Monday, October 10, 2011

What's Wrong with Google Wave

Wave is often regarded as one of Google's most embarrassing failures, but some startup revive Wave. Two startup from San Francisco to bet that one of Google's failure will be their ticket to success. They launched the software that implements key ideas from Google's Wave.

Two new startup, Stypi and LiveLoop, betting that they can succeed with an excess of the Wave. Google Wave is a complex communication device that was first launched in 2009. At the time Google claimed that the Wave will replace e-mail, but due to lack of applicants, 16 months later, Google quietly close it.

Wave is a complex combination of wikis, e-mail, instant messaging applications, and more. The most impressive thing about this technology is enabling people to work on the same document. "Google's Wave has outstanding technology, but that does not put in a real product," says founder and CE0 LiveLoop, Amal Dorai.

"We will use real time collaboration and put it into a product that has been used by 750 million people, ie Microsoft PowerPoint," he added. Dorai said, that a Fortune 100 company that has tried to use the software from the LiveLoop. For further steps, the company plans to collaborate with Microsoft Office Wave. According to the Wave has a lot of potential to be integrated with existing programs.

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