Friday, July 30, 2010

Hackers Prefer to Attacking Russia

Russia actually has more experience than the hackers attacked other countries. Thus the data from the Akamai network company, not only attacked the hacker, Russia is also a country that most often become targets phishing and spam. Study of 200 countries in the world is placing most of Russia's positioned to contribute as much as 12 percent of attack traffic. After Russia, the United States came second with 10 percent contribution.

Although often adorned with a variety of media headlines rules 'Great Firewall', China was still more secure than the Russians and the U.S.. Even for a business target of the attack, China occupies the third position with only 9.1 percent. While in the position of the fourth and fifth respectively occupied by Taiwan and Brazil with 6.1 percent and 6 percent.

Of all countries, Akamai alone provides about 15 to 30 percent of overall Internet traffic. In the first quarter this year alone, there were approximately 487 million unique IP addresses from 233 countries or regions that are connected with Akamai.

Percentage of attack traffic in the entire world as follows:

1. Russia: 12%
2. U.S.: 10%
3. China: 9.1%
4. Taiwan: 6.1%
5. Brazil: 6.0%
6. Italy: 4.4%
7. Germany: 9.3%
8. Romania: 3.2%
9. Japan: 9.2%
10. Poland: 2.4%

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