Thursday, December 31, 2009

Former President of Indonesia Gus Dur had died

Former President Abdurrahman Wahid (Gus Dur) certainly have died 18:45 WIB local time at Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital (RSCM). Earlier, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono came to Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital (RSCM) Jakarta, Wednesday, December 30, 2009. President Yudhoyono arrived at the RSCM around at 18:30 WIB by using the presidential car with a guard is not too tight, where only five cars escorted by security forces President.

President Yudhoyono, who wore a brown batik shirt was the main entrance to the room directly RSCM where KH Abdurrahman Wahid (Gus Dur) treated since a few days ago. Minister of Health Endang Rahayu Sedyaningsih also came, he then immediately followed into the room where Gus Dur was treated visited President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. Gus Dur is a figure who has a great service to the development and progress of the Indonesian nation in religious terms, democracy and anti-discrimination.

Former President of the Republic of Indonesia was buried in Jombang, East Java, in addition to his grandfather's grave. Wahid's funeral attended by thousands of Indonesian people who pay their respects, Funeral Gus Dur is led by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and other officials such as Vice President and the ministers. Condolences on the death of Gus Dur is also conveyed by some countries like Japan and America through their ambassador in Indonesia.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Gift Brings the Death of a Child

London, a little boy was five years old died on the motor that is giving him father a Christmas present. Jake Wilson, a boy was trying to get out of the vehicle when he fell at high speed. Despite his young age, Jake was a motorcycle rider quadbikes similar four-wheel ATV, he has won several junior racing titles. However, he was never on a motorcycle. Him father is also a fan of bikes, Robert Wilson, had taken him to the parking lot on Sunday afternoon to practice to be able to ride two-wheeled machines. He saw Jake accident and has been interviewed by police.

A spokesman said he could not never been on a motorcycle engine like that on public roads. KTM 50 SX motorcycles made in Austria is described by the manufacturer as the ultimate weapon for a professional motocross racer beginners. This motor specifically designed for cross-country tracks and can reach up to 25 mph or 50 mph with a few adjustments. Wilson (37) and his wife, Tracey, had to pay dearly for their son who has a brother and sister. "Jake is our child care, but unfortunately short life." Wilson said. Very sad ending Christmas gift of death, this is a good lesson for us and do not give a gift that dangerous life-threatening especially our children.

Happy New Year 2010

Some days we will enter the year 2010, all people in all countries would have been preparing to welcome the new year 2010. In the year 2009 has provided a lot of changes in my life, increased knowledge, income, ways of thinking, friends and so on. I thank all my friends and sponsors who have provided the opportunity to ADRIAN'S BLOG in the year 2009, human beings are not perfect, mistakes could happen anywhere and anytime. So forgive my mistakes that may realize it or not recognized in the year 2009. With the cooperation that has happened in the year 2009, hopefully before cooperation can we increase and can work together again in 2010. Happy New Year 2010 to all friends, readers ADRIAN'S BLOG, the sponsors, and wish you all the best.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Twitter will be Equipped with a Location Marker Feature

Services will microblogging Twitter equipped with a location marker feature. To complete the twitter service feature to "acquisition of services Mixer Labs, a start-up company that has developed a facility location marker. Mixer Labs, founded two former Google employees to develop a location tracking technology called GeoAPI. According to Evan Williams, CEO of Twitter, GeoAPI very useful to supplement the information submitted Twitter users, not only is seen but the incident immediately notify the location where.

Twitter's recent focus on making its services as microblogging site to share the latest information quickly. Even Evan Williams had asserted that the Twitter social networking is not yet a place to share current information. Efforts to make Twitter as a source of information was undertaken among others by providing search engine, trending topics, retweet, and change the tagline on the front page to "Share and discover what's happening right now, anywhere in the world".

Services Leading to a Reliable Web Hosting

Currently the website and email has become mandatory for those of you who want to run a business, where both a communication medium fast and cheap for the exchange of information. By using our website can provide the latest information quickly and cheaply than by using conventional media advertising. One of the primary consideration in making a website domain and hosting is. Without domain and hosting, the website We also would never have created.

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InMotion Hosting uses Linux operating system, where you can build your website using some script such as PHP scripts, CGI / Pearl, and is also available MySQL database for your website. Not only that there are also other facilities such as the Website Builder which will help you to design the site in a short time. By using the service CentOS Linux operating system is the performance of your website can reach the maximum with unlimited diskspace and bandwidth.

InMotion Hosting Services provides more convenience to every customer, by providing facilities Control Panel (cPanel) which primarily functions as a Graphical User Interface (GUI) between the server machine so you can easily perform maintenance such as create dir, rename, delete, set the access rights, FTP settings, subdomain, and so on. Services leading to a reliable web hosting worth your consideration, I think this can be utilized to build a powerful website for your business.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Youtube also Followed Google to Use the Short URL

Shorten the URL addresses for easy sharing via the various social networking sites also ogled YouTube. Video sharing site was launched a short URL with address. Short URLs is a tool for changing the Internet address of a long string of random characters and shorter this can only be used to shorten the link address, now YouTube is also followed Google to use the short URL. Utilization will help the spread of YouTube links to various social sites like Twitter, Facebook, and other networks.

Before YouTube, Google and Facebook have previously more use of short URLs, Google launched and Facebook also launched service is used only on the Toolbar and RSS feeds in Feedburner service and has so far not been used in other services. While the new designed for mobile services.

Short URLs starting to catch on since the last 18 months since popularized TinyURL and Short URL utilization rose dramatically as the Internet allows users to share links via Microblogging sites like Twitter, FriendFeed, Plaxo, Bkite, Plurk, etc., which limit the number of characters in each posting.

Short URL is the most widely used on Twitter. Nearly 75 percent of the outstanding short URL in the site microblogging is Last month, has recorded 2 billion Internet addresses or links up dramatically from only 11.8 million links over the past year.

Negeria Man Trying to Blow up the Northwest Airlines

Perpetrators who tried to blow up the Northwest Airlines (NWA) that landed in Detroit, USA, Friday 25 December 2009 it was a man from Nigeria who associated with al-Qaeda network. The suspect suffered burns severe enough, the fire burned one of his legs and should be extinguished with water added quencher. Thus according to one passenger who became witnesses.

Passengers also claimed was afraid would land safely, and the burning smell was detected when they landed. The suspect is now detained authorities. Two passengers also suffered minor injuries, but survived. "We believe this is an experiment terrorism efforts," said one White House official. President Barack Obama was on vacation in Hawaii and have been monitoring this situation.

Peter King, a member of the U.S. House of Representatives of the state security committee, said that the explosives used "quite sophisticated", and the suspect named Abdul Mudallad are Nigerians aged 23 years. "When the bomb went off, the suspect was also wounded. He suffered severe burns, the bomb was somewhat different from what we usually find," said Peter.

Christmas Message to Stop the Violence and Revenge

Pope Benedict XVI, in a traditional message Urbi et Orbi on Christmas Day, called on the world to stop the violence and revenge. Pope's 82-year-old showed no sign of tension after a woman who 'mental instability' hit and made her fall, at Christmas Eve Mass, Thursday night.  In the Urbi et Orbi message from the main balcony of St. Peter's Basilica, the pope urged the world to rediscover the simplicity of Christmas and read the message of Christmas greetings in 65 languages. When the Pope spoke to tens of thousands of people in the field below, the Vatican remained focused on the incident Thursday night, which again questioned, how the pope should be protected when close to the masses.

Susanna Maiolo (25 years), a citizen of Italy and Switzerland, surprising the world's Catholics and Vatican security when she suddenly jumped the security barricade at the Basilica, jumped to the Pope, took his robe and made her fall to the floor. The Vatican declared that women are psychologically 'unstable' and not armed. Maiolo then taken to a hospital in Italy for psychological treatment. Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi said, Friday, that can not be super-imposed tight security for the Pope because of proximity to people is part of the mission. "It is impossible to prevent the occurrence of something, even at close range," said Lombardi told reporters.

"The Pope wants direct pastors relationship and close to the people, where he can touch the children, shaking hands, do what you want him to do and what people expect him to do," said Lombardi.  He added, "If you impose a super tight security, it is not possible. It can not be in direct contact with people, away from them, contrary to the spirit of his mission. So, therefore, there is always a risk," he said.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Fennec will Present Before the End of 2009

Mobile version of Mozilla Firefox browser will present shortly Mozilla officials said Jay Sullivan. Jay said that Mozilla is working hard to ensure that its mobile browser can be present before the Christmas and New Year. Jay said that the browser is called Fennec's now just counting the days before launch. To resolve the possibility of Mozilla Fennec can make the developers overtime during the Christmas holidays and is planned to be released before year end 2009.

When released, Fennec will initially work on handsets Nokia N900. Therefore, Fennec will be available in stores owned by Nokia Ovi. But according to Jay Sullivan, Firefox also is developing versions for other handset operating systems. This includes Google Android and the mobile operating system's Windows.

Jay Sullivan also added that developing a mobile browser for the iPhone is more complicated. "Apple is very limiting because it does not allow any other browser, and also a closed platform, we do not see it will happen in the near future", said Jay Sullivan.

Patriot Missiles are Sold at U.S. $ 1.1 Billion

U.S. defense companies, Raytheon, local time on Wednesday said it received contracts worth 1.1 billion dollars to provide a new Patriot missile systems to Taiwan. The contract has been in planning since 2008 when the Pentagon told Congress that they allow Taiwan to buy advanced interceptor missiles and more new and other defense equipment.  Sales of military equipment that has provoked objections from China, which considers Taiwan a breakaway province. Raytheon, based in Massachusetts, said it had received notification of the approval of contracts for hardware system with a target on land valued at 965.6 million dollars and spare parts contracts worth 134.4 million dollars.

A Raytheon official explained, the contract will include new advanced missile launchers and other equipment, but that the missile itself will be part of a separate contract. Raytheon in recent years has received a contract to upgrade the Patriot missile system is designed to intercept ballistic missiles.  "The Patriot system is an important element to provide missile defense capabilities and integrated with air superior to the protection of Taiwan," said Daniel Smith, director of Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems. "Raytheon has given leading technology, innovation and support in Taiwan for more than 40 years, and we feel honored to continue this partnership now and in the future."

Monday, December 21, 2009

Why Gold Bullion Investing is Very Popular

Investment in gold has been mostly done by those who want to protect their money from losses that might occur due to inflation and the facts proved, when high inflation then gold prices will rise higher than inflation, which occurred at that time. From the statistics I have seen that when inflation reached 11 percent, then gold will rise 14 percent. Suppose if the 22 percent inflation, then gold will rise 33 percent.

This is why you should consider investing in gold, and gold investing right now is still believed to be able to ward off inflation. The higher inflation is usually the value of your gold will get better and increase the value of this gold is directly proportional to the rate of inflation. However, worth noting that the price of gold will tend to a constant when the low inflation rate, even if it tends to slightly decrease the rate of inflation below two digits.

Gold investment is available in several options and it depends on your desire, investment gold coins or bullion, and it is very popular for long-term investment. When you invest in gold for the short term, usually it will be difficult to get a profit if gold jewelry because you have to pay the price of gold plus the cost of manufacture. Well, when you later sell it back, then the store would not want to pay the cost of manufacture of gold jewelry but only pay the price of gold alone.

Gold investment in my opinion good enough to protect our assets from inflation fluctuations. Gold coin is quite good when used as an investment, and whoever does not deny that gold coin was also easy for resale. In addition, gold coins or bars do not ask for it as well as the cost of gold jewelry. Therefore, if you want to invest gold, then there's nothing wrong you are considering investing in gold bullion.

In the year 2009 there has been an increase in gold prices is quite significant, and this proves that every year the price of gold always increases sharply.In the year 2009 there has been an increase in gold prices is quite significant, and this proves that every year the price of gold always increases sharply. The increase in world oil prices is another factor that could push the gold price increases. Well, gold investments are interesting for us to do, what you are interested in gold investment?

Sunday, December 20, 2009

IM can Increase Employee Efficiency

Online survey conducted for Microsoft's Windows Live 1400 respondents in Southeast Asia shows, 94 percent admitted using Instant Messenger (IM) for social communication, and 54 percent of them claimed to use it at work. IM is used by them to communicate with colleagues, gossiping, a date, infidelity, and even resigned from the job.

From the number of respondents who use IM at work, 44.3 percent spent between 10-30 percent of the time working for online, while more than 10 percent of respondents said that they used more than 80 percent of their work time to use Instant Messenger. When asked whether it makes them unproductive at work, 59.4 percent of them answered no.

Use of IM at work actually increase their productivity. So how important the IM is used for communication in the office? more than 37 percent said they use IM to communicate with colleagues, 12.1 percent of the clients, and nearly 10 percent with their leaders. Not only serves as a communication tool, 60.5 percent of users use IM to send documents, which add to the efficiency of employees.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Monkey Beat Taekwondo Coach

Monkey beat taekwondo coachDo not be abusive toward animals will get the plague, the elders said. I do not know whether this guy this plague hit or not. A troop of monkeys who had rehearsed for the performance of the martial arts taekwondo revenge against him. Lo Wung (42 years), he taught the monkeys so they can entertain a crowd of people outside a shopping center on Nshi, Hubei Province, eastern China. However, the primates who brought the money to turn the tables Lo when he slipped on a show. A monkey without a second thought immediately hit the coach with a kick in the head.

Hu Leisure (32 years), viewers who photographed the incident, saying, "I saw a monkey punched right in his eyes, he (Lo Wung) to catch the others in his ear and was treated monkeys with the coach won his nose. They pranced and jumping up and down. Sscene is better than a Bruce Lee movie. " On one occasion, the coach encourages his staff (Wung Lu) to attack the monkeys. It just makes himself confronted with a monkey swinging and beat his head.

Wung Lu finally managed to control the monkeys by using a rope used to stop them while running away. Hu said, "He (the coach) is very upset, he made the monkeys were kneeling on the ground with hands tied back to punish and make them sorry for the bad attack".

50 Needles Found in the Boy's Body

X-ray 50 NeedlesThis is the result of X-ray on December 15, 2009 from a little boy two years old living in northeast Brazil, precisely at the Hospital do Oeste. In the X-ray visible needle sewing machine 50 which is believed by doctors inserted into the body one by one. The boy's mother told police that he did not know how the needles can be entered into the body of her son.

However, some reports alleged needle is inserted into the boy's body through the rituals of black magic called Macabre. Dr. Luiz Cesar Soltoski treating the boy said that, in the surgical removal of the needle, not all the needles can be lifted. This is because there is a needle that is located too close to the liver so that, if appointed, then the fact would endanger the child's soul.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Collection of Dresses for 2010

Prom Dress 2010
Honor and dignity we can form through fashion and self expression of a lifestyle. Using a beautiful dress and matching is a reflection of our personality and social status differences. Sometimes fashion can cause the problem and negatively impact us. Using clothes made by professional designers would have increased confidence high on ourselves and also gives the best performance and admirable.

female clothing is designed so perfectly to express the attitudes and certain characters that can cover the shortcomings and maximize the existing strengths in ourselves. Choosing a dress in accordance with the shape of our bodies should consider us to be comfortable to use, I really like the look of a woman who used prom dresses, she appeared so perfect, beautiful and charming. Prom dress provides various collection options to support your activities.

Looking good can also be found by using the short prom dresses that was so charming and has been widely used by artists. prom dress designed by professional designers such as Terani Tony Bowls, Alyce, Mori Lee, Jovani, Dave & Johnny and many more. Once the importance of choosing a dress material because it is reflected in taste and flavor the wearer. Although each material has its own beauty, but not every material can be applied to all fashion models. Choosing materials that match the tastes of course will provide comfort when you use all day.

For those of you who frequently attend events at night would need a pretty evening gown, and also there are many models you can use. Caring for an evening dress that is not broken, it's not easy. This is because the model evening gowns and materials used to make an evening dress is very soft and need special care.

Model captivating style clothing provided by the designer is also available for wedding dresses, you can choose the right wedding theme and available a variety of bridal fashion. Wedding dress is important to think about, because all of your guests eyes will look at non-stop. So as not to cause much trouble to avoid using a burst wedding dress was too long and many variations, that can move freely and comfortably worn.

The bride needs to choose a bride wearing a dress in accordance with her personal character to provide more flexibility and will increase your confidence in front of guests and of course more radiating an aura of beauty. It is also important to determine the right choice and dress according to your body shape. Only then will designers be able to determine the form of what wedding dress style that will make you look graceful when walking. Clothing provided by professional designers is so innovative, your choice of dress can customize to your budget, and are also widely available prom dresses 2010 trendy with low prices for you.

Post Office was Given a Special Domain

Post Office
Although it's a lot of people who send letters using the Internet network, it does not mean the post office closed. In fact, the post offices around the world can now have a specific domain address ".post" by ICANN (Internet Corporation or Asssigned Names and Numbers), an independent body that regulates Internet addresses.

These new domains approved Friday, December 11, 2009 ago. Right to manage top-level domains is given to the UPU (Universal Postal Union) will soon issue guidelines and rules that domain usage. "People who access a site ".post" will automatically be sure that it is the official postal service or postal service provider," the statement that submitted proposals UPU this domain name as reported by AFP.

UPU and ICANN plans to offer these domains starting the second half of 2010 after completing all the forms of agreements. Although sending a letter dropped dramatically, many post offices are held by expanding into online business and support the delivery of the goods sold through online stores.

Standard WiFi 802.11ac Reach Speeds up to 1 Gbps

Standard WiFi 802.11ac
IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) standard was brewing latest WiFi wireless technology 802.11ac. With this technology, a wireless data transfer can be done through the air at speeds up to 1 GB / s.

These standards will be an improvement of the 802.11a standard which works at 5.0 GHz frequency band. The part is a wide kanalnya added. If the standard is now used to use 20 MHz channels, the new standard uses 40 Mhz, 80 Mhz, 160 Mhz even. With a wider channel, even greater throughput so that users can enjoy faster data access.

However, that does not mean an automatic increase of this rate increase Internet access speed. Because Internet access speed depends on the capacity of its infrastructure and bandwidth availability.

Stoba Technology to Prevent the Battery to Explode

Laptop Explode
Often we read cases of how the leaking battery can be hot and eventually cause a fire that must be withdrawn by the manufacturer. Fortunately, now present new technologies that can prevent a fire or explode on Li-ion batteries installed in the laptop or mobile phone. Stoba technology name, this technology was developed by Taiwanese research institute named ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute), and likely will be marketed in the first quarter of next year. When Li-Ion battery shorted out, the battery temperature will quickly rise, which can reach 932 degrees Fahrenheit.

This is why the battery flammable or explosive. Stoba prevent fires or explosions by being positive and negative sides of the battery. If the battery temperature reaches 266 degrees Fahrenheit, Stoba changed from a porous material into a film and had to stop the reaction. Currently the battery manufacturer's testing Stoba. Stoba expected to be present in the market in the first quarter of 2010. Use of Stoba also expected to lead to an increase in manufacturing costs for 2 to 3 percent.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Collection of Wordpress Themes for Blogs

Wordpress ThemesHaving a blog would be so proud of us, with a blog we can share information, knowledge and experience to all visitors of our blog. our blog visitors would like to read the contents of each topic that we have the post, especially if the information was needed. Blogging is not difficult to do, to learn a little bit we can quickly understand how to write and perform the post. Design blog with a matching layout will certainly attract the visitors to explore each of our blog content.

Design theme for wordpress we can choose according to the wishes and is usually already available, if there are themes that are incompatible with the desire then you can use other themes and it can be downloaded for free with a variety of colors and types of layout. Wordpress theme design that provided such a beautiful, attractive and suitable for your blog. For those of you who already have a blog and have a plan to replace the wordpress display, Best Wordpress themes you deserve to make the collection of your blog theme.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Use SEO to Achieve Business Benefits

SEO for businessIncreasing popularity of the website is necessary for us to do, especially for us who want to achieve sales targets that have been planned. Many ways to bring traffic to our website such as through social networks or ad campaigns. Many advertising companies that provide services for ad campaigns with varying prices and you can use keywords in accordance with the product you are offering. Advertising campaign (PPC) is relatively expensive, and not all the clicks that come to your website will make money if the keyword is not in accordance with the contents of that website.

For those of you who do not have big budgets for advertising campaigns (PPC) will certainly hinder your product promotion, and advertising campaigns you have to do by continue to `be able to reach an audience as you expect. Business competition is very tight, especially if you have the same product with your competitors, and you must apply the right strategy in order to achieve the top position in the competitive advertising campaigns. Ad campaigns can also do a free manner as provided by the web directories or social networking but it is less effective ways and clicks coming to your website only a few or may not get the clicks at all.

Another way many people use to reach the audience is through search engine pages, the traffic coming to your website would be very much if your site is the first position of search engine pages. By using the service seo copywriting your website will be optimized by the professionals to get a respectable position in the search engine pages, web optimization is done will provide many benefits for your business. SEO techniques are easy to apply on the website if you have time to study it, analyze and research the keywords you need to do to avoid competition and put your website on the first page of search engines. By using SEO then your business profits will be increased, and the SEO will help your website achieve the desired targets.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dell Factory Shifted to Foxconn

DellComputer manufacturer Dell announced that its manufacturing facility in Lodz, Poland was taken over by Foxconn electronics companies. After the transition, Dell will be a customer Foxconn, for desktop products, notebooks, servers and storage systems for the region customernya in Europe (EMEA).

According to Dell, this shift will help the company become more efficient through the simplification of its global operations. The good news - for workers Dell - Dell employees do not have to be replaced at Foxconn took over ownership of the plant.

Dell also retains sales and marketing office in Warsaw. Details of this acquisition value was not disclosed. Also, as usual, this agreement also must wait for approval from European Union regulators.

CEO of the Google finally opened an account at Twitter

CEO of Google-Eric SchmidtChief Executive Officer (CEO) of Google, Eric Schmidt, finally opened an account at Twitter and began to interact in these Microblogging network. Schmidt commented controversial since previously mentioned Twitter as a "mail system owned by the poor".

Schmidt tweet with the account "@ericschmidt". Accounts are activated starting December 1, 2009. Until now Schmidt has sent three tweet, one of which is connected with an opinion he wrote last week in The Wall Street Journal. His account has brought together nearly 15,656 follower within 9 days after the message appears.

Schmidt had insulted Twitter in Stanley Morgan Technology Conference in San Francisco in March last. But then he quickly turned his words were in further comment, saying, "We admire Twitter. We think Twitter has done a very good job by showing a new way to communicate thoroughly," he said.

Twitter as a potential of search engines has led to immediate speculation that Google might be interested in buying the company. Twitter that makes its users can send messages with 140 characters or less, soared in popularity since its launch in August 2006.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Former Model Died because of Surgical Failure

Solange MagnanoAttracted because the body wants to maintain the beauty, just a former model died after surgery in certain parts of his body. She is a former Miss Argentina, Solange Magnano (38 years), who rushed to the hospital at the last moment after performing a cosmetic operation. Mother of two twins, died on Sunday after lung artery disturbed that she had to be in critical condition for three days in intensive care.

Close friend, who is also a fashion designer, Roberto Piazza, called the owner of this brown hair has been obsessed with her appearance as a successful model at the end of her career. "Solange was a young girl who has everything. She lived life like a goddess, but she still felt jealous of the world," he said. Now her's dead just because he wanted to have a tight body.

Benefits of High Quality Products for Skin Care

Skin care ProductsSkin care it needs to be done, especially for those of you who always appear in public. By doing skin care routine you may have done this, remove wrinkles or black spots on your face. Being beautiful and attractive woman of your dreams has become, skin care is not easy and required patience. I saw many people who have been frustrated because of skin care that had been done does not provide the desired outcome. To avoid the frustration that you can use the Skin Care Products made by an expert in skin care certainly will give optimal results and also good for your skin health.

Dr. Howard Murad is one of the experts who are experienced in skin care and has done a lot of research to create Acne Products high quality and also will provide benefits for yourself . Has a lot of women use skin care products to eliminate wrinkles as the face, black spots and so on. Maybe you've tried a variety of skin care products and you do not get the results that you want, but you do not worry, using the acne made by Dr. Murad then you will know your skin care results in less than 4 weeks.

For those of you who want a smooth and beautiful skin, you can use the Age Spots that can eliminate the black spots on the skin of the face so you'll look more beautiful and charming. Using skin care products the right course will provide a satisfactory outcome for you, also healthy and convenient to use on your skin. So use the best products to get the results as you want, and get yourself skin care now.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Godfather Spam was Sentenced to 51 Months Jail

An actor named Alan spread spam Ralsky (64 years) who referred to himself as the "Godfather of Spam" was sentenced to 51 months imprisonment and a fine of 250,000 U.S. dollars. He proved jointly conspiring to conduct activities detrimental spamming and using illegal methods. Ralsky is one the spammers veteran who pioneered the use of a botnet or malware planted on various computer networks to distribute spam.

This is the most powerful way to spread spam, but not infrequently causing big losses for the users of the Internet because the information disseminated containing fraud. "The sentences handed down today to the person who claims himself as the Godfather of Spam, Alan Ralsky, and three others who became the main actors with complex spam scheme offering a" pump and dump ", the court ensures that the theft by abusing the internet will end penalty several years in prison, "the statement Terrence Berg, the prosecutor Eastern District of Michigan.

In the action, conspiracy Ralsky assisted three people sent emails to promote a stock with false information. When prices rise, the stock will be released with a high price and then allowed to fall. Email spam is sent to the botnet network that spread everywhere so difficult to detect origin. Also spammers forge email headers, proxy, domain name, and making false advertising. Ralsky and his accomplice acts first diendus by Microsoft's Internet Safety Enforcement Team in 2004.

Twitter Service Paid in Japan

Twitter JapanTwitter will begin to implement the service paid model in Japan. Later the user can charge a premium to other Twitter users who want to read the tweet messages and access to images or video links are displayed. It is said Kenichi Sugi, COO DG Mobile, a subsidiary of Digital Garage Twitter partners in Japan in Mobidec2009 conference recently. He said the application of the model that will start paying in January next year.

The plan, premium users can arrange for minor messages can still be freely accessible to anyone and can apply the money paid for important messages, like equipped with an external web address links, images, or video exclusive. Twitter users who are interested can pay a monthly subscription or pay each time access. Payment can be made by credit card, mobile wallet in the mobile service, or vouchers that are sold in retail outlets.

According to the released inormasi local media, tariffs varied between 100-1000 Yen and Twitter will take advantage of the transaction was paid by 30 percent. So far, the Japanese version of Twitter is the most promising services faster income for these Microblogging sites. Special services in Japan are designed slightly different than the global version and has sold pages and banner ads at a rate between 5500-33000 U.S. dollars.

Quickly Learn to Understand Math Easily

Math ProgramBecome a successful person would be proud of us, but certainly not easy to achieve and requires a fairly long process. Increased knowledge and skills we can do with learning, each person must have experienced some difficulty understanding what they learned. Mathematics is one subject that is considered difficult for some people who do not understand in detail the method of final settlement. For those who already understand the methods of mathematical logic is not difficult and easy to find the desired answers.

By using the Math help we can quickly understand the K-12 and easy to solve every problem that has hindered your study. Service Online math tutoring gives you the right solutions to overcome all your difficulties in understanding the methods such as probability, linear programming, geometry, boolean algebra, trigonometry and so on. I really like using online learning because there is no time limit for me to learn, I can access anywhere, anytime for 24 hours.

Understanding the mathematical methods in detail is the key to your success to complete and find all the answers easily and quickly. Learning through service Free online math tutoring will certainly benefit you, your learning time will become more efficient and effective. Online math tutor also provides VoIP facilities to the student can communicate interactively with the tutor. By using VoIP you learn to be more comfortable and enjoyable, "Free Online math help" has a lot of tutors and meet the grade standard requirements for all countries in the United States.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Chrome OS will be Released at the End of the Year 2010

Chrome OSChrome Operating System (OS) that was developed by Google still took another year to be released to the public. It is said Sundar Picahi, vice president of product management at demonstrating the concept of Google's Chrome the OS in Mountain View, California, USA.

"Our target end of next year. We want to provide the holiday season," said Sundar Picahi, before explaining the key breakthrough in embedded Google Chrome OS with Papakipos Matta, director of engineering for Google Chrome the OS.

Because designed as a web-based operating system, Google Chrome also does not expect the OS running on a PC. The operating system is designed to be installed on new devices like netbooks. In a press conference, showing Papakipos had the appearance of Chrome OS that run on the Asus Eee PC netbook.

However, according Sundar Picahi said the company was exploring cooperation with hardware manufacturers to prepare a special device for Chrome OS. The possibility of such device or tablet PC smartphone with a QWERTY keyboard but it did not use solid state disk drives (SSD) for pressing energy needs and speed up boot time.

Sundar Picahi declined to predict the price but with the absence of hard drive and may need a small processor, the price may be lower than a netbook. Moreover, if Papakipos said processor used ARM-based architecture cheaper. But wait first because chrome OS will be released at the end of the year 2010.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Get Free Laptop with Mobile Broadband Access

Free LaptopFor those of you who are always in desperate need of mobile laptops, using our laptop every job can be completed anywhere. Laptop certainly will give us many benefits and is easy for us to take anywhere. Every day I always use a laptop as for browsing, writing articles, listening to music, watching movies, and also completed all the tasks assigned by the client. Laptop help me to complete each task quickly and flexibly anywhere.

Today there are many types of laptops in circulation in the market that we can have, the price of the laptop of course vary according to the type of hardware installed on the laptop such as memory capacity, LCD, DVD ROM, and so on. The greater the memory capacity of the available hardware cost would be more expensive. Each person would want to have a laptop that can run high-speed applications, but certainly more expensive and probably outside of the budget you have. But now you do not need to worry because you will be given free laptop through service broadband expert, and there are many options that can brand laptop you have.

So free laptop deals is the right solution for you who really need a laptop, free laptop is given only to those who subscribe to mobile broadband. Choice of laptop brands available for mobile broadband such as Compaq, ASUS, Samsung, Toshiba and many more. I think this is the right solution given by the broadband expert to get a free laptop with mobile broadband which will connect you with a network of high speed internet.

By broadband deals you will be given access to high-speed data from 2 Mb to 50 Mb, and you can choose according to your data access needs. Connection with mobile broadband networks will certainly give satisfaction for you to download large data files with a short time. Example, if you use a data access service with access speed of 5 Mb, then you only takes about 10 seconds to download the data size of 50 Mb. So soon get high-speed access provided by a trusted provider for your free laptop.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

BlackBerry Academic Program for University

BlackBerry Academic ProgramManufacturer BlackBerry, Research In Motion (RIM), will begin to look intellectual resource potential in various universities in announcing BlackBerry Academic Program. This program offers courses curricula and materials about the BlackBerry solution and the development of the BlackBerry platform.

"Career opportunities in information technology are abundant and there is increasing demand for people with expertise in managing BlackBerry products and services and develop BlackBerry applications," says Robert Crow, Vice President, Industry, Government and University Relations, Research In Motion in a press release .

According to him, the demand for developers, administrators and professional technical support related to the BlackBerry in the global market will increase to remember this for millions of people already using BlackBerry smartphones in more than 170 countries. BlackBerry Academic Program will help the university to prepare students for a career in the technology field.

Courses are currently available that is developing mobile applications for BlackBerry smartphones, BlackBerry Enterprise Server administration, and support for BlackBerry smartphones. The curriculum has been and is developed through cooperation with professionals in education and has been on trial for more than a year. More than 500 students have taken these courses in the pilot project and several universities in Canada and the United States.

Interested to Explore Mars

Explore MarsSo far, Mars is considered as Earth's twin because of its characteristics have much in common than the other planets in the solar system. Delivery vehicles there is often done, starting from the orbiter to the robot explorers. Life on Mars is one of the next human dreams. However, before a resident of Mars, there's no harm whatever peek at the planet. The theme is at the new site framework designed Aeronautics and Space Agency U.S. (NASA) with Microsoft. In essence, they give to each person experiences a Mars explorer.

"We've reached a point where everyone can become an explorer," said Doug McCuistion, director of NASA's Mars Exploration Program, he said, the current data about Mars is very large and accessible to all people so that the exploration there could be effort. In these sites, visitors not only see, but can come to feel it had only experienced scientists. For example, count the number of craters in a region. Each visitor can also contribute to the classification of the data available to the first register as a "Martian".

"With the volume of data, the classification will help to understand the significance of the data," said Michelle Viotti, Director of Public Outreach Mars, at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. The site also provides hundreds of thousands of images of the Martian surface previously unreleased to the public. There menu also asked questions of the experts Mars and prizes for developers who develop application software to display the pictures of Mars to be utilized further in online and offline services. Interested in a Mars explorer? Just visit their site here.

Microsoft Office 2010 Beta to Try Anyone

Microsoft Office 2010 Beta After testing for customers MSDN and TechNet Plus, Microsoft finally released the Microsoft Office 2010 Beta to try anyone. Availability is announced in the arena of Professional Developers Conference 2009 in Los Angeles, USA, Thursday.

To download a version of Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 Beta Pblic be done directly on the Microsoft site. However, this product can be tried only for users of Windows Live for signing the download page will be asked to enter Windows Live ID.

Office 2010 Public Beta is available in versions 32 bit and 64 bit. Each measuring 684 MB and 750 MB. The second package includes several applications such as Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, OneNote, Access, Publisher, InfoPath, SharePoint, Workspace, and Communicator. Microsoft plans to release a final version of Microsoft Office 2010 in the first half of next year.

Technopreneur Pose Nude for Fundraising

Technopreneur Pose There's just the way the perpetrators of information technology in the UK to raise the social funds. For the sake of it, as many as 24 entrepreneurs in the field of IT or technopreneur willing to be photographed naked in a calendar entitled Tech Nude Calendar 2010.

They certainly did not pose porn though no one piece of cloth attached to the body. Wrap cable, books, laptops, servers and even become accessories to cover the body parts are sensitive. There is also a group of men who bare as if he were serious conduct meetings.

Throughout the calendar proceeds will be donated to fund Take Heart India programs, computer training for disabled children in India. Not only that, the initiator of this crazy idea, Milo Yianopolous, also wanted to illustrate that the IT industry is not as stiff as described so far.

"Someone suggested this idea as a joke, and I thought why not," said the Telegraph quoted Yianopolous like. According to him, not difficult to invite the pioneers of the IT business to engage in fund-raising projects like that. He hopes, the calendar can be sold at least 5,000 copies and was soon presented in iPhone applications. Calendar sells for £ 10 per copy and is only sold in the market online Firebox.

"I think today's IT players become stars and hope this calendar to help them celebrate the madness," said Hermione Way, founder of which became one of the calendar models.

Remove the Ban on its Citizens to Travel to Cuba

Travel to CubaUnited States should remove the current ban on its citizens to travel to Cuba, a policy that Washington slapped efforts to promote democratic reform. Thus revealed two influential figures in the U.S. legislature. "According to U.S. law, every U.S. citizen can travel to any country on earth, whether friends or enemies of the country, with only one exception, Cuba," said Republican Senator Richard Lugar, and members of Congress from Democrats , Howard Berman.

"It is time now we remove these restrictions are anachronistic, which was imposed during the Cold War," he explained. Senator Lugar today chaired the Foreign Relations Committee, while Berman chaired the Foreign Affairs Committee, U.S. Congress. Both warned that legislation to remove restrictions that had been expressed in both the U.S. respected the forum.

Restrictions that applied in the United States since the Cuban Revolution in 1959 led the U.S. efforts to promote democracy suffers. Also, the ban was to make Washington as isolated, watching from a distance the events that occurred in the archipelago nation. "Isolation from the outside tourists, only just confirmed Castro regime," said Senator Lugar.

Although the impact of the ban was now felt real, like lifting the ban would still hampered the legislators that the anti-Castro, who still opposed the removal persistent. According to opponents of the Castro, the embargo was worth the violations committed in his country Castro regime.

Meanwhile, according to the two legislators, travel restrictions to Cuba will only exacerbate the U.S. image in Latin America, especially among those who are anti-American, they said.

Killing His Wife while Asleep

Accidentally killed his wifeBecause of sleep disorder experienced, Brian Thomas (59 years), was accidentally killed his wife, Christine (57 years), with his own hands. The man from Neath, South Wales was sentenced to a doctor experienced in sleep disorders. He could delirious while doing activities such as walking or other.

And bad things have to be experienced when Thomas and his wife was on holiday in West Wales driving their van. At midnight, they harassed a bunch of mischievous teenagers. They also decided to look for other parking locations. And when they go back to sleep, Thomas had a nightmare, these teenagers and disturb them back into the van.

The next day he was surprised to find his wife had been covered in blood beside her. Immediately, he immediately called 999. "I think I've killed my wife. I think someone went into our van. What I have done, "Thomas shouted as reporting the incident. When the police came to the scene, Thomas continued to cry and shake. The police arrived ten minutes after the call. "He is everything to me," Thomas said, sobbing.

When the investigation began, the first suspicion was pointed Thomas accidentally kills his wife for some reason. But when the medical team said he suffered from sleep disorders, the investigators began to believe. Moreover, Thomas's life history shows the various automatic movement he did when he slept during the last 50 years.

"In other words, when the murder occurred, defendant was asleep and his mind could not control what her body," said Paul Thomas, the Court Prosecutor Swansea. Witnesses was fairly easy for Thomas, where the court receives the information if they are a happy couple and were inseparable. In fact, they should soon be celebrating their wedding anniversary to 40.

Thomas's lawyer, Elwen Evans explained, the defendant was not taking anti-depressants to cope obar Parkinson symptoms during the holidays. Because it can interfere with sexual performance. "He did it because they both slept together. And the moment of impact, the sound that made noise teens brought to the level of high stress, "explained Evans. Until now, the case was tried in the Court Swansea.

Now has a Real Cyber War

Cyber WarInternet network security company, McAfee, warned that China, France, Israel, Russia, and the U.S. are a number of countries are developing cyber weapons. "McAfee began to warn of cyber arms race more than two years ago, but now we're witnessing the fact that the threat is real," said Dave DeWalt, president and chief executive officer of McAfee. McAfee is based in Santa Clara, California, USA, the fifth year in a report titled "Virtual Criminology Report" says that China, France, Israel, Russia, and the U.S. has developed "offensive cyber capabilities nan sophisticated."

It is said that the trend of cyber attacks by political goals continue to increase, though experts disagree about the existence of cyber war. Among the many cases cited in the report is a campaign of cyber war on Georgia in August 2008 fighting between Russian nationalists during the war of South Ossetia and cyber attacks in July 2009 on the sites owned by the U.S. government and South Korea that are believed by some experts conducted by the Korean North.

"Almost the last year, politically motivated cyber attacks have increased fears and anxiety, because targets aimed like the White House, State Department, U.S. Secret Service, and Department of Defense in the U.S. alone," said McAfee. McAfee reveals what is called "Cyber Cold War" seemed to be happening. "When we have not seen any hot cyber war between great nations, nation-state efforts to build capacity of cyber attacks are increasingly sophisticated in some ways there is a desire to use it, show that 'Cyber Cold War' has begun," he explained.

Freedom of Communication through the Internet

Obama in China"I support the view that do not restrict the use of the Internet. The more we open, the more able we are to communicate, and it also will make the world unite." U.S. President Barack Obama said it in front of students at the China Science and Technology Museum, Shanghai. Among the schedule of a busy state visit in China, President Obama have the opportunity to discuss with the young generation of China in Shanghai, Monday. Apart from the young audience which numbered several hundred people, at the Museum of Science and Technology, President of the United States also had questions over the Internet.

In addition to the medium, Obama also made the Internet as a topic of conversation. Without touching the political issues, such as Tibet, Obama encourages the free internet. Freedom of information access in this as one of universal rights, along with freedom of expression and pray, also the freedom to take part in politics. All that, according to Obama, should be enjoyed by all people, including religious minorities and ethnic diversity. From the statement quoted at the beginning of this writing it appears that Obama did not explicitly ask for China's leaders to end the controls that restrict the Internet and online social networking sites in the country.

However, what he describes in general is actually also send a message to the rulers of China. Like many reported, the Government of China is still often limit the use of the internet. It was here that looks different views. For the Government of China, the use of the Internet that contains criticism is considered dangerous, while Obama thinks the Internet is free and not obstructed a source of strength, not weakness.

Missile U.S. Spy Swallow Nine Victims

Missile U.S. SpyAt least four guerrillas were killed and five others wounded in a missile attack by a spy plane in the U.S. in Pakistan tribal region near the Afghan border, Thursday. The attack occurred in Shanakhora village in North Waziristan, an area called Washington as a place to hide and plan for guerrilla attacks on Western troops stationed in Afghanistan.

"The attack reconnaissance planes to the U.S. targeted a compound that guerrillas killed four people and wounding five other people," said a senior security official in the area told AFP. He added that two missiles were fired from an aircraft the U.S. spy. Another security official to ensure the attack. "The compound used by Taliban insurgents, but it is not clear whether there is a foreign guerrillas or high-value targets," the official said.

Japanese Engineer Failed to Exempt

Failed to ExemptA Japanese man held hostage in Yemen were not released until late Tuesday because of a dispute at the last moment between Yemen and tribal mediators. According to an official with the province, on Tuesday evening tribal people have been handed over hostages to the mediator and the Japanese engineers who were kidnapped were expected to arrive in Sanaa.

"This appears to have happened at the last minute disagreements, which makes mediator can not go to Sanaa with the Japanese man," the official said. Japanese man kidnapped in the city's Arhab, about 60 kilometers northeast of Sanaa. An official at Arhab told AFP, Japanese men were abducted Sunday while on his way to a village in the area to supervise the construction of a school.

The engineer who was abducted was identified as an employee of the Japanese aid agency operating in Yemen, but the Japanese Embassy in Sanaa refused to comment on the report. Officers who are not willing to be named, said, these armed groups to kidnapping in an attempt to force the Yemeni government to free a member of their tribe who were detained by police for unknown reasons. Several other sources said the kidnappers were tribesmen Jub Zindani who are working on the release of a prisoner who was accused of being members of the hardline Muslim but had never even been to trial four years in detention.

Yemen is not clear whether meeting the demands, but kidnapping is added concern about the safety of foreign companies, especially those who develop the oil and gas sector in the Arabian peninsula country, which is fighting the Shi'ite rebellion in the northern region. Tribal people in poor areas of Yemen often take hostages to pressure the government to provide aid, employment, or the release of their fellow tribesmen who were arrested.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Transformers is Packed in a USB Flash Drive

Transformers USB Flash driveThis may be good news original movie fans. Paramount film studio and a memory manufacturer Kingston has agreed to market the memory card and USB flash drive containing the film. So you can buy a memory card or USB flash drive that contains the original film.

For the initial stage, cooperation and Kingston Paramount is to include Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen on a USB flash drive Kingston DataTraveler 4GB capacity. So by using a USB flash drive, we can transfer the data and store data while watching the movie Transformers.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Find the Latest News on the Mobile Phone Industry

BlackberryMobile phone technology is so sophisticated now, and has many applications that help us in doing everyday activities. Almost everyone has a mobile phone can even be more than one, with our mobile phone can also store data in large numbers and we can bring anywhere, and our job becomes much simpler. I really like using the phone primarily for mobile cameras have been combined with a high resolution, with the camera that my trip more enjoyable and my photo collection to be more.

Determine the type of mobile phone we will use is not easy, especially for those of you who do not know the advantages and features of the latest mobile phone you want. To facilitate you to choose which type of mobile phone would you buy, you should gather information first so that you can determine what type of phone that is consistent with your needs, and it can be found in Mozoot provide information of mobile phone technology that you want. In Mozoot You can find the latest news on the mobile phone industry with various technologies used.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Create a New List with Many Categories on Twitter

Twitter ListsThe Microblogging service Twitter users can now better manage contact lists and following follower in many categories using a new feature called Lists. This feature has become the standard in the instant messaging service, but this time provided the new Twitter. Twitter Lists available beta already started last week but only limited to some users. However, earlier this week apparently this feature is available to all users of Twitter. Once a user to log in, then at the top will display a message that offers the benefits of these features.

Make a category with specific names and select the names that will be entered by doing a search on the list of follower / following, or add a new name. Could also go out to the initial menu and select it manually one by one with the know-click feature manage lists. Lists Given this, the interaction in Twitter be more easy for beginning users and more focused. When a user makes an interesting List, other users can instantly become a follower of all people on the list list.

According to Nick Kallen, head of Lists Twitter development, a new feature to reach 25 percent of Twitter users on October 28, 2009. However, now reaching nearly 60 million users Twitter. I have made this list category, and check my tour @diaadriansyah/marketing.

Enjoy the Best Services from Various TV Stations

Direct TV ChannelAmuse themselves by enjoying a variety of TV programs would satisfy me and my family. Lots of interesting entertainment that is available with a variety of programs such as news, movie, drama, and so on. Watch movies from your favorite actor would be so fun, especially when watch with the family. I love action movies so challenging and exciting. Entertainment movies from various channels can be found on Direct TV, they have provided so many channels from different TV stations.

Direct Sat TV a reliable service and have a lot of people used to provide the entertainment, news or live broadcast from a variety of our favorite sports. Images and sounds are brought home your so real and so nice to give satisfaction for us all. For those of you who run businesses of course you need accurate information about business development, by using this paid TV services you can monitor any changes that occur the business through market reviews from the TV station specifically for this.

Subscribe to Direct TV will certainly give us many benefits, obtain news information more easily and also an interesting entertainment of our favorite station. Available Direct TV Packages which you can choose for your home is presented and each package provides different channels with an interesting program. So soon bring the best quality picture and sound from this service in the room of your home.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Karmic Koala Latest Version of Ubuntu

Ubuntu Karmic KoalaMatch promise to do a new release every six months, Canonical finally released the latest Ubuntu version of 9.10 called Karmic Koala. The latest version of the software either Server Edition and Desktop Edition is downloadable for free beginning October 29, 2009 in all the Ubuntu mirrors. "Ubuntu version of 9.10 to give more benefits to users who will use Linux as an operating system option. We provide a platform for users who want an operating system that is easy to use, great display, and appropriate for the web," said Jane Silber, Chief Operating Officer Canonical, a company that develops Ubuntu.

Compared with previous versions, Karmic Koala including software that comes with many changes. According to Jane, the latest version of Ubuntu features a more user friendly, faster boot times, better audio support, and support for more connectivity. The main changes are also carried out the presence of the Ubuntu Software Center feature that provides information of all software used. This is a software management tool to help users manage the solutions they need open source more easily.

In addition, this Ubuntu version of 9.10 has supported Ubuntu One as a standard feature. Ubuntu One is the service back up, synchronization, and sharing data online. Ubuntu version of 9.10 users can access with a capacity of up to 2 GB of data free of charge and can add capacity to pay. While for the Ubuntu version of 9.10 Server Edition has the full support of Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud. This is a cloud computing technology that enables business people to make their own cloud services.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Strengthen Security System to Avoid Vicious Virus

Virus.Win32.Virut.ceToday, I did repair the client's computer, where there are many problems. Corrupt the operating system because it failed to update, and also saved a lot of Virus in the file system. To repair Windows XP operating system these damaged I threw some system files and make modifications to the registry. System restore is not available because all the tools in the disable and the hidden, is enough to make me a little inconvenience. But all my problems could be overcome by using other tools that I downloaded from a trusted site. By using the supporting tools such as registry tools, registry cleaners all the problems on the operating system can be found and corrected.

Repair Windows XP operating system that has infected the Virus is not easy and required little hard work, but it could be overcome if we have additional tools to bring back important files have been hidden by the Virus. Now operating system issues on client computers can be repaired and was operating normally again. The problem that one has been completed, but now I have another problem, which the Windows XP operating system on my laptop a little trouble, the Virus tries to inject the operating system via a flash drive that I use to transfer support tools to improve the client computer. Beyond my expectations were a flash drive has been infected, and existing Anti-Virus on my laptop did block the Virus that tried to inject the operating system.

But it was pretty vicious Virus despite being on the block by Anti-Virus is still trying to escape and was detected by Windows XP security system, this Virus attacked repeatedly through all the files that have been infected, a result of the actions that Windows XP operating system Blue Screen displays to avoid system damage caused by the Virus. Several times a Windows XP operating system has blue screen every time I plug in a USB flash drive port, Anti-Virus scanning do not complete because the Windows XP operating system detects something harmful. The Virus is quite fierce, although the Anti-Virus has done block still trying to penetrate the security system of Windows XP. To overcome this problem I did update the drivers and security for Windows XP blue screen does not happen again. After the update Windows XP security system, Anti-Virus can complete the task perfectly to remove all the Viruses that are stored on flash drives.

"virus Virus.Win32.Virut.ce" & "Worm.Win32.AutoRun.qnf" which has been detected by the Anti-Virus, the Virus attacked repeatedly by changing the spread to all the existing folders and converted to *. exe, and several *. exe programs have also been injected. Not only that done by this Virus, all folders that have their "super hidden" and we can not see it. To display the normal return all the missing folders, I use MSDOS command E: \>attrib -s -h *.* / s / d , and the results returned to normal as before. So soon update computer security systems on a regular basis to avoid large losses which may occur without our underlying, and strengthen the security system to avoid the vicious Virus with Anti-Virus.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Company Offers $500,000 for Ads on Twitter

One company offered $500,000 US to Twitter to put their banner ads on social networking sites in a single day. If this offer released, Twitter will be the first site with the highest advertising rates in the world. "Although the $500,000 US is seen as a large amount to invest on a banner in one day, we believe this investment will be more useful later on," said Leon Hill, Chief Executive uSocial, a company that specializes in marketing products and services through social networking sites .

Until now, Twitter has not answered, whether the ad can be posted or not. Microblogging site was indeed never any ads, though regarded as one of the options may be considered by the founders of the company when they find a sustainable business model for Microblogging business. However, co-founder of Twitter, Evan Williams, has said that Twitter will focus on improving the quality of products and technologies that will use. According to him, a mistake if the company's focus on earnings. He said that would be way Twitter is a charge on the other side using Twitter brand for commercial purposes.

"We will put on their costs, but they will pay if we offer them something worthy to be paid and this site works well for them," he said. This week, Twitter has signed an agreement with Microsoft and Google to integrate Twitter data will appear, either in the Google search engine as well as Bing. However, the cost to be paid Microsoft and Google over the use of these data was not announced.