Friday, July 30, 2010

United Arab Emirates Security is Threatened by the Blackberry

Government of the Arab countries (United Arab Emirates / UAE) officially revealed if the BlackBerry smartphone has the potential to be a national security threat, particularly Arab countries. According to the UAE, Blackberry user data stored outside the country, where local law would not apply if an when problems occur. Additionally the analysts in the UAE said that if the government would find it difficult to monitor the illegal use of stored data.

This step is renewing concerns about the United Arab Emirates efforts to control information flow in the Gulf countries, which include business centers in Dubai and the oil-rich nations in Abu Dhabi. Federation of seven states are actively censoring websites and other media forms that are considered dangerous enough to threaten national security and cultural values of local conservatives.

"The server made by Research in Motion BlackBerry located overseas. This makes it easier for them to refuse requests from relevant authorities personal data users," said Chairman Lucie Morillon Reporters Without Borders, which monitors the efforts to control the use of smartphones.  'The government can not access information on the BlackBerry is as easy as the information they can from local operators,' he said.

This is the second controversy related to the Blackberry in the UAE. A year ago, the largest cellular operator in the country to find if BlackBerry unwittingly encourage users to install software that allows outsiders to peek inside the device. Unfortunately, the government has never fully explained what happened in the case.  According to regulators, it is a form of anticipation after hearing many complaints related to management of user data in the RIM Blackberry stored which can be misused.

Google Operations in China Again

Google provides relevant clarifications blocking its services in China. Google apparently wrong about seeing the situation that occurred in that country. "The machine we were able to estimate the level of blocking that occurred in a region. It happened just simply blocking the low levels. Now everyone has to walk normally again," said Google's party in his official statement.

Previously, Google said that if the number of Google services in China such as Youtube, Ads, and Blogger can not be accessed. China most likely return to block Google. Besides Youtube, Ads and Blogger, the other services are also not accessible to Google Images, News, Docs, and Google Groups.

This news comes just after the government of China stated that Google had been obedient to the rules prevailing in China. Services that can still be accessed in full only Gmail. It seems the main priority is blocking the search engine service. However, according to a report Twitter users in China, Google's service can still be accessed via Wi-Fi connectivity and 3G.

Hackers Prefer to Attacking Russia

Russia actually has more experience than the hackers attacked other countries. Thus the data from the Akamai network company, not only attacked the hacker, Russia is also a country that most often become targets phishing and spam. Study of 200 countries in the world is placing most of Russia's positioned to contribute as much as 12 percent of attack traffic. After Russia, the United States came second with 10 percent contribution.

Although often adorned with a variety of media headlines rules 'Great Firewall', China was still more secure than the Russians and the U.S.. Even for a business target of the attack, China occupies the third position with only 9.1 percent. While in the position of the fourth and fifth respectively occupied by Taiwan and Brazil with 6.1 percent and 6 percent.

Of all countries, Akamai alone provides about 15 to 30 percent of overall Internet traffic. In the first quarter this year alone, there were approximately 487 million unique IP addresses from 233 countries or regions that are connected with Akamai.

Percentage of attack traffic in the entire world as follows:

1. Russia: 12%
2. U.S.: 10%
3. China: 9.1%
4. Taiwan: 6.1%
5. Brazil: 6.0%
6. Italy: 4.4%
7. Germany: 9.3%
8. Romania: 3.2%
9. Japan: 9.2%
10. Poland: 2.4%

In 2182 a Giant Asteroid Struck the Earth

Giant asteroid is expected to hit Earth on 24 September 2182. Space experts called the asteroid as a "1999 RQ36". NASA team estimated the object that is located approximately 612 yards of earth will have the opportunity came up and struck the earth approximately 172 years.

Possible asteroid collision with earth in the year 2036 also occurred, but not too big. Meanwhile, Maria Eugenia Sansaturio experts from the Universidad de Valladolid, Spain, reveal knowledge should immediately anticipate and design the system mechanisms that can minimize an asteroid collision with earth in 2182.

Which will hit the earth asteroid was first discovered in 1999, and has a large two times larger than the asteroid Apophis will hit Earth in the year 2036. "The consequences of this collision will be huge, because we need treatment before the year 2080," said Maria. Asteroid collision with earth ever happened and it is estimated it causes, the loss Dinasaurus from the earth.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Top 10 Drug Rehab Programs for Addiction

Living under the influence of addictive substances have been many lives destroyed anyone who has ever experienced that. Addictive behavior only gives pleasure for a moment, lost in the enjoyment of imagination, and more negative impact and tend to harm anyone using addictive substances. The use of drugs and alcohol can cause anyone to dependence, and it is difficult to escape if not treated routinely.

Drug and alcohol misuse is a serious threat and could destroy anyone who had consumed it. Following the drug and alcohol treatment program is the right solution to eliminate the dependence on addictive substances. Program specially designed by the professional clinical team is very effective to help treat drug and alcohol abuse problems.

Treatment program that placed the beach provides for freedom of expression for all patients who create an atmosphere of relaxed and enjoy all the programs without burdening their minds. Drug and alcohol treatment program has a lot to heal the patient, and is the top 10 drug rehab which is believed to treat those who are addicted to drugs and alcohol.

Innovations developed to make effective treatment programs for patients with dependence on addictive substances have been proven to cure thousands of men and women. Location of drug and alcohol treatment located in the foothills and the beach will certainly give comfort to all patients who follow this program.

Being beautiful and interesting location that is suitable for patients who were treated in the long run, all the needs of patients available in accordance with what they want. Biking and enjoying the fresh air in the foothills or enjoy the beautiful sand of course will create a fun atmosphere like during the holidays, and this is a drug and alcohol treatment program that is fun, and the desire by those who want to find their lives again.

Centers alcohol rehab provides plenty of support facilities so that patients can enjoy their lives in alcohol dependence treatment program appropriately. By following a drug and alcohol treatment program the patient will regain their passion.

Custom Wheel Rims are Beautiful and Interesting

Wheel rim is one element of a vehicle that is very important to consider, using a specially designed wheel rim will certainly facilitate the movement of the wheel, and adding the performance of your car. Display custom wheel rims vary, not only provide comfort while driving, but shape and style of the wheel rim will give the impression of luxury in your car.

Choosing the wheel rim is not easy and you should have enough knowledge in order not wrong when you decide to change the appearance of the wheel rim that you have to use. The performance of your car will surely increase when you use the custom wheel rims are lighter making it easier for accelerated speed, and usually a lighter wheel rim is designed specifically for race cars, but did not rule out if you have enough budget then you can also use wheel rim.

The development of a rim of diverse ranging from shapes, colors up to size, has become a trend, and has now become a fashion for those who like to modify to personal or competition. Display custom wheel rims so impressive and add to the beauty of your car. Before replacing the wheel rim then you should consider the size and weight of the rim of the wheel you'll use, because this can cause problems on your car.

When you use a wheel rim that is not appropriate, such as size and weight, then this condition will affect the speed and the braking system on your car wheels. There are many brands such as wheel rims aicona, asanti, avarus, petrol, and so forth. For those of you who are interested to use the custom wheel rims should immediately realize your dreams now because there are many different kinds of wheel rims are beautiful and interesting for your car.