Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Nuclear Fusion Reaction using a Laser Beam

U.S. scientists produce a laser beam shot with the energy level never achieved before this and become a key step toward nuclear fusion reactions, so the U.S. National Nuclear Security Administration. For the first time in history, scientists are targeting one Megajoule of energy by shooting a laser beam 192 at the same time at a temperature of 111 million Celsius or 200 million Fahrenheit, so that agency in a statement.

"Making Megajoule energy makes us one step closer to burning fusion (combining nuclei reaction)," said the U.S. nuclear agency administrator, Thomas D'Agostino. "This historic milestones is an example of how our nation's national investment to produce benefit in various fields, from technological advances in the field of energy, up to a better understanding of the universe."

Nuclear fusion is a form of energy that moves the sun and the stars and into alternative energy that is potentially a clean and limitless energy to replace fossil reserves are diminished, but the conditions that must be controlled production have led scientists to examine it away. U.S. atomic agency says that in an effort to show a fusion reaction, the scientists focused on this laser into a pencil eraser-sized cylinder containing a small target containing fuel consisting of deuterium and tritium, two isotopes of hydrogen.

Laser energy is converted into X-rays, which compress the fuel until it reaches the high temperature and pressure of millions of times greater than Earth's atmospheric pressure, according to the statement. This process causes hydrogen core melt and then release the energy into the early stages to the process of nuclear fusion. In contrast, nuclear fission by splitting atomic nuclei, which requires the separation of atomic nuclei to release energy, remained opposed because of safety concerns and hazardous radioactive waste in the long term.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Quality Advantages of Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

Using a double kitchen sink provides the flexibility when we wash the cooking utensils, which we can separate between the utensils such as pots, pans with other equipment made of plastic. This double sink is the right choice to put your kitchen, especially for those who want to separate utensils made of plastic with a dirty kitchen utensils and hot when you are finished cooking. I prefer to use the sink made of stainless steel because it is not easy to cut, easy to clean, age durable and easy to clean when we finished washing. There are many choices of form and style undermount kitchen sink for decorating your kitchen, single and double sink.

If you are interested in using stainless steel kitchen sink find in undermount kitchen sinks with various design shapes and sizes according to the needs of your kitchen. By using a stainless steel sink, kitchen work we become more comfortable and easily resolved. Stainless steel kitchen sink from Mr Direct is very popular and had many people use their kitchen. Mr Direct sink is a high quality product with a lifetime warranty, low price, and a lot of choices, and this is the advantage of stainless steel kitchen sink, so you do not have to worry about using the kitchen sink from Mr Direct for your kitchen.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Thigh David Beckham Squeezed by a Woman

Shocking incident happened while AC Milan player was interviewed by reporters in front of a hotel in Milan. Le Lene host for the channel italia Uno, Elena In Cioccio, close to Beckham who was interviewed by a reporter. Elena did not come interviewed David Beckham, she approached and after David Beckham's testicles. Suddenly, with a bandaged hand yellow gloves, Elena squeezed assets of Victoria Beckham's husband. Television stations, Italy Uno has apologized to the Beckham.

Meanwhile, David Beckham's spokesman, Simon Oliveira said it was not a problem that needs to be exaggerated. "David Beckham, of course, was very surprised. But David Beckham considers it a joke that no harm," he said. However, Oliveira denied the news that journalist desperate, squeezing a vital tool David Beckham. "she just touched the thigh Beckham," he said. Elena admitted curious about David Beckham's penis size, whether the same magnitude to that seen in the underwear ads.

After the action, Elena and ran across the street, shouting "E piccolo, Beckham." It means, "Got a little Beckham." Meanwhile, the camera was focused on Beckham continues to follow the journalist. When Beckham went from the hotel, turn to the journalist who interviewed. In the past claimed Cioccio testicles squeezed out of curiosity Beckham underwear ads wearing Giorgio Armani David Beckham as a model. Direct interview and was, in Cioccio still can not forget the moment her life was her age. "Oh my God. I've touched it!"