Monday, April 11, 2011

Japan Succeeded In Making The Retina

Researchers from Japan managed to make the retina of mouse embryonic stem cells. According to researchers at the RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology, Kobe, Japan, the retina is a complex biological networks that they made.

The network developed is not merely the retina, but complete with optic cup, an organ consisting of two layers of the retina and the outer layer of pigmented cells that provide nutrients and support the retina and the cells are sensitive to light. Latter cells that transmit information to the brain.

At the time of manufacture, the embryonic stem cells in a mixture of nutrients and protein. The cells develop into retinal cells. Initially, only cells develop into a series of early retinal cells, but then slowly evolved into a complete optic cup. It occurs naturally in embryonic development.

Scientists are still unable to ascertain whether this artificial retina can transmit correct information to the brain of rats. "This is what will we studied further," said the researcher. If there is no problem, scientists will switch to the manufacture of human retinal stem cells from humans as well.

If successful in human trials, the means available to safely retina transplanted to humans. "Healing for many types of blindness," scientists explained. However, still it took several years

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