Thursday, September 9, 2010

Games Taliban Banned by the U.S. Military

All of the military base in the U.S. get the new policy, prohibited from playing, sell or distribute the Taliban-themed video games currently booming supply. New games made by Electronic Arts allows its players to explore the character of the Taliban fighters. In that game, gamers that play a role as possible to battle Taliban fighters and shot dead by U.S. troops on duty, which is located in the territory of Afghanistan wars.

Previously, gamers lamented the decision of the British military officials also forbade the spread of the game. According to gamers, developing technology that should allow anyone to play with any character, whether good or wicked people. One version of the game made by EA's Medal of Honor will officially enter the market on 12 October.

British military officials are asking the sellers for not participating retail game to spread the game in England, particularly in the 300 stores the main game. U.S. military officials even feel angry with this game. "In the hands of the Taliban, the children have lost fathers, husbands and wives have to lose. It is very surprising and seems to not be acceptable if there are people who make an action to defend against the Taliban and British troops," said Liam Fox, British military officials.

The U.S. military also said a similar thing by not selling the game at GameStop 49 near a U.S. military base. Soldiers are allowed to have a copy of the game but had to buy it outside the base. "We regret this inconvenience but we are confident that retail owners will understand the sensitive issues concerning life and death of the people who are represented by these products," said Major General Bruce Casella, for the Army & Air Force Exchange Service. Major decisions made by Bruce was immediately responded to positively by the U.S. Navy military officials.

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