Monday, April 11, 2011

Japan Succeeded In Making The Retina

Researchers from Japan managed to make the retina of mouse embryonic stem cells. According to researchers at the RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology, Kobe, Japan, the retina is a complex biological networks that they made.

The network developed is not merely the retina, but complete with optic cup, an organ consisting of two layers of the retina and the outer layer of pigmented cells that provide nutrients and support the retina and the cells are sensitive to light. Latter cells that transmit information to the brain.

At the time of manufacture, the embryonic stem cells in a mixture of nutrients and protein. The cells develop into retinal cells. Initially, only cells develop into a series of early retinal cells, but then slowly evolved into a complete optic cup. It occurs naturally in embryonic development.

Scientists are still unable to ascertain whether this artificial retina can transmit correct information to the brain of rats. "This is what will we studied further," said the researcher. If there is no problem, scientists will switch to the manufacture of human retinal stem cells from humans as well.

If successful in human trials, the means available to safely retina transplanted to humans. "Healing for many types of blindness," scientists explained. However, still it took several years

Special Forces Attack the Somali Pirates

Special Forces Command (Kopassus), claimed to be ready to assist in the release of the crew Sinar Kudus are held hostage by Somali pirates.

"Kopassus is ready every day and have 36 people who standby not off to watch for 24 hours including the journalists we have a comfortable barracks for soldiers stand me,

Kopassus has a team of army of frogs, which can help the process of liberation of hostages, and that's not our own form, their navy, "said the commander of Kopassus.

Kopassus is always ready to be assigned by the Indonesian government in the release of 20 crew members who had been held hostage by Somali pirates.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Laptop from a Fighter Jet Material

What will happen to materials commonly used to make fighter jets used for a laptop? Samsung managed to make it happen. Samsung Electronics Indonesia introduced the Notebook Series 9, which claimed to use a material called Duralumin used to make fighter jets.

Duralumin material is 2 times stronger than regular aluminum. However, this material is much lighter than the material ever used for this notebook. Notebook Series 9 has a weight of 1.31 kg with a thickness of only 0.64 inches. With 13-inch screen size, no one if the notebook is in addition to light also comes with unique design and very elegant with a degree angle that is not broken.

Samsung which is known as the number one manufacturer of LCD panels in the world, also embedded in laptops that 75 percent of its components are produced by Samsung. The screen uses superkontras ratio (1300:1) who have lived 16 million colors, this does not include HD-LED Backlight technology Superbright Plus.

"In notebooks Series 9, Samsung launches three advantages offered, namely brightnes, Faster, and Longer. To brightnes, we are a leader in the production of LCD panels ensure the laptop is far more light than similar products," he said.

While faster, using a technology called FastStar, Felix said that the Series 9 comes with a 60 percent boting much faster. Well, for longer, in the portable computer is two times the battery resistance is much more durable than a laptop on the market.

"Because we have the technology capable of performing 1,000 times cyling or two times more than existing batteries. One time cyling own means, each of which was used until the battery runs out then dicash again," he said. This laptop uses an Intel Core i7 second generation. Memory and 126GB Solid State Drive as media storage. Because the level of that rivals phones to be thin MacBook Air, as well as an aerodynamic design with elegant touches.

New Mobile Chat WhatsApp Messenger

Nokia launched its latest smartphone messaging application service called WhatsApp Messenger. WhatsApp Messenger is one focus of the program Break Free. Break Free Program is a program that frees users of Nokia phones from the conventional ways of doing chat.

WhatsApp Messenger is a messaging application that uses a 3G smartphone or WiFi that can send and receive messages, images, voice notes, video messages, even the location of Ovi Maps, and the application is free downloaded from Ovi Store. This chat application free for download for 1 year, after it paid. But so could be free if the user has to subscribe.

WhatsApp Messenger application, user identity based on a phone number, instead of pin numbers. We do not need to request a pin number messenger id other users, even waiting to be approve. If this application is bundled with Nokia Unlimited package, consumers have choice and freedom to communicate in the way they want, without worrying about waste or phone bill.
This service is made not to compete with other brands, but rather look at the potential of our consumers who use Nokia mobile devices.

Chrome OS for the Tablet

Google changed the concept of cloud-based operating system, OS Chrome, which may be embedded in the tablet. This is somewhat surprising, because the OS Chrome originally destined for notebooks. "Yes we are seeking open-source operating system will work for the tablet, but we can not announce it in the near future, Chrome OS designed from scratch to work in various form factors. To see the different partners to build various types of devices based on the Chrome OS, but to release our initial target it to notebooks, "explained a spokesman from google.

This is somewhat confusing to some experts, the article Google Android Honyecomb commitment to present as a special operating system for tablets. There is some speculation mentioned, Google also may plan to adopt a hybrid approach to the tablet, allowing users to boot and switch between multiple operating systems such as Chrome and Android. There are currently no detailed information about plans for a company based in Mountain View this, except wait until the time comes.

Spam Filtering Service More Than 25 Billion

Service spam filter, Akismet, announced the latest achievement after 'capturing' spam to-25 billion. Akismet-party claims if they are detected at around 40 million spam comments per day. Figures sped away after December 2010 then they claim successfully detected 20.7 billion spam comments and pings.

In order to celebrate the achievement of it, Akismet create mini-sites that invite readers to learn of their services more accessible in

Akismet find some interesting facts from a total of 25 billion spam that managed their detection. They claim the spammer's busiest activity is on Fridays at 20:00 GMT. Instead, Sunday at 14:00 GMT is the time most active spammers.

Launched in 2005, seeks Akismet spam filter links from comments on blogs and trackback pings. Filtration is done by combining information about the spam that was detected on various blogs that participated, and then use it to block spam at a later date.

Cloud-Based Music Applications From Google

Not wanting to lose from the Amazon, the internet giant Google also indicated will release cloud-based music applications in the near future. A cloud-music service applications are reported to appear in the Android Market developer version. Although not yet live, many people believe that applications will soon be introduced.

Digital music specialist sites Music Ally claimed, there were a number of people who use that application. "They assess the applications was very impressive and has a more feature rich than the Amazon cloud-music service today," wrote Music Ally.  Last week, Amazon, Google and Apple surprise by launching a music service cloud, Cloud Player, which lets users store their entire music collection online and access them from various devices.

The application of music very similar to Google's Android Music Player that already exist today. Appearance of this application is similar to the Android Music Player. While setting the menu has been enriched with a variety of streaming options. Android Market itself is also little changed, where the developer version includes a number of surprises like the camera application and a new desk clock.