Friday, July 30, 2010

Google Operations in China Again

Google provides relevant clarifications blocking its services in China. Google apparently wrong about seeing the situation that occurred in that country. "The machine we were able to estimate the level of blocking that occurred in a region. It happened just simply blocking the low levels. Now everyone has to walk normally again," said Google's party in his official statement.

Previously, Google said that if the number of Google services in China such as Youtube, Ads, and Blogger can not be accessed. China most likely return to block Google. Besides Youtube, Ads and Blogger, the other services are also not accessible to Google Images, News, Docs, and Google Groups.

This news comes just after the government of China stated that Google had been obedient to the rules prevailing in China. Services that can still be accessed in full only Gmail. It seems the main priority is blocking the search engine service. However, according to a report Twitter users in China, Google's service can still be accessed via Wi-Fi connectivity and 3G.

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