Thursday, October 13, 2011

NET10 No Surprise Bills

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Net10 for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

NET10 unlimited minutes, text and web browsing only $50 / month. By using NET10 service, your communications will be easier and more enjoyable because there is no contract, no surprise bills and no credit check. So you do not need to worry because when you use the NET10 unlimited talk will be more convenient for businesses, organizations and personal activities in your life What Rob has to say.

I am very comfortable using unlimited service, using the automatic plan minutes $15 for 200 minutes, unlimited communication can be established even if you only have a limited budget. It's so easy communications provided by NET10, NET10 Unlimited you can be activated with Pay-As-You-Go Plans. no penalty or additional fee for those of you who want to switch plans in accordance with the needs of airtime that you want, what was said Real NET10 customer.

NET10 is available for nationwide that provide good quality connectivity, and you can be activated with the phone such as Motorola, LG, Kyocera, Samsung, and Nokia. Airtime can be purchased online, directly from your phone or the nearest store. Long distance services over 75 countries for about 15 cents minute originated in the U.S., and available International Neighbors program that gives you a special phone number NET10.

For those of you who want to use the NET10 but do not have a phone, you will not be disappointed because NET10 provides a huge collection of phone that you can have in order to facilitate your communication. Phone prices vary under $15, $40 and $60 for more features like web access, camera, video and so on. So immediately now activate your NET10.

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Monday, October 10, 2011

Blackberry QNX with Multi Platform

The latest generation of the QNX developed by Research in Motion (RIM) is mentioned can be run on the BlackBerry smartphone and BlackBerry Playbook. BlackBerry operating system is called X or BBX.

The name had been leaked in a slide show for presentation at the conference QNX Japan Auto Summit 2011, which focused on the development of entertainment systems in cars that use the operating system QNX.

The entertainment system known as QNX Car 2, which served to connect the multi-platform, ie, BBX, IOS and Android. Although the name is not fully formalized, but interesting things offered by this system is that users can find out more about BlackBerry DevCon events that will be present in the next two weeks.

QNX-based platform before it is working on a tablet RIM products, namely PlayBook and expected to be available on future BlackBerry smartphones. BlackBerry phones that use the first QNX platform reportedly called 'Colt' which will arrive in the first quarter of 2012.

What's Wrong with Google Wave

Wave is often regarded as one of Google's most embarrassing failures, but some startup revive Wave. Two startup from San Francisco to bet that one of Google's failure will be their ticket to success. They launched the software that implements key ideas from Google's Wave.

Two new startup, Stypi and LiveLoop, betting that they can succeed with an excess of the Wave. Google Wave is a complex communication device that was first launched in 2009. At the time Google claimed that the Wave will replace e-mail, but due to lack of applicants, 16 months later, Google quietly close it.

Wave is a complex combination of wikis, e-mail, instant messaging applications, and more. The most impressive thing about this technology is enabling people to work on the same document. "Google's Wave has outstanding technology, but that does not put in a real product," says founder and CE0 LiveLoop, Amal Dorai.

"We will use real time collaboration and put it into a product that has been used by 750 million people, ie Microsoft PowerPoint," he added. Dorai said, that a Fortune 100 company that has tried to use the software from the LiveLoop. For further steps, the company plans to collaborate with Microsoft Office Wave. According to the Wave has a lot of potential to be integrated with existing programs.

iPhone 4S Attracted Many Users

Australia's leading telecommunications company, said on Monday (10/10) during pre-launch iPhone 4S, they received a good response. Pre-launch it a few days ago after the death of the founder of Apple, Steve Jobs. iPhone 4S is planned to be present in Australia on Friday (14/10), already received many orders during the weekend.

"Tens of thousands of enthusiasts have already ordered the iPhone 4S, the amount exceeds the other iPhone product launch," said a spokeswoman for the telecommunications company, Telstra. According to Optus, one online store that sells iPhone 4S, the demand for new iPhone is arguably good enough. Fairly good achievement, seeing the disappointment of the new iPhone is in fact not much different from its predecessor, the iPhone was released four years ago.

"We are very pleased with the response from customers since the pre-order the iPhone 4S on Saturday," said a spokeswoman for Optus. To sum enthusiasts 4S iPhone, Optus can not announce it, "Although the level of demand is greater than the previous year, we are confident to meet customer demand," said the spokesman again. Pre-order itself was begun in the United States on Friday, the operator AT & T announced it had sold more than 200 thousand in the first 12 hours.

Steve Jobs Death Spread Malware

The perpetrators of online fraud into action again with the mode of death of Steve Jobs. They commit fraud by means such as offering free iPad link that actually contains malware. Fraud with jail offer up free at Facebook have started to lapse two hours after death Jobs, according to security firm Sophos.

The security firm said that at least 25 thousand people from 100 countries who have clicked on the fake link. Very sad, the death of the great man used to seek profit, said Graham Cluley, Senior Security Consultant, Senior Security Consultant at Spohos.

"It is not surprising if there is fraud that wanted to make a profit, by making a reverence like a 'donation to Steve's favorite institution,'" he added. Some mode other scams include offering exclusive photos Jobs funeral, for a free-for MacBook Pros and others.

10 Minute Charging the Phone

One of the Japanese operator NTT DoCoMo has created a super cell phone charger that can recharge mobile phones within 10 minutes. The results of this development will save mobile users if you forget to mobile phone charger before traveling, because that NTT DoCoMo will do the job, even such a device has been ready with a prototype.

The prototype of this super fast battery can recharge your phone battery in just 10 minutes. When your battery runs out, just put your phone into a prototype, then he will begin to charge your cell phone. NTT DoCoMo uses a lithium-titanate (LTO) battery faster when compared to charge cell phone batteries lithium lion. To find out when thrown into the market and the price is, so far NTT DoCoMo has not told this.

Free Remote Desktop from the OS Chrome

Chrome is finally releasing a feature that can connect two computers together using the Chrome browser. Products that integrate the functions of the remote desktop on the Chrome browser is designed for its users, who do not trust third-party vendors who also already offer similar services.

Chrome is a free feature called Chrome Remote Desktop, launched in beta and allows connecting two computers that have an existing Chrome browser on Windows, Linux, Mac and Chromebooks. Remote Desktop can access all data on the computer and to access the user's computer will give you the code to others. This is an authentication code that must be done each time access is granted.

In its release, Google said the feature is very useful for people who need technical assistance from IT technicians far-flung location. Other products that also provides access to a computer such as Chrome is TeamViewer Remote Desktop and a website that is are also provided free of charge. Google said the purpose of this beta release is to demonstrate the function of Chrome Remoting Technology and to see how the response from its users later.