Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Efficient Companies with ERP Systems

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that was applied in a single software module course will provide great benefits to make it easy for anyone in organizing and running large-scale business. ERP application software makes it easy to monitor all transactions or operational routines in the management of corporate resources such as the finance department, human resources, the timing of distribution of goods, receiving goods, orders and so forth.

ERP integration in a manufacturing industry has provided many benefits in financial management efiesien, save operational costs by setting the engine maintenance schedule with the provision of spare parts to avoid production losses due to machine faults. With our ERP system to calculate and estimate the number of orders that can be produced with all the limitations of available human resources.

ERP System Implementation optimally will certainly help us to calculate the needs of whatever is needed when going to production such as human resources, material, financial, and so forth. ERP system will clarify in detail the process to be carried out in an industry, determine how the optimal loading and transport in accordance with customer demand. In this process, of course, all aspects related to finance will be recorded in the ERP system is included to calculate how much the cost of production is needed to achieve the planned target.

To benefit from the ERP system, then the industry should follow 'best practice process' applies to the work process adjustments required by the ERP system or ERP system otherwise designed to adjust the process that has been done previously. ERP Implementation Process mutli function certainly not easy and required analysis to make the selection of the ERP is best suited to the needs of enterprise, and support the unique business processes and accommodate all the needs of the company.

ERP systems are urgently needed to manage the business in enterprise or industry in an efficient and productive. Technology Adoption and ERP can be done in stages based on basic needs and the ability of the company, including budget and human resource capacity available in the company. Technology software for ERP course vary, and you can select it according to business needs and ease of implementation in your company infrastructure.

By using ERP technology then you can integrate all the functions of a department within your company and can be monitored through a computerized system and served with a system to minimize costs by a controlled process efficiency. ERP combines all the resources at the company to be integrated in the software that runs on a single database that will allow various departments to share information and communicate to achieve the target company that is more precise and efficient.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Why Headache using 3D Glasses

3D glasses are often users complain of pain in the head. Quite often the use of 3D glasses to make the user feel nauseous. What cause?  Eindhoven University, The Netherlands found that the main cause of pain is the distance between the user's glasses with the screen.

3D TV can create disorientation in the brain, causing eye strain, headaches, nausea and pain. The researchers said 20 percent of viewers could be stricken with the disease when using 3D glasses. In one experiment, researchers at Eindhoven University in the Netherlands to ask 39 people who could see the 3D to read some text on the screen from a distance ranging from 10 meters to the nearest distance is divided into several groups.

As a result some groups suffer from symptoms that can lead to nausea, including double vision and eye strain. However, viewers do not need to worry, because the 3D effects still needs to be proven by further studies. In addition, a number of electronics companies, like Toshiba also started to issue a 3D TV products that can be viewed without using special glasses. TV is on sale in Japan, the end of December.

Google Identification for the Site was Hijacked

Google has launched a new service that can notify users in search results if the site they will visit has been hijacked. This capability, which displays a warning that read 'This site May be compromised' quite different from Google's malware detection system that already exists. Previously, Google's detection system only gives a warning "This site May harm your computer ', if a site contains malware detected.

According to Google, this new service seeks to identify sites that have been hijacked by hackers. Google also said that the motives of the hackers is to take personal information of users or users who put spam links can be used to improve search results of the hacker's site, a tactic known as 'black hat' search engine optimization (SEO).

Maxim Weinstein, executive director of the StopBadware, warns that despite the new features that terbajak not open the site but there is still a possibility of failure will always be there. "The new features are identified the same basic mechanism of how a person may insert malware into a website," said Weinstein "The fundamental problem the Internet security problems can only lead one to the other problems,"

Weinstein added that this service helps the web browser is also the owner of the website. Google asks its users who, when seeing a warning notice to the webmaster, to immediately repair the damage.

Chinese Hackers attacked Germany

A series of cyber attacks on German government computers has increased dramatically in 2010, and authorities suspect the hackers government of China is a responsible party behind the attacks. From January to September of 2010, calculated there were about 1,600 attacks on government computers. This figure doubled from the number 900 that in nine months commencing early 2009.

Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV), which has responsibility for domestic intelligence, believes that there is an increase in such cases. "cyberspace spy trying to access economic data, military, and politics. The workers from the Chinese government is the perpetrator behind a series of attacks," said a spokesman from the BfV.

"The Chinese hackers send emails with attachments, which when opened, will automatically install a spyware program on your computer and Germany will make a connection to connect with China, so the data can be transferred," the spokesman added. The attacks made the German Interior Ministry is planning to launch a counterattack.

"We need a national cyber defense that oversees and aims to secure our internet, under the control of the Ministry of Interior," said Thomas de Maizière, German Interior Minister, recently. De Maizière plans to create a cyber defense center for Germany this year. The government worried that the hackers in the future may not only receive information, but also will attack the critical systems like power centers, and other critical facilities.

Delayed the Launch of Google TV

Several weeks before the event exhibition Consumer Electronics Show (CES), on January 6, 2011 in Las Vegas, Google reportedly canceled to show off his product Google TV. Google has requested that the television companies who want to integrate with the service to suspend their plans. Initially, it is expected at CES next month, Google will display the Google TV, which also includes products from Sony and Logitech.

Google TV that previously expected to bring major changes toin television industry ,even experienced setbacks . Several broadcasting companies in the U.S. including News Corp's Fox, ABC, CBS and NBC have blocked all access all the episodes of their television shows through Google TV Web browser, with a network that require payment to download the program stream content from their website.  For the incident, Google has asked companies including Toshiba, LG Electronics and Sharp to delay the introduction of the Google TV until Google could enhance the algorithm.

On December 15, Google has announced, fixes a bug in its components, it has made significant development on that platform. Google has already partnered with Netflix to upgrade the application so that users can search, browse and watch a movie or a show that is in the Netflix catalog. Then, with DualView, Google has also added TV customization so that the audience be able to resize and move the window all they want. There is also a Google TV Remote application on the Android Market.

Dangerous Trap of Shortening URLs

One of the advantages of the most popular in Twitter is information that can be disseminated very quickly. Unfortunately, this situation is misused by cyber criminals. According to security firm Symantec, they just check the Twitter main page for the topic that is becoming a trend, which shows a message that has several times announced. Attackers choose one of the tweets that contains a short URL, which is replaced with a another short URLs, which point to a malicious website.

Because the text in the message is the same, users do not know that the new short URL to point to a malicious website, not to the original news. Therefore some links will follow wherever it leads, and this can not be avoided.  Although not impossible, it is difficult to say whether a post is genuine or not just by looking. The user may want to install the browser which leads to a short URL.

Nevertheless, it is very difficult to identify a malicious link, because of frequent a website legitimate hijacked and transformed into host drive-by download attacks. Therefore, it is a good idea if you patched computers and software - including its browser and has installed security software, so do not become victims of drive-by download attacks. Twitter also says that they are working actively on other features that they believe will enhance the safety and security of users.

Cheating Malaysia at Bukit Jalil Stadium

Indonesian national team in protest
The defeat of the Indonesian national team from Malaysia is still disputed PSSI chairman Nurdin Halid. He said the fraud has been seen since the beginning.  This was disclosed Nurdin when monitoring exercise Garuda Team in Field C, Senayan, Jakarta, Monday, December 27, 2010. Indications of fraud'' has been around since the beginning. From the first came we were made to wait long enough, "said Nurdin.

Not only that, Nurdin also said Malaysia was also sprinkled powder on the ground when the final round against Indonesia in the first leg of AFF Cup 2010 at the Bukit Jalil Stadium on Sunday, December 26, 2010.

"They sow something in the wicket, a kind of powder. I've talked to our medical team, powder was allegedly made the players feel the itching, even the body of markus horizon until the swelling.  The peak at the time of the match. They use a laser beam to disturb the concentration of players. Moreover, when the game stopped there in throwing firecrackers onto the field and nearly about Okto." explained Nurdin.

According to Nurdin, PSSI has protested to the AFF on fraudulent acts from Malaysia. We've had protested both directly and in writing. "Tomorrow will also be meeting with the council and we've scheduled the matter. It may not affect the outcome of the game, but at least could be a stern warning to Malaysia, "he said.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Speed LTE HSPA Reached More Than 560 Mbps

Nokia Siemens Network (NSN) ensure that if the operator is able to present data speeds over 650 Mbps. All this can happen thanks to HSPA standards promoted by the NSN and T-Mobile USA. Long Term Evolution of HSPA (LTE HSPA) will improve the performance of mobile broadband with speeds similar to that promised by LTE Advanced. NSN Party said that the standardization of this technology aims to accelerate the implementation of commercial broadband later in 2013.

"We strongly believe in the evolution of HSPA in parallel to the development of LTE and LTE Advanced further, Long Term Evolution HSPA enables us to improve the performance of 4G broadband network beyond the current capability. The technology is planned to be ready in the near future, and provide sufficient space for growth and increased speed. As customer demand to increase wireless data, we are able to compete by relying on broad, speed and track the evolution of our mobile broadband services, "said Neville Ray, chief technology officer of T-Mobile USA.

Platform Single Radio Access Network (RAN) belonging to NSN has been prepared for the Long Term Evolution HSPA. Operators will have a smooth evolution path to handle network traffic increases as cost control with the introduction of new technology. In addition, all features of Long Term Evolution HSPA backward compatible and can be used in conjunction with WCDMA and HSPA mobile phone on the same operator.

Mobile Phones Cause Train Delays

Just because a passenger in a phone conversation commuter trains, two passenger trains involved in fights. As a result, the train journey was delayed because of the fight someone pulled the emergency alarm is located on the train. This incident occurred in Japan, the two people involved tensions ended in fights. People who are on the phone on the train did not accept when other passengers told him to stop the phone conversation.

People who use a cell phone was then called the police and accused the other passengers had been carried out the attack. As a result of a fight because the mobile phone, 28 train rides also inhibited approximately 20 minutes. An estimated 70,000 people have been harmed due to train users travel delays.

Thief Wrote Messages on the Facebook Wall of the Victim

Effect of human life up until now even greater. Included are used by the thief to show loot to the victims. A thief in the United States recently have the heart to upload photos to the wall loot the victim, who was none other than the owner of the goods have been stolen.

"Thanks for all the goods,"wrote a thief to his victim through a facebook wall. Burglar displays pictures of himself by appearing complete with stolen goods such as iPods, laptops and cash. According to the victim, Marc Fisher who was also an editor of the Washington Post, the thief allegedly was the person who has stolen in his home on Friday last week.

The jacket was used by a thief is his favorite jacket, said Marc Fisher.The police who handle cases of theft are also convinced that the thief in the house of Fisher is a man on Facebook Fisher. "I have seen many cases, but this is the stupidest criminal I have ever seen," said the Washington DC police officer Kyle Roe.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Prince Who Like Comfort Women and Booze

U.S. diplomats in the diplomatic cable leaked by WikiLeaks, describes the world of sex, drugs and rock'n'roll behind formal piety kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The U.S. Consulate in Jeddah, officials described a Halloween party underground, which was held last year by a member of the royal family, who hit all the rules in Muslim countries. Liquor and prostitutes were present in abundance, according to leaks that, behind the gates of the heavily guarded villa.

The party was organized by a wealthy prince from a large family of Al-Thunayan. The diplomats said the identity must be kept secret. "Alcohol, although it is forbidden by Saudi law and customs, are very abundant in the party bar with a complete collection. Bartender from the Philippines were hired to serve cocktails sadiqi, a locally-made liquor," the cable said. Also known by word of mouth that the number of guests at the party is a trollop, something which is unusual for such a party.

Shipment information from U.S. diplomats, signed by the U.S. consul in Jeddah, Martin Quinn, who added, "Although not directly witnessed the incident, cocaine and marijuana use in general in such social environment." Underground party is "growing and throbbing" in Saudi Arabia because of the protection of the Saudi kingdom, said the cable. But such a party is only available behind closed doors and for the very wealthy. There are at least 10,000 princes in the kingdom. Some still a direct descendant of King Abdul Aziz, while others come from families that do not branch directly.

The diplomats who attended the party were reported, more than 150 Saudi men and women, mostly aged 20 and 30 years, attended the party. Protection of the kingdom means anxiety will seduce the religious police become impossible. People who enter controlled through a strict guest list. "Scene like a night club anywhere outside of the kingdom: a lot of alcohol, young couples dancing, a DJ on turntables and everyone dressed up." Leak that said the shelf in the bar where the party shows the kinds of famous liquor.

The diplomats were also trying to explain why the host was so sticky with bodyguards Nigeria, some of which are on guard at the door. Most of the security forces of the prince is a young man of Nigeria. It is a common practice among the Saudi princes to grow with the guards hired from Nigeria or other African countries that young age, the same age as the prince was, and will remain together with the prince until adulthood, together a long time to create an intense bond of loyalty. A Saudi young man told the diplomats that the big party is the new trend. Until a few years ago, he said, weekend activities only in the form of "dating" in small groups that meet in homes of rich people. According to leaks, several luxury homes in Jeddah has a basement bar, discos and clubs.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Large Cars use the Rear Camera

The cars that are large will be required to install cameras in the back of their car later. This is to avoid the increase in car accidents in the United States. Department of Transportation in the United States was a deliberation on laws that regulate back rearview camera that features a standard feature alias feature mandatory for large cars, like SUVs, passenger cars and pick-up double cabin.

It is expected that this law will soon be resolved, so that by 2014, behind the camera became mandatory feature in all cars in the U.S.. "Through this legislation, we hope there will be no more accidents involving parents or guardians of children who hit the children who were playing while removing the car from the garage because they do not see the situation behind the car," said U.S. Transportation Department Secretary, Ray LaHoodm.

In the U.S., recording some 300 people died and 18,000 people a serious accident was backing away from a car crash. This incident occurred mostly in the parking lot and on the highway. About half of the total number of deaths are children under the age of five.

Research In Motion to Invite the Developers to PlayBook

Research In Motion (RIM) to invite the developers to develop applications that will run on the tablet platform PlayBook. RIM to invite developers to offer their applications which will be used in the PlayBook, which is planned to be sold by early 2011. RIM added that developers will be approved for distribution in the BlackBerry App World, before the launch of the BlackBerry PlayBook in North America.

"Attention and the momentum behind our PlayBook BlackBerry continues to wake up and we are very pleased with the positive response from both the developer community and our customers. With the innovative performance and strong support for the development of industry standard tools, the BlackBerry PlayBook provides a tremendous platform attractive for many mobile application developers, including Adobe AIR and Flash developers, as well as HTML web developers, corporate developers and fan applications, "said Tyler Lessard, VP Global Alliances and Developer Relations at Research In Motion.

"We are very pleased to be working with developers before the launch of the product and the opening of the BlackBerry App World to accept applications PlayBook BlackBerry, which is an important next step" he added. RIM also recently released an update to the Beta version of the Tablet OS BlackBerry SDK for Adobe AIR. Update now supports Flash Builder 4.5 (Burrito / Flex Mobile) with plug-ins that work well Builder Flash 4.0 or pre-release version of the Flash Builder Burrito. Support for Flash Builder Burrito adds drag and drop capabilities, making it easier and faster for developers to build applications for the BlackBerry guidelines. The latest beta of the SDK also supports Windows 64-bit and including simulator for Linux.

Rehabilitation of Stroke Patients is Important To Do

Caring for stroke patients seem simple, but sometimes difficult, expertise and care is needed in caring for stroke patients at home. Stroke remains a major problem and the number of sufferers is increasing. In the United States there are 700,000 new patients each year. Meanwhile, the prevalence of stroke in Indonesia, according to data from the Ministry of Health increased sharply. Stroke ranks third initially, is now the number one cause of death in Indonesia and have been through illnesses that have dominated as the cause of most deaths in Indonesia, namely cancer and heart disease.

Neurologist from the Department of Neurology Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia, Prof. Dr. Asaad Suhatno Teguh Ranakusuma SpS (K) says, stroke is a disease that is identified with or attack came suddenly. Stroke is a general term for disorders of brain function due to the failure of brain blood circulation due to vascular disorders or in the brain. "Besides causing death, stroke is also a major cause of disability," he said. The increasing prevalence of stroke in Indonesia can not be separated from changes in lifestyle due to economic progress.

Strokes usually occur through a long preparation of the risk factors that can not be controlled or modified and the actual risk factors can be controlled. Many people who have limited knowledge about stroke so that not a few also which means that the incidence of stroke is "paralyzed half of the body" a sudden. That's what hurt the patient because it will be a delay in early diagnosis and evaluation. From the same delay, then the impact is different. After coming back from the hospital, many stroke patients who have undergone a rehabilitation program at home.

Rehabilitation starts since the stroke, as soon as possible to perform maintenance. Care at home do when the threat to life is negative or no significant complications. Many times when a stroke patient to go home, still experienced residual symptoms of a stroke, such as loss of function hemiplegia circumstances or there are also patients who go home with a state of total rest, loss of communication or difficulty speaking, and others. Handling physiotherapy stroke is an absolute requirement for patients to improve the ability of motion and function.

To perform rehabilitation at home, the family should be given training on practical patient care in the home. This treatment can be simple because there is little problem. However, it can also be complicated because of problems that exist in a patient can be varied or complex. Mental readiness of all family members of stroke patients need to be considered by the medical staff and paramedics. That is, when the patient is still hospitalized, then the doctors and nurses need to introduce mental preparation to the families of patients from an early age.

Introduction to mental preparation should be presented in a wise, do not be scare for all members of stroke patients to understand the intricacies of the change in proportion of patients. Generally, the things that need to be considered by the patient's family, among other linguistic or grammatical disorder described as a decline and dysfunction in the content, form, language usage, and associated with cognitive processes, incontinence, depression, irritability, pain, spasticity , difficulty sleeping and swallowing, decubitus.

Perform activities that patients feel there is variation in life, such as social activities such as family gatherings, sports or gymnastics mild stroke. With activities like this, then the patient's recovery can be quickly accomplished. Sexual needs also need to be considered and this does need to be interpreted as sexual intercourse between husband and wife, but also the psychological needs of this sex can be love of a husband or wife or the patient feel cared for and appreciated or not left in solitude.

In certain cases, the family may experience difficulties or psychological pressure because of changes in patients with a difficult temperament is understood and controlled. That is why families must have the patience and understanding when caring for stroke patients at home. Although it looks trivial, facilities stroke patients who were treated at home should also be considered, such as rooms or beds with light and good air flow, blender, and tools to eat and drink, aids for walking, and if the family is quite capable, then the treatment at home can be assisted by experts.

"Families who do not understand how to care for stroke patients at home, could slow the recovery, could even worsen the situation of stroke patients. That is why education, compassion, and concern for patient care must be grown for those who care for stroke patients, "said Professor Teguh. Education for families of stroke patients on procedures for handling stroke patients at home will be very useful in restoring the ability of motion and function in patients after stroke.

Nobel Peace Prize Award Winner is Not Known in His Country

Liu Xiaobo may be very well known in international circles for its efforts know no weariness campaigned for human rights and democracy in China. But ironically, the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize is actually not very well known in his own country. If we asked someone crossing the street in China and asked about Liu, the first reaction that most often arises is: "Who?"

Such a response indicates the Chinese government attempts to erase memories of its people will bloody incident in Tiananmen Square on June 4, 1989 has been running quite effectively. "I think ever heard about Liu on television, but I'm not sure," said Ma Junpeng a career woman. Ma Junpeng just shrugged his shoulders when she told Liu was the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. The award was obtained thanks to his efforts to encourage greater political freedoms in China since 1989.

"It makes no sense to give awards to people like that, everything is different now from what happened in 1989. The idea of people a lot has changed. China has changed. People like Liu are irrelevant with the conditions of China today", she said. China set 11 years imprisonment for Liu at Christmas last year on charges of committing criminal subversion. Liu deemed guilty of writing 'Charter 08', a petition to support political reform in China.

Friday, December 3, 2010

New LG Optimus One Smartphone Android 2.2

This post brought to you by LG. All opinions are 100% mine.

LG Optimus One Android 2.2LG Electronics launched the New LG Optimus One, a smartphone from the company's Optimus series of smart devices. Powered by Android 2.2 and optimized for Google Mobile Services, Optimus One will deliver the ultimate smartphone experience while offering easier accessibility for the growing number of consumers looking to purchase their first smartphone.

Key Features:
  • The LG Optimus One allows for two to three times faster and smoother internet browsing, web-page loading, application pop-ups and multi-tasking.
  • The device also enable professionals to easily sync with Outlook Calendar, while offering portable Wi-Fi hotspots to easily share a single 3G connection.
  • The device is optimized for popular Google Mobile Services including Google Voice SearchTM, Google Voice ActionsTM, Google GogglesTM, Google ShopperTM and Google MapsTM with Navigation.
  • Offers access to Android Market with more than 80,000 applications.
  • LG Optimus One focuses on offering instant information search and versatile application packages including Google Mobile Service and even quality application advising functions.
  • Features a fun, user-friendly user interface.
  • LG Optimus One also includes the exclusive LG App Advisor, which recommends 10 highly rated applications every two weeks.
  • The phone also features a camera with face tracking and smile shot, a 3.2" wide HVGA screen and a long-lasting 1500mAh capacity battery.
  • LG Optimus One will be available in over 90 countries via 120 partners.

Using the latest technology with software support as expected of course very nice, and routine activities remain to be done despite our mobile anywhere without any barriers that interfere. LG Technology continues to evolve to create a better life for anyone wearer.

LG Optimus is the smart choice for smartphone users to access the Internet using Android 2.2, and also allows users to enjoy automatic account synchronization with all of Google's mobile services and improve the functions of social networks in high-powered multimedia environment.

LG Optimus does have an interesting design and looks elegant with its main features. There are a variety of multimedia applications or social networking, as well as users still can download thousands of other applications through the Android Market for free. I think LG Optimus is the right choice to get instant access with low cost.

LG Optimus really understand what is required by their users, using the Google Android 2.2 mobile performance activity you will become more useful and efficient.  With available support for cameras, the activities of your mobile with the LG Optimus will be more amazing, rare and important event to the collection in your photo album.

I am very interested in using new LG Optimus Android 2.2, which combines Google's software technology to help us in accessing the internet anywhere, with popular features that have been integrated will make life easier and comfortable to communicate with anyone.

 How about you? What do you like the LG Optimus Android 2.2? and find your smartphone is now on LG Optimus Android 2.2, and bring it to your mobile activity.

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hackers Tried to Disable Wikileaks

Disclosure of confidential documents by Wikileaks web site make the site into the world spotlight. The controversial site was the target of hacker attacks. Several times recorded attacks since Wikileaks announced it will reveal more than 250,000 secret documents. "We've just got DDoS attacks," Wikileaks wrote in a Twitter account. This is not the first attack since a few hours before the site upload new documents similar attack happen so that the site difficult to access.

DDoS or Distributed Denial of Service is a type of attack that is often used hackers to cripple Web sites and online network. To do so, the perpetrators usually exploit strike force of many computers that have been infiltrated by malicious programs or viruses. These computers remotely commanded to overwhelm a visit to the site that are targeted.  Simultaneous attack will cause high traffic that will be difficult for other visitors to access, even to make the server down.

 In a statement, called Wikileaks DDos attack both reach 10 Gbps. However, the target of attack rather than on the main server. Currently Wikileaks identified using several separate servers. Its main servers are mentioned Amazon in Seattle who is also the largest provider of online shops in the U.S.. In addition, Wikileaks also reported using a server in Ireland, Sweden, and France.

NASA Press Conference About Alien

U.S. space agency NASA will conduct a conference about the possibility of other creatures on Planet Earth. This is surprising because the first time NASA held a meeting about aliens. The meeting itself is planned to be held on Thursday, December 2, 2010, local time. NASA did not say bluntly about the possibility of a meeting that discussed the alien problem.

Because the invitation received by journalists in the U.S., they will discuss about the related science fields Astrobiology. Astrobiology is the science dealing with his own study of life in places other than Earth. NASA officials will discuss this issue itself consists of the director of the Astrobiology program, Mary Voytek, USGS research Astrobiology Felisa Wolfe-Simon, Goddard astrobiologist Pamela Conrad, ASU professor James Elser, and founder of Applied Molecular Evolution Steven Benner.

Indeed some observers have cautioned that the presence of experts in the field of Astrobiology are invited to attend the press conference should not be construed as an indicator of the fact that they are called there to explain to the people of alien life have been found. Optimism is something that is very positive but awareness needs to be applied to an announcement like this. In addition there are many other findings related to Astrobiology and Astronomy can be done.

Hacker has to Break Two Thousand Computers

A 20-year-old man from Australia managed to break into about two thousand (2,000) computers in Australia and overseas. Anthony Scott Harrison, is also known to successfully dismantle some bank customers' confidential data. In his testimony in court, Anthony admitted, managed to learn the techniques from the internet. He also started its attacks since last year, but unfortunately he was caught by federal police.

Not only breaking into computer networks, he also modifies and sells software that allows other people to infect other computers. Their actions are breaking into computer networks, Anthony subjected to seven charges including four charges of modifying computer data can cause damage.

Legal advisor Anthony, John Edwards told the Court of South Australia revealed that his client had been obsessed and have been immersed in the cyber world of fantasy since the age of 14 years. In fact he never online up to 15 hours a day, in a hacking simulation game, Slave Hack. "Anthony never had any intention to create a large-scale criminal enterprise," said John Edwards.

Friday, November 26, 2010

New Ways to Use Computers with Chrome OS

In time soon, Google will introduce Chrome the OS as a new way of using a computer. According to the software giant, the user is not the time anymore to use computers the way older versions. According to Sundar Pichai, Vice President of Google, Chrome OS is a platform for the service. That's because all Chrome users can open OS such as documents, photos, emails, and online anywhere called cloud computing.

In Google's vision of a world in which all computers that run on OS Chrome, people can walk into any computer with Internet connection and get access to all their information. Google says Chrome the OS will become clearer by the end of the year, when the company will introduce a netbook computer that runs on Chrome the OS later this year. Although Google refused to give details of the device. It is expected that the OS will be produced by other companies and branded by Google, similar to how Google released a phone Nexus, which runs on Android.

Google has high hopes for Chrome, and as too many companies that rely on search advertising as a revenue, Pichai have described Chrome as one of Google's new business with huge potential. With Chrome OS, Google is once again stepping into the territory of rivals such as Microsoft and Apple, which both make operating systems and widely used desktop software like Microsoft Office, Apple's iPhoto and iTunes. The software will not work on Chrome computer. Conversely, users of Google Chrome will use Web-based products, such as Docs, Gmail and Picasa for word processing, email and photos.

Mobile Applications for Skin Cancer

Australia has the highest ranked skin cancer in the world, more than 1,850 people who died of it, more than the number of people killed in an accident on the street. Two out of three Australians diagnosed with skin cancer at the age of 70 years. "We found that many people are using the temperature and weather to predict when they need sun protection, but actually the problem exactly is ultraviolet (UV) itself," said Sue Heward manager at the Cancer Council's SunSmart Manager.

To counter this, the Cancer Council's developed a free application that provides daily weather forecasts, including predictions maximum level of UV light. The application has a warning function and using the global positioning systems (GPS) to automatically adjust the location of the user, it can indicate the time when sun protection is required as automatic warning UV and other features. SunSmart application is now available to be downloaded before gratis.Cancer Council has also given widget UV Alert to organizations such as sports clubs.

Saturn's Atmosphere has a Lot of Oxygen

Moon Rhea
A recent study found that Saturn's atmosphere turned out to contain oxygen and carbon dioxide that a lot. The aircraft from NASA's Cassini has detected the atmosphere when it flew toward the moon Rhea in March last. This discovery also marks the first for an atmosphere rich in oxygen content on the Saturn satellite.

Atmosphere containing oxygen are known to exist in the natural satellites in our solar system. For example, Europa and Ganymede, two of Jupiter's moon, is also rich in oxygen content in the atmosphere. "We have seen this before in the planet Jupiter, and we have confirmed that there is oxygen in the atmosphere of Saturn's satellite," said study leader Ben Teolis of the Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio, Texas.

NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has detected oxygen levels in the atmosphere on the moon Europa and Ganymede in the 90's. In both satellites of Jupiter, the oxygen out of the water ice surface, which is divided into hydrogen and oxygen under the original particles from Jupiter.

Friday, November 19, 2010

A Malaysian Hackers Sell the Stolen Credit Card Numbers

A Malaysian citizen, was accused of hacking U.S. computer networks of the Central Bank or the Federal Reserve and a defense contractor, was arrested several Secret Service agents when he sold the stolen credit card numbers with the price of 1,000 U.S. dollars at a restaurant dinner in New York. Court documents released by U.S. prosecutors claimed the man, identified as Lin Mun Poo (32 years) was arrested several hours after he arrived in New York. He was indicted by a board of judges with four charges, including paved the U.S. central bank's branch system in Cleveland, Ohio.

"In a statement after the arrest, the defendant admitted he was hacking into computer servers of companies and major financial institutions," wrote U.S. prosecutors in Brooklyn in a letter to District Judge Dora Irizarry, responsible for handling the case. He acknowledged that exploit the vulnerability he found in the bank's computer system, said Lin. "Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, Ohio, has confirmed one FRB computer network hacked around June 2010, so that the bank suffered a loss of thousands of U.S. dollars, and the act is affecting 10 computers or more," according to the in the indictment.

The process of examination by the judge will consider the delay request the government to continue holding Lin. No new date scheduled. Lawyer Lin, who appointed the court, was not willing to give comment. Lin is a Malaysian who do not have jobs or relatives in the United States.  He arrived at John F. Airport Kennedy, New York, from Europe to the tickets back and forth, and plans to return on November 22.

"Within a few hours after Lin arrived at JFK, the Secret Service agents watched it when he sells a credit card with the price of 1,000 U.S. dollars at dinner in Brooklyn and he was arrested not long after that," the letter to the judge. U.S. Attorney's office, Loretta Lynch  in Brooklyn said that all accusations against Lin hacking computer systems include the U.S. Defense Department contractors who help take care of military transport operations.

Another accusation against Lin includes ownership of more than 400,000 stolen credit cards and debit cards in a laptop computer seized by Secret Service agents. "The defendant through his career as a hacker, among others, the server computers of financial institutions, defense contractors, and large companies, and sell or trade the information stored there ...," Loretta said in a statement. Loretta said the defendants allegedly planned to get more financial information from other hackers, who would he invite transaction. If found guilty, Lin faced a maximum possible prison sentence between 6.5 to eight years.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hackers Modify Microsoft Kinect

Kinect, enhancements for the Xbox 360 gaming console, not only to attract consumers' attention. Hackers around the world were interested in tweaking a new toy made by Microsoft's. Technology carried Kinect indeed recognized its superiority. How could I not, with this device people can play games without a joystick and stay moving his limbs like in the movie Minority Report. Unfortunately, Kinect only designed to work on the XBox 360. This is what makes the hackers are interested in reverse for Kinect can be used in other devices without being limited platform.

Even a company in New York, Adafruit Industries offered a reward of 3,000 dollars for the first time anyone could make open source drivers for Kinect for free use for anything. Hector Martin of Spain successfully meet these challenges, the six days since launched 4 November 2010 Kinect ago. Martin successfully demonstrated the use of Kinect on his laptop. He is recording a video when Kinect used to record VGA quality bideo and moved closer to the camera as his hand formed a line with color changes from green to red. Uniquely, Martin did not have XBox 360. Adafruit have confirmed the code that made Martin.

AlexP of CodeLab and NUI Group was first demonstrated Kinect driver for use on Windows 7. However, hackers are hoping more by going to donate up to $10,000. dollars so do not get the prize Adafruit. In fact, he can only $457, dollars which is then donated to Martin to continue the full open source project Kinect. The presence of drivers for Kinect which is open source allowing developers and konusmen to utilize these devices more choice. Oliver Kreylos from the University of California, Davis, the U.S. already use it to record video in the format of three-dimensional (3D) with Kinect from his laptop. Kinect even reportedly been able to work on Mac OSX notebook premises.

Responding to the action of these hackers, a spokesman for Microsoft said that any modification to the homemade device is not recommended because the use of hardware and software components have been designed for these devices to work stable. Microsoft will attempt to continue to improve the stability function and prevent misuse by parties other homemade devices. Although resistance emerged from Microsoft, in fact the device sells. In 10 days, has sold one million units and is predicted to sell up to 5 million units by the end of the year.

Indonesia's First Gold Medal of the Dragon Boat

Indonesian contingent finally won the first gold medal of the dragon boat sport number 1,000 meters son Asian Games 2010 which took place at the Dragon Boat Lake in Zengcheng, China, Thursday. At the same time, female athletes Indonesia presents a silver medal, also the number 1,000 meters.

In the men's, Indonesia made it to the finish fastest and ensure the gold medal with a record time of 3 minutes 32.016 seconds. Myanmar won the silver medal with a time of 3:34,542, then South Korea won bronze with a time of 3:37,254. Chinese team had to settle for fourth with a record time of 3:38,448. Chinese Taipei and Iran is ranked fifth and sixth.

The Indonesian women's dragon boat team got silver only a quarter of an hour later after the men's team to ensure the first gold for Indonesia. The song "Indonesia Raya" ultimately reverberate in Zengcheng, Guangzhou, accompanied the flag-raising. Dragon boat is one of Indonesia's superior numbers from the originally targeted the gold medal.

Air India Express Sleep Pilot killed 158 Passengers

Pilot in Air India Express flight from Dubai to Mangalore, southern India, was blamed for the accident that killed 158 people in May 2010.  The results prove the Indian government investigation, a pilot from Serbia named Zlatko Glusica was disoriented because of falling asleep on a flight for 3-4 hours. Indian government officials said, reports the results of the investigation will be announced after India presented to parliament. Investigation team said the pilot Glusica too late to react and not follow some standard operating procedure when landing. Meanwhile, the airlines do not provide feedback about these findings.

Indian Civil Aviation Minister Praful Patel acknowledged that the ministry had been receiving reports about it on Tuesday, November 16, 2010. He said the government would take action after studying the report. Incidents in Mangalore is the worst plane crash in India since November 1996. At that time, 349 people died in a plane owned by Saudi Arabian airline collided in the air of New Delhi with a cargo plane from Kazakhstan. This report adds to concerns around the world about the dangers of pilots that work fatigue due to heavy work schedule.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Physical Office RIM Indonesia is Still a Mystery

Although it has been inaugurated, the Blackberry manufacturer, Research in Motion (RIM), refused to tell the location of their offices in Indonesia (PT. RIM Indonesia) . "Sorry, for now we can not notify our office location, for security reasons," said Oliver Pilgerstorfer, Senior PR Manager RIM Southeast Asia, after the inauguration of PT. RIM Indonesia at the Hotel Dharmawangsa, Jakarta.

Unfortunately, Oliver did not explain details about the reasons of security in question, which resulted RIM will not tell me the location of their offices in Indonesia. "Clearly, there are in South Jakarta, Central Jakarta," he said.

RIM's silence related to the location of their office raised doubts of its own. Even the issue said that RIM has just pocketed a company name but do not have a physical office at all in Indonesia. "We do not hide or make it a mystery. We have an office. All is ready. It's just not ready time to convey to the public," said Oliver.

RIM's office will occupy a location in the area of Central Jakarta. As the person in charge, RIM appoint Andrew Cobham who was President Director. Establishment of PT RIM Indonesia following information about the 36 authorized service centers Blackberry which will start operating in late 2010. This service will support a 24 month warranty is given to customers who have purchased the Blackberry smartphone.

E-mail Invitation Nobel Prize Contain Viruses

A fake e-mail invitation to the event the Nobel Peace Price in 2010 recently circulated and carry viruses that can infect computers anyone who opened it. Originally from Oslo Freedom Forum, a group that had nothing to do with the Nobel committee events, e-mail that includes a PDF file attachment, could make the hackers take over computers 'victims'. This report Contagio Internet security blog.

"Dear Mr. / Ms in place, I attach a letter from the founder of the Freedom Forum Oslo, Thor Halvorseen, invite you to join him on 11 December for the award ceremony. Please tell me if you have any questions," so writing in an e-mail invitation. Ceremony of the Nobel Peace Prize 2010, which is dedicated to Liu Xiaobo, Chinese dissident activist who was imprisoned by his government, will be held in Oslo on 10 December.

"We do not know who launched a cyber attack, or who they target," said computer security group F-Secure on their website. According to online newspaper Aftenposten, meanwhile Geir Lundestad, president of Nobel Institute, was the target of cyber attacks through an e-mail. E-mail is reported to have a link that asks Lundestad to type his name and password, but Lundestad suspicious and warned the internet on Norwegian data security agency.

"There is someone who tries to infect the Nobel Institute," said Christophe Birkeland, head of the Norwegian Computer Emergency Response Team. "There are many indications that the same people behind this attack," he added. Nobel Peace Prize website also become targets of cyber attacks two weeks ago, with the address of the originating IP address from the National Chiao Tung University in Taiwan.

However, it is not possible cyber attacks also came from there, because a hacker usually use multiple computers to hide their tracks.

Google Employees' Salaries Increase 10% Next Year

Google shows that they know how to make employees feel special: Around 23,300 employees raised their salaries by 10 percent starting next year. Internet giants of the world is also changing its employees an annual bonus with regular pay check. This notice posted to all employees through an internal memo sent by the CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt. Bonuses were also not included in the salary increase of 10 percent.

This is a step 'indulgence employees' the umpteenth. Google has long been known to feed its employees for free and pamper them with additional bonuses that are categorized as a luxury for most employees in general. However, the company began to attract a bonus, the bonus in late 2008 and early 2009 to have to terminate the employment of several hundred employees, so the company can continue to run in times of recession the U.S. economy in the past.

This year was a good year for Google. Google revenue up 23 percent to reach USD21 million in the first nine months in 2010. Their confidence increases, because this year Google has added 3,500 employees expand its workforce by 20 percent. Google also did a lot of investment in data-centers that run their online services. Eric saw the policy of salary increase as compensation to the 'best people in the world', but the move was analyzed by many as a prevention for its employees do not move to Facebook.

Competitive world of internet today is increasingly becoming aggressive, especially after Google's top sales executives Sheryl Sandberg, hired by Facebook as chief operating officer at Facebook. "We believe that the plans that competitive compensation is important for the future of our company," said Google spokesman, Jordan Newman.

The Latest Version of Firefox 4 is Lighter

Mozilla significantly improve the performance of their browser from the latest beta version 7 of Firefox 4. What are the advantages? Overall, the Mozilla add a new iteration called JägerMonkey (JIT) JavaScript compiler, which is the support for hardware accelerated graphics for OS X and Windows. This feature allows the ability to display 3D images without the need to plug in via WebGL.

"With Firefox SpiderMonkey JavaScript now combines new JägerMonkey JIT compiler, which along with enhancements to existing TraceMonkey JIT and SpiderMonkey's interpreter, adding up to speed really show off kay Web applications,  you'll see this faster start-up time, increase page load speed and performance of web applications," explained engineer at Mozilla Jay Sullivan.

According to Jay, support for hardware accelerated graphics also help to optimize and improve the performance of the browser.  "It allows websites to load and respond faster to a rich and interactive content such as web, game or photo application. In Windows, including Windows XP, hardware acceleration is done by using DirectX technology in Mac OS X, it is done using OpenGL," said Jay.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Adisutjipto-Yogyakarta Airport was Closed

Residents who fled look past the intersection Kaliurang, Kentungan, Yogyakarta, Friday, November 5, 2010. Center for Volcanology and Geological Disaster Mitigation Disaster expand safe distance to 20 kilometers from the summit of Mount Merapi after the volcano erupted again early in the morning. Displacement was transferred to a number of places, such as Maguwoharjo Stadium.

 Due to the rain of volcanic ash eruption of Mount Merapi, which occurred flights to and from Adisutjipto Airport, Yogyakarta, was closed for a while. A number of flights to Jakarta, Surabaya, Makassar, Balikpapan, Batam, Denpasar and postponed to an undetermined time. As a result of this temporary closure occurs accumulation of passengers, well ahead of the departure gate and inside the passenger waiting room.

As reported, early this morning, Mount Merapi erupted again. This time the eruption of Merapi is more powerful than previous days. Even with a frightening roar. 73 stroke victim's body arrived at Merapi pyroclastic Installation of Forensic Medicine Dr. Sardjito Hospital, Yogyakarta. The death toll was expected to rise a lot because there are dozens of victims who have not evacuated.

While the burn victims are now being handled in the Custom Installation Burns and Emergency Unit. In Klaten, Central Java, there are also many burn victims are treated. They were mostly from areas Manisrenggo, Gendol river.

President SBY is Based in the City of Yogyakarta

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) to ensure he will soon fly to Yogyakarta to ensure the condition of victims of the eruption of Mount Merapi. Not only that, SBY was intended to offices in the city of Yogyakarta. "I will stay at the State House to ensure that all decision-making. Do not let the decision was taken a long time," Yudhoyono said at a news conference at the Presidential Palace today.

Step State House presidential office in Yogyakarta is a second time. Because when a great earthquake pounded the province, the President also has offices in the building to control and supervise the evacuation, reconstruction, and rehabilitation of earthquake victims.

Merapai horrifying eruption occurred early Friday morning. Current information not less than 89 people listed as dead and hundreds injured. The number of refugees had reached hundreds of thousands that included local citizens district of Sleman, Magelang, Klaten, and Boyolali.

Center for Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation (PVMBG) provides instruction for people away from Merapi, with a radius of 20 Km safe. Residents are also reminded to stay away from the river flows are tipped at Mount Merapi.

Catastrophic Eruption of Mount Merapi

The eruption of Mount Merapi 5 Novemver 2010 is quite terrible and almost the same eruption that occurred in 1872. "The eruption that occurred about the same as in 1872," said Kurniadi, the office of Investigation and Development Technology Center Volcano (BPPTK).

But he did not explain in detail due to the explosion that happened last night. "If the explosion that destroyed a peak in 1872. And last night has not been seen since the eruption of Mount Merapi conditions are still covered by cloud," he said.

Meanwhile, the volcanic activity was still visible until this afternoon following a hot clouds and earthquakes. "Its activities are still visible in the form of ramps hot clouds and earthquakes 20 times and avalanches. But not high," he said. And to pyroclastic this far south in the direction he leads precisely to the direction of Kali Gendol, Argomulyo Village, District Cangkringan.

Your Donation is Very Meaningful for Victims of Mount Merapi

The eruption of Mount Merapi in Yogyakarta, has not been stopped, and the eruption of Mount Merapi has been very worrying. Blast of hot clouds increasingly widespread and can reach 20 km, and wind-borne volcanic ash had reached 250 km. This is proven by the thick dust that stuck to roof houses, swimming pools, cars in several other cities far from the location of Mount Merapi.

Hot clouds of Mount Merapi has killed many people, I see many victims whose bodies turned black, scorched by the hot clouds that have temperatures reaching 500 degrees Celsius.

I am very saddened and deeply moved to see the victims who survived with some parts of the body on fire like the head, hands and feet, they groaned in pain from burns on their bodies because of a hot cloud.

Events Merapi volcano erupts in the early morning to make people around the slopes of Mount Merapi are unable to save themselves. To relieve the burden on the victims of the eruption of Mount Merapi, Yogyakarta, we invite you to donate a little of your treasure and pray to Indonesia for the eruption of Mount Merapi disaster is coming to an end, and any donation you give is very meaningful for victims of the eruption of Mount Merapi.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Child Killed while Playing Games Farm Ville

Disturbing because the mother is more fun to access Facebook, with dark eyes she kill her baby. In fact, carried her baby just cried, when her focus surfing the social networking site. Mother named Alexandra V. Tobias this. She was found guilty on two levels of murder and she was threatened with jail.

The mother told investigators that she was angry when she heard that androgynous baby boy was crying, when she was playing games Farm Ville. Alexandra silence her baby who was crying with her up and swung it quickly. Then she smoked to calm her and then she had to calm her baby again the same as the previous treatment. Alexandra will undergo the trial and threatened with imprisonment which will be passed through in December. Alexandra under sentence of 25 to 50 years in prison.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Flight Diverted Due to Pyroclastic of Merapi

All airline flights in the airport of Yogyakarta Adi Sucipto delayed and closed until the deadline can not be determined due to the activity of Merapi volcano erupts again. As a result many passengers were disappointed with the delay. To temporarily diverted the flight to Yogyakarta to Solo. This flight diversion to avoid accidents due to clouds of hot air ejected by the volcano Merapi in early this morning accompanied by volcanic ash and sand.

Mount Merapi Central Java Indonesia

Merapi is the name of a volcano in the province of Central Java, Yogyakarta, Indonesia is still very active today. Since the year 1548, this mountain has erupted 68 times as much. Located quite close to the city of Yogyakarta and there are still villages on its slopes to a height of 1700 m. For people living near Mount Merapi brings material blessing of sand, whereas for the local government, Mount Merapi, a tourist attraction for tourists. Merapi is now included in the National Park area of Mount Merapi. Mount Merapi is not only a blessing but also brought suffering due to the explosion that took many victims.

Mount Merapi is the youngest in a collection of volcanoes in the southern part of Java Island. The mountain is located in the subduction zone, where the Indo-Australian plate continues to move down the Eurasian Plate. The eruption in the area lasted from 400,000 years ago, and up to 10,000 years ago kind of eruption is effusive. After that, the eruptions become explosive, with lava flows that cause thick lava domes. Small eruptions occur every 2-3 years, and the larger about 10-15 years. Merapi eruptions big impact among others in the years 1006, 1786, 1822, 1872, and 1930.

Large eruption in 1006 made the whole central part of Java island shrouded in gray. It is estimated, the eruption caused the Ancient Mataram Kingdom should move to East Java. Eruption in 1930 destroyed 13 villages and killed 1400 people. The eruption in November 1994 causing clouds blowing heat down to reach some villages and claimed dozens of human lives. Until now the activities of Mount Merapi continues to increase with spewing heat clouds that killed many people a few days ago in October 2010.

Map Ascent of Mount Merapi

Mount Merapi, Central Java, Indonesia is a popular climbing objects. The most common route is through the side and near north of Selo, one district in Boyolali district, Central Java, which lies between Mount Merapi and Mount Merbabu. Climbing through Selo takes an average of 5 hours to the summit. Another popular channel is through Kaliurang, Pakem District, Sleman District, Yogyakarta on the southern side. This path is more steep and takes about 6-7 hours to the summit. Another alternative route is through the northwest side, starting from Sawangan, Magelang regency, Central Java, and through the southeast, the direction of pure-bred, Kemalang District, Klaten Regency, Central Java. For those of you who have been planning to climb to the Mount Merapi, should delay the first plan, the area of Mount Merapi, currently closed to the public because of the activity bursts of hot clouds and the larvae are still increasing.

Merapi Volcano Activity Increases

Increased volcanic activity at Mount Merapi in central Java Indonesia re-occur. It was marked by increasing intensity discharge lava and hot clouds. Mount Merapi remained at the level of Caution. So that is estimated to still have a potential eruption continued to happen again. As is known, in early this morning, the clouds kept the heat down from the peak of Mount Merapi. Since at 00.00 pm, was recorded at least twice.

Meanwhile, the status of Merapi continued to be increased vigilance because of hotspots has been seen since last night. Officials also could not confirm whether lava dome has been formed or not because the visual view can not be done. For your information, since Friday morning has occurred at least 87 times as much lava, multiphase 53 times, an earthquake in 1 time, and the shallow earthquake 15 times.

Complicates Evacuation Team to Victims Mentawai

Bad weather that hit the Mentawai Islands-Indonesia is very difficult for rescue teams to evacuate victims of the Tsunami. High waves that hit parts of North Pagai and South Pagai two days since this makes evacuation difficult team to bring the victims were seriously injured and light. Departure to the District Sikakap to evacuate victims from emergency hospital had to be postponed.

According to the Head of the Mentawai Islands District Social Service, Oreste Sakeru, in the Mentawai weather is still bad. High waves made the ship used to evacuate the wounded vulnerable operated. "In the hamlet Muntei Barubaru, Betumonga Village, North Pagai, for example, one unit used speedboats to take the victim who sustained serious injuries to Sikakap could not sail due to bad weather," said Oreste.

So also with the victims in the village of Sabeuguggung, officers can not go to Sikakap evacuate victims were seriously injured and slightly injured. "Muntei and rural areas Sabeuguggung that many victims were seriously injured and 62 people slightly injured 27 people," said Oreste. While in the village Sabeuguggung victims who were seriously injured 75 people. "Not to mention the South Pagai, the numbers too much, there are seven units speedboat that there are all unable to operate due to high waves," he said.

Boy Survived After 2 Days Buried by Tsunami

Tsunami waves that swept coastal Mentawai Islands, West Sumatra, Indonesia, claimed many casualties and hundreds of others still missing. Of the many survivors of them is a little boy named Efince (12 years) one of them who managed to survive. Grade 2 primary school pupils from the village of Monte, North Pagai. He was buried under coconut trees and debris for two days. Miraculously, the child survived, but two sisters and his mother died.

According to his father, Hendrik, currently Efince and he no longer has a place to live. Her son just got a spurious treatment with iodine, whereas the condition is very pathetic. Hendrik is a businessman that said, the houses were destroyed after the tsunami. "My Pig, amounting to 27 animals and also all the boats destroyed by the tsunami," he said with his son survive at a church potluck conditions.

Reverend Yemen Sihura Died Leading to the Mentawai

The earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia's Mentawai Islands, claiming heavy casualties invite sympathy for all parties. This is an encouraging Reverend Yemen Sihura came to Mentawai to see the condition of the victims. Unfortunately, the journey before reaching the destination Reverend Yemen Sihura died of illness. Residents Islands North Pagai this reckless boat KMP Barau with pain conditions, because heard many victims in his village. But for Pastor Yemen Sihura illness not an obstacle despite noble intentions to help the victims is not accomplished because the trigger picked up dying.

Traveling team of volunteers and disaster relief Mentawa carrier is slightly hampered the ship passenger who died. on the way to the location of the earthquake and tsunami that is not easy. In addition to travel time-consuming long enough, is also confronted with severe terrain conditions, such as crossing the ocean at any time there are storms or high waves. This event also happened to other volunteer teams travel the transport logistics of disaster relief by using the ship KMP Barau.

Access to the Mentawai is still difficult to reach. More than 16 hours travel to reach the Padang with the Mentawai Islands from the KMP Barau boat ride from Port Bungus, Padang. When a big storm diperjalanan block the vessel. Meanwhile, the post-tsunami areas worst seen in the village of Munthe, District of North Pagai. High water was as high as 12 meters sweep the house and people living in the region. Based on data from the Center for Disaster Operations Control and West Sumatra until this morning the death toll reached 394 people. The victim lost recorded 312 victims, for victims of serious injuries recorded 267, and 142 slightly injured casualties

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Criminology Student was Appointed Police Commissioner

20-year-old criminology student was appointed police commissioner was forced to because there are no other options in the city of Mexico near the border with the United States. She was the only person interested in filling vacancy. This job is so dangerous because the large amount of crime in the area. Valles Marisol García, a student of criminology in Ciudad Juarez, is willing to become commissioner of police in one of the most dangerous city in the world.

Every year hordes of violent criminals to swallow thousands of lives. Drug kingpin vying for drug smuggling routes into the United States. To control the crime wave, the government mobilized the army, but without result. Since the beginning of December 2006 drug war tens of thousands of people dead.

Pentagon Headquarters Attacked

Pentagon Headquarters
Pentagon, U.S. Defense Department, fired an unknown perpetrator. The incident occurred about five o'clock in the morning local time. That's according to a confession, a local police officer who heard five to seven gunshots. Investigations showed the two windows in an empty building was damaged.

No one was injured in the action. All entrances and exits closed. Three quarters of an hour later the Pentagon reopened.  11 September 2001 the Pentagon to be one target of terror attacks. March, two staff were shot dead a male. A few moments later he was shot dead guards the Pentagon.

Injured Woman was Attacked by a Barracuda Fish

A barracuda fish jumps out of the water and attacked a player like women's boat in the Florida Keys, Miami, USA. Barracuda fish attack not only shocked the players kayak boat, but they were also wounded, and brought in helicopters to evacuate the players from the boat, and taken to hospital U.S. Cost Guard.

The attack was not kidding, cause sores in the lungs and ribs to be broken. The victim told the fish, barracuda fish that attacked quite large and previously seen swimming-pool in the vicinity of their kayak. Great barracuda fish that attacked 45-year-old woman was right about the chest that resulted in injury.

"The poor woman was seriously wounded in the chest, but still conscious," said a rescuer, Captain Kevin Freestone. Headquarters U.S. coast supervisor immediately sent a small boat. However, because the waters are very shallow scene of the accident, the ship was unable to reach it. Then a helicopter brought in fish and bring victims to the hospital. Barracuda fish is known to have sharp teeth and big.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Use Accessories According to the Size of the Bathroom

Bathroom space is well designed course will be more beautiful when using accessories to match. Selection of bathroom accessories is certainly based on the tastes of home owners. An architecture in designing the bathroom of course will combine a variety of accessories that are classic and modern style to create a comfortable atmosphere to fit the available space.

Today so many options bathroom accessories which you can use in accordance with the budget and the size of your bathroom. If you have limited bathroom space and want a particular area is dry, you can use the shower box is a practical way and is suitable for use in all types of bathrooms. Equipment in a shower box consists of three components such as showers, faucets, and shower tray.

For those of you who have a narrow bathroom using the shower is the right choice, and type of shower varies and can be selected in accordance with an area and shape of bathroom. Choosing to use the right bathroom accessories is not easy especially for those who have limited bathroom space. But you do not need to worry because now so many types of accessories that can be used for both large and small bathrooms, and will provide comfort in your bathroom.

So to up the bathroom is not too narrow then use accessories that fit the size of your bathroom, and find the accessories design better bathrooms for your needs. For those of you who want to separate between wet and dry areas in the bathroom, there are many accessory options that you can use at a price within your budget.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Design Comfort Bathroom Quality

The bathroom is a very personal, and comfort is one important thing in planning and interior design of the bathroom. The bathroom has become a basic need in a more modern life style, with planning the layout and accessories of good design, comfortable and attractive. Bathrooms are not only have basic functions like to cleanse your body, but also a place to soak to release pressure when a day of work.

The bathroom also has a function that varies as ornate, and prepare to be perfect when it will go to the outdoors. Not only that the bathroom is also even used some to be the place to find inspiration while soaking in the bathtub.

Creating comfort in the bathroom has become an important consideration because the bathroom is a room in the house that we use most often. If the bathroom is one place with the master bedroom, the bathroom needs a representative become increasingly important and beautiful design should be rendered to save a stylish bathrooms accessories and quality.

For that, the bathroom can be equipped with various designs of accessories that will make the bathroom feel more comfortable, but it is also more aesthetically pleasing as most toiletries are now increasingly well regarded. Among the fixtures and bathroom accessories which are always present in the bathroom such as bathtub, closet, towel racks, storage racks, soap dishes, trash, clothes hanger, and so forth.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Criminal Case Consultation with Attorney

Accused of a crime might have happened to anyone. Are you accused of a crime? if yes, this certainly has become a serious problem and requires special attention to resolve this so that you do not experience large losses should not you receive.

Become a suspect accused of crimes will certainly make our lives into disarray, and happiness in our lives that dream will fade behind bars. To resolve allegations of serious case anyone needed help of an experienced lawyer that is able to resolve cases of alleged crimes as examples of San Fernando Criminal Defense Attorney .

Some types of crime such as domestic violence, gang crime, fraud crimes, white collar crime, juvenile crime, it is a serious accusation that you can not ignore it. Take a quick decision to use an experienced lawyer would give us peace of soul, and faith in the truth should be.

I think the consultation was an attempt to do for a lawyer to know in detail what you have experienced, and they certainly will prepare the appropriate steps to resolve criminal cases which have been attributed to you so that your rights are protected.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Oracle Allegation is Denied by Google

Still remember the allegations Oracle to Google about Android patent problem? Well, Google has issued a response to allegations of patent infringement in Android by Oracle. In a court filing, Google refused to seven charges of patent infringement related to Dalvik virtual machine that is used in Android and ask for sole copyright infringement claims to be dismissed.

The company was also accused Oracle is full of hypocrisy. They said that prior to Oracle's takeover of Sun has been vocal support open source Java Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK), but it is not compatible with reality. "Only a few months later, Oracle announced that it would acquire Sun. Since then, Oracle Corp. and Sun has ignored the request of the open source community for open source Java platform," said Google spokesman.

Oracle Corp. filed for patent and copyright infringement against Google Inc. over the Android software, for reasons of technology from the acquisition of Sun Microsystems Inc. in January last. By Oracle, Sun Java technology allows developers to write programs that work on different operating systems and on different computers. This software runs on mobile devices milaran since last year. Google's Android, the smartphone operating system, is one of the OS that uses this technology.

New Display Engine Yahoo

Yahoo has launched a renewal of its search engine services that support the search-related news and entertainment for Yahoo in the U.S. domain. Shashi Seth, senior vice president of Yahoo Search & Markets noted that this change is the first in a series of search enhancements.

When users visit, and seek entertainment or news about topics related news, users will be able to see a box with vertical text tabs for different options, like Video, Pictures and Twitter. Yahoo is trying to re-search engine competition. This was after a long time that Yahoo has been trying something new to the search for the clearly differentiated themselves from Microsoft Bing.

Instead of throwing a long list of links and text, Yahoo has taken a different approach and show an intuitive box. If a user searches on any terms, for example, Scott Pilgrim, users will be able to see a summary box which gives you complete information about the Scott Pilgrim movie. On the right side of the box, users will find pictures, videos and menus Twitter. Click on one of their menu and it will slide from right to left end.

Web search technology has also been enhanced with HTML5 to IOS-based Apple's iPhone and other devices as well as the Google Android. Also list Trending Now 'which will give a brief information about the topics on the web in the form of a slideshow. Similarly, also incorporates image search slideshow feature and users can view a slideshow of the album as well as Flickr.

Beware Malicious Programs Attack on 10/10/10

October 10, 2010 is expected to be a momentum for cyber criminals to spread malicious programs. Security experts warned computer users to beware of that date. Such date as is believed to be disastrous in the IT world like the Y2K virus in the year 2000. Some people believe the news on the internet that says that their computer's internal clock will be infected on 10/10/10 at 10:10.

Even at Facebook have formed a group that will discuss "Is my computer still worked on 10/10/10 at 10:10?". Graham Cluley, Sophos security experts reveal frightening virus There is a long history associated with a specific date, and not surprising to hear people whispering about the risks looming on October 10, 2010. "But with more than 60,000 new malicious software found in every day you have to realize that you need to be careful about the attacks every day throughout the year," said Cluley.

The long history linking a specific date with the virus have occurred since the early 1990s. When that computer users are often advised by experts to be careful every Friday the 13th. When the rumor virus Jerusalem alarmed a number of computer users. Fear is the biggest computer on a certain date occurs during the current year into the new millennium. The majority of computer experts warned that the digital clock will fail to work.

New species of Frog is Green with Pink Eye

A green frog with pink eye the size of your thumb together with 200 other new species have been discovered in Papua New Guinea. The discovery was announced by Conservational International, based on the results of two expeditions that have been conducted in two South Pacific island in 2009.

The expedition was found, 24 new species of frogs, some spiders and insects, including about 100 ants and dragonflies, that has never existed in any previous scientific literature. "This discovery tells us that our knowledge of how small this world," said expedition team leader Stephen Richards.

"We have many worries about the loss of biodiversity and animal, and after this discovery, we would even think that very little knowledge about biodiversity and animal we know," he added. In April 2009, the scientists flew to Nakanai Mountains in New Britain, Papua New Guinea, then browse through kanoe boat, on foot and helicopters to reach the destination of the expedition. There they found many interesting fauna.

The team also found a strange little frog is only 2cm in size only, which had been thought only to live in the Solomon Islands. "It is a surprise to find the species," said the scientist who lives in Australia. The second expedition, in September 2009, taking place in the Muller Mountains Range in Southern Highlands province, Papua New Guinea. The scientists found some kind of grasshopper.

"The discovery of this new species is very significant because it helps document the diversity on this planet, and more importantly, to let you know if we do not care about the planet, then we will lose them, So this discovery is the result of work that is essential for biological experts out there," said Craig Franklin, a professor of zoology at University of Queensland, in Australia.