Saturday, September 17, 2011

RIM Plans Give Discounts PlayBook

Sales of new tablets Research In Motion (RIM) is the PlayBook is not so good. Until the second quarter sales figures show that is not too good for RIM. Recent reports of announcing Q2 financial losses and disappointing sales of tablet Blacberry PlayBook in the second quarter. Until the second quarter of tablet devices from RIM just as much as 200 thousand units shipped.

The number above analyst estimates the company is far from capable of sending up to 490 thousand units. In order to boost sales and delivery become more successful, it is likely the company will conduct a new way with price cuts of PlayBook. But RIM is not going to cut the price of tablets directly. but by giving discounts to be given incentives through promotional programs and other offerings.

RIM does not officially issued a statement saying how much the discount will be given to their tablet device. In addition to announcing price cuts, RIM also confirmed the update software on display PlayBook like e-mail, calendar and contacts applications. Not only is it a video player and the Android application store that contains 10 thousand video content will also be released in October.

However, until now the RIM still has not told when the exact date of update on this PlayBook is really done.

The World's First 3D Home Theater Sound

LG Electronics brings home theater sound with the feel of the world's first 3D. Taking the name HX906TX LG, LG Adri audio device is set up to improve the satisfaction of enjoying a 3D TV. "The presence of LG HX906TX put LG as a pioneer of 3D audio device nuanced. The device is ready to bring users more involved in the 3D viewing experience to enjoy the wealth of sounds and composition through sound good, "said Havis Kwon, president and CEO of LG Home Entertainment Company.

LG Hx906TX privilege carries the sound with 9.1 channel. This design consists of four speakers with 5.1 channel looming in the wake tallboy design. What makes it special, there is a reflector device 360 ​​degrees body pinned to the top of each speaker. In the presence of these devices and sub-woofers, LG has a total of 10 valves HX906TX speakers that fully supports the creation of audio and acoustic clarity surrounding the entire room.

Complementing the performance, LG Sound technologies embed Expansion & 3D Sound Field Analyzer. Work is in charge of special technology to analyze and organize the necessary breadth of sounds according to the area where the LG HX906TX placed. "As a result, the overall enjoyment of audio quality in the room. This allows you to share the pleasure of enjoying it together with friends and family, "said Havis Kwon again.

Pleasure users will be more complete with a Full HD 3D Picture in LG HX906TX. With the power of 12-bit and the 4.096-level gradation, LG home theater offers a presentation of images is very natural, subtle and fascinating in showing detail. Not only that, the LG HX906TX also reinforced a media player capable to handle various media formats with high resolution. Among Blu-ray disc, DVD, MKV, and DivX HD.

Android Phones Specifically for Women

HTC's Android phone has just released the latest distinctive from other HTC smart phones. HTC phones this one is designed specifically for women. Although no official announcement from HTC, but it seems this phone will be dubbed the HTC Rhyme.HTC Inside leakage post photos of this phone is meant to be kept secret for the press by HTC. In addition, HTC cell phone just ask, named the 'Rhyme' to receive certification DLNA standard in the wireless industry.

While little new information has emerged, rumors previously stated that 'Bliss' is suggested to be distributed exclusively to Verizon. Though HTC is also popular among Sorint group. But the best-selling handset HTC possessed little is distributed exclusively to T-Mobile or AT&T.

What makes this phone attractive to women? That is a question that is being traced. However, white and silver design does look more feminine and suitable for women. HTC reportedly held a big press event in New York City on September 20 to launch a mobile phone. Perhaps there is detailed information about Rhyme HTC phones will be revealed.

New found Invisible Planet

Researchers from Harvard University have discovered a new planet called Invisible Planet. A lead researcher Sarah Ballard says, the planet is actually not really invisible, but scientists at Harvard concluded its presence on the pretext of "Planet can exert influence of other planets".

"Invisible Planet was discovered near the constellation Lyra constellation which lies 650 light years from Earth. Then we called him Kepler 19c," Sarah said. Kepler 19c, further Astronomy Harvard graduate student, have an irregular orbit, the planet's rotation is completed during the five minutes atu more than five minutes.

"This shows, that other planet's gravity could pull 19c Kepler orbit, causing inconsistencies in length. Means Kepler 19c intimidated by the other planets," she concluded. She said the discovery of Kepler 19c is a powerful example of the first discovery of a method that previously seemed absurd even considered just a theory.

"As already explained, the method that is to see the new planet's orbit is compared with the nearest planets. This method was used by astronomer Alexis Bouvard that identifies the Neptune 150 years ago," said Sarah. To note, the discovery of Kepler 19c is part of NASA's Kepler mission, which was launched in 2009 with the primary mission of finding alien planets throughout the galaxy.

Friday, September 16, 2011

RIM's Co-operation with Dolby

Dolby Laboratories agreed to not continue the patent infringement claims in court against Research In Motion (RIM) after the two sides agreed to license the patent. Thus, RIM will pay some money to Dolby over patents used in gadgets such as the RIM-made BlackBerry BlackBerry smartphones and tablet Playbook. Reported by Reuters, this agreement is the aftermath of a patent infringement lawsuit against RIM conducted by Dolby and have been submitted to the court on June 15, 2011 the last. In his complaint to the court at the time, Dolby said that RIM had violated patents Dolby and requested that BlackBerry smartphones and tablet Playbook halted sales in Germany and the United States. Besides Dolby also requested financial damages caused by misuse of their patents in the past by RIM.

In his complaint at that time Dolby said that RIM has used their patent, which is highly efficient digital audio compression technologies. Dolby asked RIM to pay patent licensing, but at the time that RIM refused to pay. Because RIM refused, Dolby eventually filed a lawsuit to court in the United States and Germany. Dolby says their proprietary technology is the core of the audio compression standard that is widely used in smartphones, portable music players and tablet computers, which allows these tools to offer high-quality audio by using the transmission and limited storage space. In addition to the BlackBerry smartphone and BlackBerry Playbook Dolby patent is also used in other smartphones such as Samsung, LG, and Nokia.

With the consent of RIM to pay the patent license, which is a Dolby audio company, by itself will withdraw their lawsuit in U.S. courts and Germany, where the lawsuit had previously entered. This incident could become a reference that the patent misuse cases can be resolved by paying certain amount of money agreed by both parties. Not long ago, Openwave Systems Inc.. also filed for their patent abuse by RIM (again) and Apple Inc. The lawsuit is almost similar as RIM and Apple Inc. refused to pay the patent license that they then submitted the case to court. Will the two companies later agreed also to pay to the Openwave patent license??

I think the good cooperation and mutual benefit is the best solution in running a business, as well as our users are given the best technology to access all the features available.