Friday, December 18, 2009

50 Needles Found in the Boy's Body

X-ray 50 NeedlesThis is the result of X-ray on December 15, 2009 from a little boy two years old living in northeast Brazil, precisely at the Hospital do Oeste. In the X-ray visible needle sewing machine 50 which is believed by doctors inserted into the body one by one. The boy's mother told police that he did not know how the needles can be entered into the body of her son.

However, some reports alleged needle is inserted into the boy's body through the rituals of black magic called Macabre. Dr. Luiz Cesar Soltoski treating the boy said that, in the surgical removal of the needle, not all the needles can be lifted. This is because there is a needle that is located too close to the liver so that, if appointed, then the fact would endanger the child's soul.

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