Friday, September 16, 2011

RIM's Co-operation with Dolby

Dolby Laboratories agreed to not continue the patent infringement claims in court against Research In Motion (RIM) after the two sides agreed to license the patent. Thus, RIM will pay some money to Dolby over patents used in gadgets such as the RIM-made BlackBerry BlackBerry smartphones and tablet Playbook. Reported by Reuters, this agreement is the aftermath of a patent infringement lawsuit against RIM conducted by Dolby and have been submitted to the court on June 15, 2011 the last. In his complaint to the court at the time, Dolby said that RIM had violated patents Dolby and requested that BlackBerry smartphones and tablet Playbook halted sales in Germany and the United States. Besides Dolby also requested financial damages caused by misuse of their patents in the past by RIM.

In his complaint at that time Dolby said that RIM has used their patent, which is highly efficient digital audio compression technologies. Dolby asked RIM to pay patent licensing, but at the time that RIM refused to pay. Because RIM refused, Dolby eventually filed a lawsuit to court in the United States and Germany. Dolby says their proprietary technology is the core of the audio compression standard that is widely used in smartphones, portable music players and tablet computers, which allows these tools to offer high-quality audio by using the transmission and limited storage space. In addition to the BlackBerry smartphone and BlackBerry Playbook Dolby patent is also used in other smartphones such as Samsung, LG, and Nokia.

With the consent of RIM to pay the patent license, which is a Dolby audio company, by itself will withdraw their lawsuit in U.S. courts and Germany, where the lawsuit had previously entered. This incident could become a reference that the patent misuse cases can be resolved by paying certain amount of money agreed by both parties. Not long ago, Openwave Systems Inc.. also filed for their patent abuse by RIM (again) and Apple Inc. The lawsuit is almost similar as RIM and Apple Inc. refused to pay the patent license that they then submitted the case to court. Will the two companies later agreed also to pay to the Openwave patent license??

I think the good cooperation and mutual benefit is the best solution in running a business, as well as our users are given the best technology to access all the features available.

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