Friday, May 27, 2011

White iPhone 4 sued Apple

Apple sent a lawsuit against a teenager who is known to sell equipment to change the iPhone 4 black to white color version. Fei Lik 'Phillip' Lam is running an online business that allows someone to change their iPhone 4 black and white into color. Lam started this business when knowing Apple plans to delay the release of the iPhone 4 white.

Responding to reports about the business, Apple's sue Lam sites, 'and he immediately closed the site online. Not only that, from Cupertino tech giant also lifted its lawsuit against his parents because Lam has been using Apple's trademark without permission.  "The suspect was very aware that Apple never gave permission for the sale of white panels iPhone mobile device 4. Additionally, Fei gets and sell these panels from sources that do not get approval from Apple or its official supplier,"according to Apple's claims in the complaint.

Nevertheless, based on the latest news from Mac Rumors, Apple withdraw that demand. Mac Rumors indicate both parties choose to solve the problems between ourselves.

Google Sued Paypal

Internet giant Google PayPal strongly denied allegations that call it had stolen the idea for a mobile payment system, Google Wallet. Not long after introducing Google Wallet service, eBay and its online payment unit PayPal cast lawsuits and claims Google stole confidential data similar payments system development belongs to them.

In tuntutannnya, PayPal said that it had worked hard for three years to launch a payment system via mobile devices Android. In that project, PayPal is also working with Google. PayPal claims that Google deliberately pulled Vice President of Platform, Mobile and New Ventures them at that time, Osama Bedier, after plowing their idea of mobile payments. Bedier officially appointed Vice President of Payments Google and participate develop Google Wallet service.

"Bedier has extensive knowledge of the ability of PayPal as well as strategies, plans and market intelligence on mobile payment systems and other related technologies," according to a PayPal claim.  Responding to accusations that Google seemed to be ready to 'fight' at the green table. Silicon Valley is built on the ability of each individual utilizing their knowledge and expertise to find better job opportunities. The idea was conceived by California law and public policy,

We respect the confidential company and will defend ourselves from these allegations, "said Google in a statement.

Apple Factory Exploded Declining Production

Apple Inc. may have to face losses due to the explosion that occurred at the factory Foxconn Technology Group in Chengdu, China. Research firm estimates that tablet computer manufacturers would lose production of 500,000 units iPad 2.  IPad 2 production decline will depend on how long the lockout lasts. As is known, the explosion which occurred at the factory IPAD, 20 May, also killing three workers and injuring 15 others.

Total losses could be greater if the plant operation was delayed more than a month. Meanwhile, another Foxconn factory in Shenzhen, which also produces iPad 2, can not seem to fill the vacancy production from its plant in Chengdu. In fact, Apple probably could not meet delivery iPad 2 of 7.4 million at the end of June quarter, as expected.

Last week, Mike Abramsky, an analyst at RBC Capital Markets Technology, speculate, the blast may be greater. "If Chengdu is the largest factory producing Apple iPad, not a factory in Shenzhen, the blast may cause Apple to lose production of 1.8 million to 2.8 million units of the iPad," he said. Abramsky had predicted, transmission iPad during this period has reached 8 million units.

In contrast, Shaw Wu, analyst at Sterne Agee in San Francisco, said in a report today that concerns the production decline is too excessive. "The plant other Apple will soon boost production to cover shortages," he said. He predicted that Apple could sell 6.8 million iPad until June. Meanwhile, Steve Dowling, a spokesman for Apple, said, together with partners in Taiwan, the company is investigating the cause of the explosion.