitted that the Android phone is recording some information on the location of its users, now everyone is awaiting confirmation from Apple that tripped a similar problem. Already a week after the case was rolling really Apple that has not only provided relevant comments on these findings. Usually, Apple's most famous quick to respond if there are concerns affecting their products.

Well, recently broke the news that Apple CEO Steve Jobs gives his comments directly related to the location data recorded users of the iPhone and iPad theirs. But unfortunately, this comment occurs informally, because it's Steve Jobs to give an answer by email which is the reply from one of its users.

In one email the iPhone users unidentified asked, "Is it true that you are recording our data, and I beg you not to do". "Oh sure we do not record your data. All the news that circulated was a hoax," as noted by Steve Jobs via email. Of course the answer email from Steve Jobs is still doubt about the truth. And the parties are very waiting for a reply Steve Jobs formal course.

LTE to Reach Remote Schools

Deutsche Telekom and Nokia Siemens Networks have jointly demonstrated the benefits of more than Long Term Evolution (LTE) in the 800 MHz spectrum as a tool to reach students at schools in remote areas. Initiative 'Class Fly' or 'Flying Classroom' is the idea of Corporate Social Responsibility program Nokia Siemens Networks allows the students to take part in video communication and send the tasks from a distance education to teachers and partner schools.

Deutsche Telekom and G-Lessing-Gymnasium 'European Grammar School' provides connections Doebeln LTE in the village, the entire jaringanya provided and integrated by Nokia Siemens Networks. In a 'Flying Classroom' at the Gymnasium, the vendor provides multiple PCs using video conferencing software to communicate with students and teachers in schools other than long-distance partner.

With PC and Smartboards are interconnected, the students can work on tasks simultaneously.  "LTE offers the possibility of coverage through the extensive use of ultra high-speed broadband and the 'Flying Classroom' shows miracle given LTE technology in increasing the level of e-Education," said Guido Menzel, senior vice president, Fixed Mobile Engineering, Telecom Deutschland GmbH.

"LTE technology can deliver broadband connectivity to appoint an e-Education to the next level, thus helping to achieve broader goals in the community," added Hermann Rodler, managing director of Nokia Siemens Networks in Germany. LTE uses technology infrastructure flat IP-based network that offers super-fast data transmission and allows browsing and downloading is very fast thanks to a lower latency.

Increased Revenue from Microsoft Office and Kinect

Microsoft has just reported their earnings in the third quarter of 2011, which Microsoft's revenue to reach $ 6, 43 billion, an increase of 13 percent from the same period in 2010. Meanwhile, Microsoft's operating profit was $ 5, 71 billion, net income was $ 5.23 billion. With this report Microsoft surpassed expectations of Wall Street analysts who are in 56 cents per share with revenue $ 16,19 billion.

Microsoft says that the strong financial results mainly due to sales of Office, Xbox and sales Kinect.

"We deliver strong financial results despite the PC environment is still good, which shows the strength and breadth of our business. Customers buy Office 2010, Xbox and Kinect at extraordinary levels, and businesses of all sizes purchase of Microsoft platforms and applications," said Microsoft CFO Peter Klein.

Sales in the Office and Kincet reported an increase to 60 percent. While the Online Services division, which includes Bing, managed to record $684 million, up 14 percent.

Children Under Age Have Social Networking Profiles

According to a recent survey of the European Commission (EC), the number of children who use social networking sites have increased. In fact, 50 percent of children aged 9 to 12 years in the UK already have a profile. EC expressing overall, 43 respondents who had their young have a survey on social networking profiles. Especially for the age group 13 to 16 years and even increased to 88 percent.

Results of a survey of 25 thousand young people across Europe, one in 10 respondents claimed to have a public profile, in which one-fifth claimed to display the address and phone number.  Age group 9 to 12 years were more likely to display their important information in the public domain. But only half of respondents aged 11 and 12 years claimed to understand how to change the privacy settings in various social media.

The results of this survey clearly worrying, given the fragility of young Internet users. "The number of children who access social networks increases, but most of them have not done the necessary steps to protect themselves," said Neelie Kroes as EU commissioner for the digital agenda.  "All social networking sites should immediately restrict access to the profile of these children only to the list of contacts that has been approved as well as through search engines," said Neelie Kroes.

Neelie Kroes also appealed to the sites that have not been registered in the European Union regulations relating to use of social networking is safe to immediately register.  In 2009, 17 companies including Bebo, Google and YouTube, Microsoft Europe, Myspace and Yahoo Europe have enrolled in these regulations in order to improve the security of social networking users under the age of 18.

ICANN Hired Ex-Hacker

ICANN appointed former hacker Jeff Moss to address cyber security issues. Moss Jeff has been known as Dark Tangent, the founder of the Black Hat computer security conference and the event popular hacker gathering, DefCon, which is held annually in Las Vegas. But starting today, Moss will start his new job as Vice President and Chief Security Officer for the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

"I can not think of candidates who have a better understanding of security threats that haunt the Internet users as well as knowing how to best protect themselves in cyberspace besides Jeff Moss," says ICANN chief executive Rod Beckstrom.
Being a 'hacker' for over 20 years, Moss hopes to utilize their knowledge for the benefit of ICANN.

"I can not wait to give my expertise to ICANN. My role to coordinate the delivery system to the global Internet address means I have a position of leadership in identifying and dealing with online threats against the Domain Name System is at risk around 2 billion Internet users worldwide. Jeff Moss has a thorough knowledge of hackers to fight the battle against cyber threats, "said Rod Beckstrom.