Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hijacking Tankers in the Indian Ocean

The Norwegian owned tanker taken hostage by pirates in the Indian Ocean region. According to the ship owner, tanker was hijacked after sailing from Madagascar. UBT tanker named Ocean is carrying cargo of oil from Saudi Arabia in order to Tanzania. Svenn Pedersan of Brovigtank officials who have stated tankers, this hijacking certainty obtained after the captain told directly to the owner of the ship.

"Not long after we lost with the ship, the captain reported if tankernya plowed," said Pedersen. Ocean UBT registered in the Marshall Islands, now sailing into unknown waters of Somalia. This is confirmed by the ship owner based on information from the ship's captain to make sure if the tanker was hijacked. Incidents of piracy in the waters of Africa continues to bloom these days, the attack on ships passing through the region usually occur between March and May, when sea wave conditions in a state of calm.

Piracy has occurred two days after a group of pirates holding a tanker-flag Saudi Arabia and its crew in the Gulf of Aden. The ship was brought to the city known Garacad, Somalia. Business international patrols in the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean, until now have not succeeded completely prevent attacks by ships from Somali pirates group.

Earthquake Aftershocks will Hit the Chilli in 1 Year Ahead

After the devastating earthquake that has rocked Chile, February 27, three aftershocks have been surprised all citizens in Chile. Predicted aftershocks are still going to shake that Latin American countries until the year ahead.

Latest aftershocks took place on Friday, March 5, together with the arrival of UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon. Ban's arrival made to review the location of the earthquake before the United Nations aid delivered.

According to scientists from the Agency United States Geological Survey (USGS), have analyzed the aftershocks of an earthquake in Chile is likely to continue for the next 1 year. "The bigger the earthquake, will be greater the more aftershocks would occur. Also that aftershocks will be more and longer stay, despite the aftershocks of the power will decrease, it still will be felt by residents during the next few months. In fact, maybe these aftershocks will continue to occur for 1 year, "said USGS scientist John Bellini.

Chile has been shaken by more than 200 earthquakes since the magnitude 8.8 earthquake occurred last week, and the quake had killed about 802 people, although the number is corrected by the Government of Chile to 452 people killed. Aftershocks in Chile is expected to have considerable power by the researchers. Proved several aftershocks strength exceeds 6 SR, including three aftershocks that occurred on Friday last.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Silver for Medical Materials can Prevent Infection

Before the discovery of antibiotics, regular surgeons sew surgical scars using yarn with silver material and they believe that silver can prevent infection.Besides being used for mixed yarn operations, during World War I, the silver was used to coat the wound because it was believed could help save lives. "Various studies show that silver is a powerful antimicrobial that does not cause irritation and is not toxic," said Valerie Edwards Jones of Manchester Metropolitan University.

Jones added, proven silver can kill up to 650 microbial pathogens. That's because of thousands of silver ions that can prevent the spread of bacteria, viruses and fungi to enter the cell and how to disable the protein. Thus, microbes can not reproduce and die and will prevent the spread of infection. Other researchers Richard Hastings of BioCote mention that silver can reduce bacteria levels up to 99 percent when combined with a variety of hospital equipment.

"This will reduce the risk of superbug infections such as MRSA, E.coli and salmonella," said Hastings. Silver is also effective to treat skin disorders, such as burn marks and cuts. For example there is the silver bandages currently used to promote healing wounds. "In restoring the condition of wounds at risk of irritation and ifeksi, silver bandages proved very successful," explained Jones.

Also silver can overcome skin diseases like eczema and psiorasis. According to Jones, a cream containing one per cent silver can suppress the inflammation that occurs when skin allergy. However, more study is needed to determine whether silver can be used for use intenal. Because if taken immediately, the patient's risk of skin discoloration.

Valentino Rossi Auction Yamaha R1 for Donations

By giving a donation to a charity, the organizers deliberately Yamaha MotoGP and motorcycle racing to build a theme which Valentino Rossi will soon be auctioned. Taken from the base Yamaha R1, motor sport is merged graphics 'Five Continents' is a feature of Valentino Rossi. If there is a bid at high prices, then it will be donated to Riders for Health movement.

His inspiration comes from the graphics driver's helmet that numbered 46. All the ornament is poured directly by the Daytona 200 champion in 1972, Don Emde. In addition to the logo graphic features The Doctor, Yamaha R1 has also experienced a slight modification include Roland Sands aluminum rim, exhaust system Akrapovic Evolution output, as well as themed Ohlins suspension front and rear suspension FGRT808 now using TTX.

According to Emde, Riders for Health is a natural body of official MotoGP series is supported by those involved in these two-wheeled racing to help those in need of funds. "But we do not want to rush Rossi motorcycle auction this before we explain more about these motors, so when the auction and auction sites we have not decided anything," said Emde

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Amazing Vacation with Family in the Caribbean

Vacation was fun but to calm the mind and feelings of all the daily routine, we can also use to strengthen family relationships with children, your wife or husband. When the holidays arrive sometimes we confused determine the right vacation spot for our families. Spend time on holiday with the people who loved it would be nice especially if it is a beautiful place and wonderful. Caribbean vacation is the most beautiful place for your vacation, spend time vacationing in the Caribbean waters for swimming, snorkeling, windsurfing, rowing would give us satisfaction and pleasure to enjoy this rare vacation.

Outdoor vacation would not make us bored and various entertainment provided to give a different atmosphere and fun. Playing soft sand along the beautiful beach with the children, sun bathing, enjoying the sea, cocktails and many more are all inclusive vacation that will give pleasure for you and your family. So many vacation activities are provided to make sure your child more comfortable to play in this area. Vacation is a rare opportunity and should not be for us to waste, visit exotic places and beautiful in the world should we use the best.

I think this is a very interesting vacation for our visit, where you can select multiple locations such as vacation destination in Jamaica, Bahamas, Curacao, Brazil and Panama. On this vacation you can enjoy the beach or the mountains with a one-price all inclusive vacation package that will make you comfortable while on vacation and did not need to carry or run out of cash when traveling to eat and drink. Amazing vacation with the family together in the Caribbean, so make your plans now to enjoy the world's most beautiful vacation with your family.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tsunami Waves from the Chilean Earthquake Hit Japan

Tsunami waves as high as 1.5 meters begin to move from Russia to the east of Japanese waters, to Chatham Island in New Zealand. Tens of thousands of people in Japan, New Zealand, the Philippines and Russia Kamchatka was evacuated following the threat of tsunami due to an earthquake measuring 8.8 Richter scale in Chile. The Japanese government had warned tsunami waves as high as 3 meters more will hit the Pacific ocean. A total of 630 thousand families were ordered to evacuate to safer places.

Earlier, Japan's Meteorological Agency issued warnings of tsunami waves as high as 1.2 meters to attack the port of Kuji, Japan and northeast of the small waves would roll back the Minamitori smallest distance of 1,950 kilometers south of Tokyo to the northern island of Hokkaido. Until now there has been no reports of casualties or damage in the earthquake-tsunami affected areas of Chile.

Emergency Steps after Earthquake 8.8 Chile

Destruction that the quake hit Chile last Saturday, leaving the concerns of citizens. President Michelle Bachelet announced the immediate emergency steps to resolve the issue by the earthquake that has occurred. An earthquake measuring 8.8 on the Richter Scale that struck Santiago, Chile, killing at least 708 people. Also reported 1.5 million buildings destroyed. Until now, the government has implemented a curfew in some areas, considering the number of incidents of looting. Chile's own military were deployed to assist the rescue and prevent looting.

"Chile faces tremendous disaster and weight of effort required to handle after earthquake conditions," said President of Chile, Michelle Bachelet. President Bachelet own emergency measures announced immediately. These efforts include, delivery of aid to areas affected by air transport, drainage of free assistance to the region and Biobio Maule, and efforts to guarantee electricity supply.

After the post-earthquake centered in Concepcion, Santiago, Chile, public facilities in some places have started to operate. Several roads had begun to pass though to have some diversion. While the airport in Santiago was opened after previously closed due to damage to terminals and airport traffic tower. Agency Risk Assessment United States, Eqecat estimated losses suffered if Chile could reach $ 30 billion, and this loss is equivalent to 20 percent of Chile's income per capita.

Chile did not officially ask for help directly to the international side, but Bachelet will receive all the assistance offered by foreign parties. President to be stepped down from office in two months, said his country needed field hospitals, disaster management experts, and rescuers to help the other team had already served. Until now, many people are still afraid to Chile returned to the house.

Residents forced to stay in emergency shelters during the last two days. Chile quake occurred at 06.34 GMT, on Saturday, February 27. Earthquake focal point in the 115 km in the northeastern city of Concepcion, or about 325 km southwest of the capital Santiago with a depth of 35 kilometers. Chile earthquake was also predicted to bring tsunami waves to several countries such as Russia, Japan, Australia and other countries through which the Pacific Ocean.

Tsunami Warnings from Marine Experts are Not Proven

Marine experts issued a bulletin indicating that Hawaii, and countries crossed by the Pacific Ocean hit by a tidal wave threatened the powerful storm. Therefore, it is advisable to take action to save their lives and property, this warning is considered threatening and frightening. However, the predicted high waves after the devastating earthquake that occurred in Chile with a magnitude 8.8 force it never happened. On Sunday, February 28, the authorities withdrew the warning, after the prediction that only produces a wave that just tickled the coast of Hawaii and the tourists were again crowded the beaches and restaurants.

The experts acknowledge that their statements were exaggerated, but they defend their actions, saying that they are already taking steps that should be learned from the experience of what happened in 2004 when the tsunami hit Indonesia and killed thousands of people who do not get an early warning. "This is an important key to remember that we can not ignore the warning. Failure to give warning is not an option for us," said marine expert Dai Lin Wang at the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in Hawaii.

On last Saturday, February 27, hundreds of thousands of people running from the shoreline looking for higher ground to escape, after a warning that some 53 countries and regions will be affected by the enormity of the earthquake in Chile. It was a massive evacuation that had happened in Hawaii. Emergency sirens sounded throughout the day, navy ships to move from Pearl Harbor, the residents stockpiling fuel, food, and water in anticipation of major disasters that would happen. Some supermarkets to limit purchases because of the panic from the buyer.

After the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center pull their warnings, some countries continue to place the viewer to watch. Monday morning, the Japan Meteorological Agency warned of possible tsunami in the Pacific along the peninsula and warned its citizens to stay away from the sea area. But then the warning is stopped several hours later.The researchers still insist on what they do and refuse to apologize, they argue that these false warnings could be made of the population eventually became a relief, because it protected from the possibility of impacts from an earthquake in Chile.

The same quake happened in Chile in 1969 creating a tsunami that eventually killed 140 people in Japan. The same wave also hit Hawaii and destroy the city toward Hilo, killing 61 people and washed away 500 houses and offices. "If you give too much warning and nothing happens at all, you just lost your credibility," said Wang. "That is something we had to face and we will be expanding again."Although the panic occurred in Hawaii, local officials said that the evacuation went "perfect" and said that it was a good test, meaning the system worked well.