Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hillary Clinton Opposed the Plan of Burning Quran

Minister of Foreign Affairs of the United States Hillary Clinton criticized the plan a priest from Gainesville, Florida, which will burn the Quran on 11 September, in order to commemorate the tragedy of 911.  "With all my heart and without hesitation, I condemned the actions of this dishonorable and despicable," she said during the event host breaking fast with the State Department, in Washington.

This statement followed the emergence of Hillary hurled opposition from various parties, because this plan is not just a polemic, but also a threat to the security of American troops. According to Hillary, fuel criticism of the action of this Muslim holy book, also comes from religious leaders and faith. "Starting from Evangelist Christian groups, Jewish Rabbi, and other secular leaders, and influential people in the United States," she explained.

Government's commitment to America, to religious tolerance, go Hillary, has been around since the early formation of this nation. That in 1790, Gorge Washington wrote a letter to a synagogue in Newport, Rhode Island, which states that American country will not give a sanction to bigotry and there will be no assistance for an aggravated assault. "In the spirit of friendship and goodwill, which is also the spirit of ramadan. We'll write it in the months and years to come, in line with efforts to continuously ask for inhabitants of the earth to care for others, mutual understanding and mutual respect," she asserted .

Last week, Hillary said, the Middle East negotiations took place and will achieve progress and peace will be achieved, although there are some difficulties. Subsequently, she and U.S. President Barack Obama is committed to continuing to make every effort to realize peace. "Not only in the Middle East, all over the world, also in the hearts and minds of the American people. In the Middle East, obviously, the population in this region will determine their own future," she concluded.

Blackberry Application of More Than 10,000

Research In Motion has confirmed that they now have more than 10,000 applications available on their online store BlackBerry App World. This confirmation came from one of their own officials, written BlackBerry via twitter him. He explained the current BlackBerry application store has reached 10,000 and will grow stronger. Previously, he announced the update for the BlackBerry App World applications market in Asia. Starting now, owners can buy a BlackBerry smartphone applications at the BlackBerry App World pay via credit card.

This service is now available in Australia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand. BlackBerry AppWorld an official application store for BlackBerry smartphones from RIM, the BlackBerry where customers can find, download, recommending, and managing mobile applications for personal needs or their work.

"BlackBerry App World continues to grow with the catalog-oriented applications that individuals and business that will further enrich the experience of BlackBerry smartphones," said Alan Brenner, Senior Vice President, BlackBerry Platforms, Research In Motion. New features in the Black-Berry App World, Alan said, making it easier to get customers, purchasing, and managing applications directly from the BlackBerry smartphone.

Google Instant Launched

The world's largest Internet company Google finally give search results 'lightning'. Instant Google search engine allows users to get the recommended web links, as soon as users type in the letters on the keyboard. Previously, Google provides some guidance through the mysteries of the existing logo on the home page, or commonly called Google Doodle. Now after two days of mysterious clues finally give Google even provides a description of the services that accelerate the transfer of web search results.

Google's Instant way of working fast enough. When users type a letter in the search box, Google automatically provides a list of actual search results are recommended. "Google's instant and will give you a list of search results along with the typing of letters in the search box on your computer. By default we provide predictions about what you are looking for and what you want. And we give you search results with it. Can I tell you, there a paranormal element in determining search results that you mean, "said Google VP of Search Products and User Experience Marissa Mayer.

For the first phase, the new Instant Search will be used by U.S. Internet users, then new to England, France, Germany, Russia and three other states in recent weeks. Google's Instant Search can be operated in the Chrome browser, Firefox, Safari and Internet Exlporer 8. "In addition to Google's Instant desktop, we will also provide instant version for smartphones and other mobile devices. We are targeting these services to be launched next few months," said Marissa.

Games Taliban Banned by the U.S. Military

All of the military base in the U.S. get the new policy, prohibited from playing, sell or distribute the Taliban-themed video games currently booming supply. New games made by Electronic Arts allows its players to explore the character of the Taliban fighters. In that game, gamers that play a role as possible to battle Taliban fighters and shot dead by U.S. troops on duty, which is located in the territory of Afghanistan wars.

Previously, gamers lamented the decision of the British military officials also forbade the spread of the game. According to gamers, developing technology that should allow anyone to play with any character, whether good or wicked people. One version of the game made by EA's Medal of Honor will officially enter the market on 12 October.

British military officials are asking the sellers for not participating retail game to spread the game in England, particularly in the 300 stores the main game. U.S. military officials even feel angry with this game. "In the hands of the Taliban, the children have lost fathers, husbands and wives have to lose. It is very surprising and seems to not be acceptable if there are people who make an action to defend against the Taliban and British troops," said Liam Fox, British military officials.

The U.S. military also said a similar thing by not selling the game at GameStop 49 near a U.S. military base. Soldiers are allowed to have a copy of the game but had to buy it outside the base. "We regret this inconvenience but we are confident that retail owners will understand the sensitive issues concerning life and death of the people who are represented by these products," said Major General Bruce Casella, for the Army & Air Force Exchange Service. Major decisions made by Bruce was immediately responded to positively by the U.S. Navy military officials.