Saturday, April 30, 2011

Apple's Record of the Location of the Users?

After Google admitted that the Android phone is recording some information on the location of its users, now everyone is awaiting confirmation from Apple that tripped a similar problem. Already a week after the case was rolling really Apple that has not only provided relevant comments on these findings. Usually, Apple's most famous quick to respond if there are concerns affecting their products.

Well, recently broke the news that Apple CEO Steve Jobs gives his comments directly related to the location data recorded users of the iPhone and iPad theirs. But unfortunately, this comment occurs informally, because it's Steve Jobs to give an answer by email which is the reply from one of its users.

In one email the iPhone users unidentified asked, "Is it true that you are recording our data, and I beg you not to do". "Oh sure we do not record your data. All the news that circulated was a hoax," as noted by Steve Jobs via email. Of course the answer email from Steve Jobs is still doubt about the truth. And the parties are very waiting for a reply Steve Jobs formal course.

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