Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Former Model Died because of Surgical Failure

Solange MagnanoAttracted because the body wants to maintain the beauty, just a former model died after surgery in certain parts of his body. She is a former Miss Argentina, Solange Magnano (38 years), who rushed to the hospital at the last moment after performing a cosmetic operation. Mother of two twins, died on Sunday after lung artery disturbed that she had to be in critical condition for three days in intensive care.

Close friend, who is also a fashion designer, Roberto Piazza, called the owner of this brown hair has been obsessed with her appearance as a successful model at the end of her career. "Solange was a young girl who has everything. She lived life like a goddess, but she still felt jealous of the world," he said. Now her's dead just because he wanted to have a tight body.

Benefits of High Quality Products for Skin Care

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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Godfather Spam was Sentenced to 51 Months Jail

An actor named Alan spread spam Ralsky (64 years) who referred to himself as the "Godfather of Spam" was sentenced to 51 months imprisonment and a fine of 250,000 U.S. dollars. He proved jointly conspiring to conduct activities detrimental spamming and using illegal methods. Ralsky is one the spammers veteran who pioneered the use of a botnet or malware planted on various computer networks to distribute spam.

This is the most powerful way to spread spam, but not infrequently causing big losses for the users of the Internet because the information disseminated containing fraud. "The sentences handed down today to the person who claims himself as the Godfather of Spam, Alan Ralsky, and three others who became the main actors with complex spam scheme offering a" pump and dump ", the court ensures that the theft by abusing the internet will end penalty several years in prison, "the statement Terrence Berg, the prosecutor Eastern District of Michigan.

In the action, conspiracy Ralsky assisted three people sent emails to promote a stock with false information. When prices rise, the stock will be released with a high price and then allowed to fall. Email spam is sent to the botnet network that spread everywhere so difficult to detect origin. Also spammers forge email headers, proxy, domain name, and making false advertising. Ralsky and his accomplice acts first diendus by Microsoft's Internet Safety Enforcement Team in 2004.

Twitter Service Paid in Japan

Twitter JapanTwitter will begin to implement the service paid model in Japan. Later the user can charge a premium to other Twitter users who want to read the tweet messages and access to images or video links are displayed. It is said Kenichi Sugi, COO DG Mobile, a subsidiary of Digital Garage Twitter partners in Japan in Mobidec2009 conference recently. He said the application of the model that will start paying in January next year.

The plan, premium users can arrange for minor messages can still be freely accessible to anyone and can apply the money paid for important messages, like equipped with an external web address links, images, or video exclusive. Twitter users who are interested can pay a monthly subscription or pay each time access. Payment can be made by credit card, mobile wallet in the mobile service, or vouchers that are sold in retail outlets.

According to the released inormasi local media, tariffs varied between 100-1000 Yen and Twitter will take advantage of the transaction was paid by 30 percent. So far, the Japanese version of Twitter is the most promising services faster income for these Microblogging sites. Special services in Japan are designed slightly different than the global version and has sold pages and banner ads at a rate between 5500-33000 U.S. dollars.

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