Friday, June 19, 2009

New Features from Twitterfeed to Feed Blog

twitterfeedThis day, I check some of My twitter account to see the post that has happened from some blog post, this blog post I send to twitter via twitterfeed. I have been using the services of twittefeed to deliver my blog post to multiple social networks such as twitter,, laconica and HelloTxt. But what happens, I have not seen any activity from twitterfeed to send a blog post that I've updated.

This problem has been going on twitterfeed, where twitterfeed now different from before. Twitterfeed now have to update the system as well as web design and add features such as the feed name, click counts and other. Changes have been made by twitterfeed affect the performance of My twitter, where all the passwords on My twitter account has changed and consequently the system from twitterfeed can not deliver data RSS feeds to My twitter account.

To overcome this problem I have to do re-authenticate at each twitter account so twitterfeed can send posts to twitter. If you have been using twitterfeed you should re-check your account because there are some database changes that lead to you not on twitter.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Affiliate Program Provides a Great Selection of Products

Determine what products will be sold in an affiliate program is a very early step in determining your business to make money online. The determination of this product is very closely associated with creativity in creating your ideas for a product that is suitable for your business. Stage to find the ideas in the determination of the product will be sold can you get if you join an affiliate program that has provided many products ready for sale and has a high demand from buyers online.

By using the blog to market your product you get from the affiliate program that has a variety of products such as credit cards, printer ink, insurance, web design, magazines and more. Website / blog is one of the components that are critical to supporting your success in doing business online through affiliate programs, so you get a lot of buyers then the popularity of the website / blog you have to continue to get increased traffic from various sources such as blog directories, web site / blog Other, social media networks, search engines and others.

Affiliate programs is one way for you to make money online and also you do not need to deposit your money in the affiliate program. Income you receive depends on how many products you sell and the presentation of money you will get around 2% to 75% of the price of the product you sell.

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Sunday, June 14, 2009

I use the Short URL to Traffic Activity Reports

Hits World MapEvery day I become very busy with various activities to support the achievement of performance marketing strategies. Several days ago, I try to connect the many links from some of the social network to ease me in to do the marketing optimization performance of the different social networks to bring in some traffic in My blog. At this social network optimization run quite satisfactorily, and where traffic can be detected with the use of tracking links that have been sent to all social networks.

To create a tracking link from each post that I have already submitted all the social networks I have been using to shorten the URL, where provides traffic activity reports from each short URL that has been published, such as the location of clicks, number of clicks and other. Facilities provided by sufficient to monitor the activities of each link that has been published for a variety of different networks.