Saturday, January 7, 2012

Asteroids that Will be a Moon

Along with small asteroids trapped by gravity, and spend more time to circle the Earth, one might say that the asteroid into hundreds of small moon orbiting around Earth. Researchers have long suspected asteroids that pass, sometimes approaching the Earth at a distance close enough to be trapped by gravity. Asteroids is exactly what will be a moon while.

Mikael Granvik from the University of Helsinki in Finland, along with his colleagues run a computer simulation, to find the frequency of various near-Earth asteroids, and their likelihood of being caught gravity when approached. To be caught, an object must start out of the orbit is quite identical with the Earth. Team estimates that, on average, an asteroid with a size of 1 yard or 1,000 space rock measuring approximately 4 inches, may be orbiting the Earth.

 "There's a lot more than people might think," said Mikael Granvik. These asteroids, generally stay in orbit around the Earth for less than one year. Although the simulations were done by researchers, also expressed some asteroids may have stayed longer.

Copy Paste Religion in Sweden

The Swedish government has recently acknowledged a doctrine that venerated principle of a variety of information freely. A religion that calls itself Kopimism now been legally recognized in the country. Adherents of the Church Kopimism believe all things to share information, especially on the internet, is something sacred. Because according to them, form 'Copy Paste', is the value of information that can be used together. This teaching also holds the 'CTRL + C and CTRL + V', which is the keyboard shortcut for copying and pasting, as a sacred symbol of their religion.

Kopimism have attempted to achieve legal recognition in Sweden for over a year. Chairman of the Council of Churches, Gutstav Nipe, said Kopimism have tried three times to register at the Swedish Agency for Administrative Services. But just before Christmas yesterday, officially recognized religions. With this recognition from the Swedish government, the Church will Kopimism legally protected in the country and have potential access to funding assistance from the government.

Recognition Kopimism Church is the latest success for Europe are struggling to provide free and open internet freedom. The presence of this teaching in accordance with the Pirate Party ', which was formed in Sweden in 2006. The party aims to reform copyright laws and patents and to protect online access to information. Pirate Party won more than 7 percent of the vote in the Swedish general election of 2009, and has spawned an international movement under the banner "Pirate Parties International".  Not everything has gone smoothly for the Church Kopimism. Many of the international insistence on the existence of such teachings because it is still controversial.

Microsoft to Kill Windows XP

Microsoft wants Windows XP users to immediately move to the latest version of Windows and proved successful. Therefore, the current number of users of OS XP ​​gone down drastically. According to the research firm, the number of XP users up to December 2011 dropped dramatically. Lots of computer users now have started to be willing to move to Windows 7. In fact, according to research static, users of Windows 7 is almost past the XP users.

Currently the distance between the users of Windows XP with other Windows thinning. This is because globally has been a decline of 3.5 percent from December 2011. Moreover, the software giant is known to openly would 'kill' XP in the near future.

For a year now XP users experience a decrease reached 48.8 percent, which is inversely proportional to the increase achieved Windows 7, which jumped 44.5 percent from 27.7 from last year. However it is felt differently by Windows Vista has declined 4.5 percent, from the previous 15.1 percent to 11.4 percent in the desktop OS market globally.

Symantec's Norton's Source Code Stolen

Following claims made by a group of hackers from India who has managed to steal the source code belongs to Symantec's Norton, the antivirus companies immediately begin an investigation into the matter. Symantec has analyzed it and said that one document dated 28 April 1999 contains details on the Application Programming Interface has indeed been 'lost, but no source code in the document.

The company also found that some of the source code of two security products, Symantec Endpoint Protection 11.0 and Symantec Antivirus 10.2 is made ​​available publicly through online. "Symantec could confirm that the segment of the source code used in the two old products our company has been accessed, one of which has been discontinued," said Symantec.

"The code is taken, is a long document about four or five years ago, but this does not affect Symantec's Norton products for our consumer customers," he added. The company also claims that the code was not stolen through a breach of the network, but perhaps at the expense of the network from a third party entity.

Previously reported, a group of hackers called 'The Lord of Dharmaraja" claims to have stolen the source code and documentation from the Symantec server Indian intelligence agencies. Theft is also in conjunction with the intellectual property of other software companies that have contracts with the government of India.