Friday, November 5, 2010

Catastrophic Eruption of Mount Merapi

The eruption of Mount Merapi 5 Novemver 2010 is quite terrible and almost the same eruption that occurred in 1872. "The eruption that occurred about the same as in 1872," said Kurniadi, the office of Investigation and Development Technology Center Volcano (BPPTK).

But he did not explain in detail due to the explosion that happened last night. "If the explosion that destroyed a peak in 1872. And last night has not been seen since the eruption of Mount Merapi conditions are still covered by cloud," he said.

Meanwhile, the volcanic activity was still visible until this afternoon following a hot clouds and earthquakes. "Its activities are still visible in the form of ramps hot clouds and earthquakes 20 times and avalanches. But not high," he said. And to pyroclastic this far south in the direction he leads precisely to the direction of Kali Gendol, Argomulyo Village, District Cangkringan.

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