Saturday, February 27, 2010

Eyeglasses Cheap Offers Many Style Options

Eyeglasses are very important to us, not only to help the vision but we can also be used as a fashion to increase self-confidence. Technology in the manufacture of eyeglasses today so modern and able to create a variety of products eyeglasses are stylish and fashionable. Innovation and technology development to give us a choice eyeglasses low prices with a very high quality. Eyeglasses with a pair of very cheap prices it certainly gives us the solution to have more fashionable eyeglasses collection with high quality.

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As you have seen that brand eyeglasses Zenni is only $ 9.95 and is made of plastic full-rim. Plastic frame with fashionable style that caught my attention, but it is also cheap price. Zenni eyeglasses provide the right solution for us to save money, and make you go to have it. Many Eyeglasses are expensive on the market, but why do we have to buy that expensive if there is a place that provides eyeglasses cheaper with good quality, and if you want to buy the eyeglasses you should provide numbers as a measure of  Pupilary Distance for your convenience in the use of eyeglasses, and find eyeglasses your fashion in Zenni Optical.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Variety Accessories Enhance Function of Truck

If you are a professional that specializes in services such as construction, mining, oil and gas, telecommunication and so on, of course you need transportation to reach the job site. With the use of trucks will help us bring a variety of equipment such as stairs, pipes, and other equipment. Placing the equipment you will bring to the job site is not easy when your truck is not installed additional accessories. Additional accessories that may be required for your truck like Racks and Carriers, and it will help facilitate you to bring all the equipment you work with a larger size or longer than your truck. Various types of  truck accessory provided by RealTruck you can exploit to improve the performance of the functions of your truck.

RealTruck gives you a large choice of accessories from various brands and types of cars and pickup trucks. Using the truck ladder rack made with the best quality and so perfectly designed for your truck so that makes it easy to place the ladder on the truck and brought to the job site without worrying about falling. The selection of appropriate accessories and in accordance with the functions necessary for you to work in the field can be more efficient and effective.

Modification by using accessories not only enhance your performance but also will add the elegant look of your truck. Achieving a muddy job site often you might have experienced, would make your trip uncomfortable where many mud that stuck to your car body, but you do not need to worry about protecting the car splash guards your work truck trips would be more comfortable. So find all the accessories for your vehicle at RealTruck.

Killer Whales Have Been Killed a Sea World Trainer

A killer whale grabbed a trainer who was on the edge of the pond. That the whale uses its jaws and carried the woman trainer in the water. The incident was a shock all the spectators who were watching that attraction. The trainer was killed instantly in front of the spectators who witnessed the action with a sense of fear. The audience poured out of the stadium SeaWorld, and part of the playground was finally closed.

Trainer Dawn Brancheau, 40 years old, at that time was rubbing Tilikum body, killer whales, with 12 thousand pounds of weight, in the afternoon show. "But suddenly pulled the whale and brought it into the water," said Head trainer Chuck Tompkins. SeaWorld officials say that the trainer was killed by drowning. A spectator who witnessed the incident, Eldon Skaggs, Brancheau said that interactions with these whales initially appeared calm and relaxed.

"But suddenly pulled the whale and took a swim," he said. The alarm finally sounded and the workers brought the spectators out of stadiums. "At the beginning of the whale did not respond to the trainer's command, even the whale is acting like a stubborn child," Skaggs added. Of the event, the trainers are prohibited to be in the water with Tilikum. Approximately 29 trainers who have at SeaWorld, only 12 trainers are working to take care Tilikum.

Brancheau is a seasoned trainer among others, her also understood the character of the whale's 30-year-old. With this event, making the third time to kill a whale trainer. SeaWorld spokeswoman said that Tilikum is the third whale to kill his trainer. The first incident taking place in England in 1991.

The World's Longest Hair Resembles a Large Snake

A man from Vietnam who died recently had very long hair and resembles a large snake, the hair is believed to be the world's longest hair. Tran Van Hay hair is not known exactly how long, but long hair is estimated to reach 6.8 meters, and in 2006 the hair had never washed it reaches 6.2 meters long.

According to Guinness World Records, the longest hair record held by Xie Qiuping of China, has a 5.6 meter long hair in 2004. Hay began to lengthen his hair since 50 years ago, and he will fall ill if his hair cut, said Hay's wife, Nguyen Thi Hoa.

Hay lived simply as a herbals, but the hair made it difficult. Nobody wants to ride motorcycles Hay, because he could not wear a helmet. He wraps hair daily in the head and covered with a cloth. Hay, who has several pounds of hair is left in the house was on Wednesday, February 24 local time, he died at the age of 79 years.

Chicken Egg Size Six Times Larger than Normal

A couple in England, Mark Cornish (36 years) and Denise Bartram (42 years), shocked to find chicken, Matilda, has egg size six times larger than normal eggs. The chicken actually has four eggs, but eggs that one does look different from the others. Weighed approximately 4.2 ounces, and reach 8 inches in diameter.

Cornish said that normally the size of chicken eggs with approximately 0.7 ounces with a diameter of only 5.5 inches. "Many people who consider it as a goose egg, because the large size," he said. Cornish added that he would try to put it into the record books.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Google and the Government of China to Discuss Peace

Google and the government of China will discuss peace issues related termination Google's operations in China. Google will urge the government of China for not doing a filter on the search results in Google. If the government of China agreed to all demands of Google, the search engine giant is not going to stop the operation

Google earlier said it would stop the business on its site in January 2010 after the bombardment by hackers China, through a number of Gmail accounts belonging to the human rights activists and foreign journalists in China. Some companies also suffered attacks from hackers China, and about thirty companies had been paralyzed due to a hacker attack.

Google itself is getting from the hacker attacks since mid-December. A similar problem experienced by 30 U.S. companies in China, including Adobe Systems that contribute to the target. The attack itself was carried out by using the bug hackers email through a specific software. Most piercing itself is to steal information from emails human rights activists in China.

As a result of the attack, Google plans to stop operating its search engine business units in China, they've run through But before, and Google will open the first Internet censorship that had been done by the government of China ordered. This event is to draw the attention of the U.S. foreign minister Hillary Clinton and the entire U.S. Internet companies operating in China almost follow in the footsteps of Google to leave.