Friday, February 25, 2011

Channels TV with Hand Gestures

Technology in the field of television is now increasingly sophisticated, a great thing until that looks paltry. One example of technology developed by Panasonic this. Japanese company that is developing a device to change the television channel, just by swinging the hand.

VIERA TV series called DMP-HV20 and claimed to be the first in the world utilize hand movement does not require a remote control to operate it. With this technology, users want to move TV channels, simply move the hand to the left or right. Sensors on the next TV will detect movement and translate it into commands to change the TV channel.

With a screen resolution of 1024 × 600 pixels, this TV also provides a connection to the internet via WiFi 802.11. There's also a USB 2.0 port, card slot SDXC. Panasonic carry with 10.1-inch screen size, so much like a netbook. Apparently this TV was deliberately created as a portable gadget and use of close range, for example when in the kitchen while preparing food or taken during the trip.

Smartphone in China Attacked by a Virus X Undercover

Approximately 150 thousand users of smartphones in China reportedly attacked by a virus called 'X Undercover'. The virus called 'X Undercover' is only attacking the smartphone, but has spread to all users in China.

X Undercover could make the hackers to monitor phone calls and text messages to copy. The virus did so by taking advantage through the cracks of existing vulnerabilities in smartphones, and open a three-track service calls without user's knowledge. X Undercover  virus has the ability to gain access to a telephone and messaging services without the knowledge of mobile phone users.

The virus has serious implications, which also allow hackers to track the GPS position of the victim. X Undercover is also offered on several websites in China as a monitoring tool to spy on spouse, dishonest employee, a stubborn child, and others. The virus is sold at 3,000 yuan.

Notification Light BlackBerry Considered Dangerous

Notification light, which usually flashes on the BlackBerry handset when receiving a message, it was considered dangerous. Especially for users of the vehicle. Why? Comments are leveled United States Senator Stephen Parry who want to change the notification light, the article was considered to be very disturbing concentration of motorists at night

Moreover, some members of the U.S. senate has experienced accidents caused by distracted by the presence of flashing lights from the device made by Research in Motion these. "The light was very dangerous at night," said Senator Stephen Parry, so I will ask the facility can be disabled for Blackberry users to have secure communications. I think it would cause an accident for a senator or member of another if it can not be repaired, "he explained.

After arguing that the department has the power to turn off the lights, Senator Stephen Parry told the inquiry it is a matter of urgency. "We do not want to go back to the next estimates and found that a senator or member of an accident because of a requirement a bit stupid," he said.

Yahoo will be Closed MyBlogLog

Yahoo on May 24 will be closed MyBlogLog, the users get the service that reads e-mail:

Dear Customer of MyBlogLog, we will officially stop the MyBlogLog service on May 24, 2011. After May 24, your credit card will not be billed again for the premium service MyBlogLog. If there is, we will refund your money from the unused portion in this perlangganan service. To ensure the correctness and update your payment information, visit https:/ /

Have questions?
If you have any questions, please visit the 'help' in Yahoo! MyBlogLog.

We thank you because you are already a subscriber Yahoo! MyBlogLog.

Thank You,

Tim Yahoo! MyBlogLog

Basically, MyBlogLog allows users to track anyone who visits your site or blog users.

MyBlogLog is a social networking site for the community of bloggers that are based on the interaction facilitated by a widget that is installed by users on their blog. Founded in 2005 and bought by Yahoo in early 2007.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Smartphone Lower Productivity

One of the advantages of smartphones, is the ability that can make mobile work done wherever and whenever. However, a study says the device that constantly deliver mail outside office hours do not make someone more productive, that's just wasting one's spare time Research conducted by Ian Price compile data from more than 500 workers with their work experience managing emails, both with and without a BlackBerry. The result is users who are used to connect with email, outside the office just is not productive.

"This is the first study that focuses on technologies such as BlackBerry, where the user is always connected to the internet. The consequences that want to get is, a balanced life, durability and productivity. But it is hard to find," said Ian. "BlackBerry users an average of 2.5 times to see the email every hour. In fact, when they were in office, they are not or less see their email. Because usually workers who worked in the office, only has 13 percent of the total existing email," he said. Though not all the email they see associated with the job. For this reason, sometimes see the email that is not necessary, into something redundant.

Innovation Worst in a Decade

Although the most popular social media today, Facebook and Twitter rated as the worst innovation during the last decade. Thus the results of polls the British consulting firm of The Foundation of 2,200 consumers. The Foundation, the consultancy for the retail, banking and other consumer companies making the list of innovations that contribute the most and least to British society over the last 10 years.

Surprisingly social networking site Facebook is ranked second in the category of innovation that contributes at least in the UK. While micro-blogging site Twitter was ranked fourth. Reality TV program called the most useful innovation. Most respondents argued, the program was 'annoying' and 'wasting time'. Respondents expressed the same reason against Facebook and Twitter. Internet network online shopping home and occupy the two top most useful innovation in the UK. The search engine Google was in the top three, while GPS is ranked 10.

Here's a list of innovations that contribute most in the UK for the last 10 years:

1. Home broadband .
2. Online shopping .
3. Google .
4. Chip and Pin .
5. Digital camera / photography .
6. Online comparison sites .
7. Movement of community recycling .
8. Health labels on food packaging .
9. Cheap flights .
10. GPS / Sat-Nav .

While the information with a low contribution in the UK are:

1. Reality TV .
2. Up and so forth .
3. Pop-up ads .
4. Twitter .
5. IVR / Interactive voice response on telephones .
6. Congestion charging .
7. Paid plastic bags .
8. DVD subscription scheme .
9. Tracker mortgage.
10. Public bicycle schemes.

Ancient Skull Found in Lake Hoyo Negro

Scientists found ancient human skull in the bottom of the lake region of Mexico. This finding was possible to support the hypothesis Solutrean theory. Solutrean hypothesis which states that the first humans who lived in the North American continent migrated from Europe and not from the Bering Canal.

National Geographics reported that the invention is located on a site with a depth of 610 meters below sea level, called Hoyo Negro in Spanish which means 'black hole', located within the cave system Aktun Hu, the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo. Diver Alex Alvarez, Alberto Franco Attolini and Nava are the ones who do the research.

The team also found a big star and mastodon bones at the bottom of the lake with a depth of 60 meters, which certainly requires further research. "Area of Hoyo Negro size is difficult to understand. As soon as you enter the place, you can not see the bottom," said Franco. Then, at a depth of 43 meters, the team found a human skull.

"This study is great because it could find some animals from the Pleistocene. But by finding a human skull is very unusual for us," said Alex, who called the findings as the 'Holy Grail of cave exploration. Guillermo de you, an archaeologist from the University of Yucatan, says that the skull looks like from the era of  pre-virtual. However, You do not say whether the skeletal structure has a characteristic of Europe or the Bering. The researchers believe that the area was once a dry area, which has been submerged in water, when the ice age ended.

IBM Wins Jeopardy Quiz

IBM computing machine named 'Watson' has competed in a quiz show popular in the United States, Jeopardy! against the two most popular contestants, Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter. The match is the first man versus machine has been aired in mid-February at a local television station. Watson computing machine, named after the founder of IBM, Thomas J. Watson, built by a team of IBM scientists who are determined to achieve something extraordinary, to build a computing system that can emulate the human ability to answer questions posed in natural language with a fast, precise and convincing.

The format of Jeopardy! offer a real challenge because the instructions in this game requires participants to interpret what is implied, of irony, riddles and other complicated instructions. All this is a man advantage when compared to traditional computers.  Who has competed against Watson are two players Jeopardy! the most famous. Ken Jennings' record-breaking Jeopardy! by following the most consecutive games and won 74 consecutive games during the period 2004-2005. During compete in Jeopardy! he had pocketed the prize more than USD 2.5 million. While Brad Rutter broke the record number of prizes obtained by a player Jeopardy!, With total prizes of USD 3,255 million. This amount is the prize won by Rutter in 2000, plus prizes in three other tournaments.

The main prize in this game is USD 1 million for winning the first, second USD 300,000, and USD 200,000 for the third winner. Rutter and Jennings will donate 50 percent of the prize that they won to charity and IBM will donate the entire prize is won to charity. At the end of this match, Watson emerged as the main winner and won USD 77,147, Ken Jennings came second with USD 24,000, while Brad Rutter as the third winner to reach USD 21,600.

"For four years, our scientific team to develop Watson to be ready to face this challenge with its ability to quickly understand the instructions given in the Jeopardy!, Analyze the information to be accessible, to find the right answer, and answer questions with confidence," said Dr David Ferrucci, the scientist who led the team that created IBM Watson Research.  "Our team is very motivated by the possibilities that can be realized by the computing capability of this incomparable Watson to build a planet that is smarter and help mankind solve employment and improve their quality of life," he said. This spring, Watson played more than 50 training match against the participants Jeopardy Tournament of Champions! as preparation for his first appearance on TV.

In addition, Watson has attended and passed the test potential participants Jeopardy! which is usually followed prospective human participants. This gives confidence to producers Jeopardy! that this match would be attractive and competitive.  In addition to the Jeopardy!, Technology that supports Watson can be adapted to solve various problems and encourage progress in many areas. This computer can find the right information from mountains of data available and answer questions with confidence. This technology can be applied in such fields as health care, by helping to accurately diagnose the patient, improving help desk services online, provide specific information about a city for the tourists and the general public, serving customers via telephone, and others.

Watson is a new breakthrough in science in the ability to Question and Answer, or often called 'Q & A'. Software Power7 Watson uses IBM servers that are optimized to handle various jobs at the same time that Watson should be done at high speed in order to analyze the complicated language and give the right answer on Jeopardy clues!. This system consists of various technologies is closed (proprietary) which handles the command and data processing jobs simultaneously, in addition to analyze information in real-time.

Jeopardy!, Winner of 28 Emmy awards since in 1984, entry in the Guinness Book of World Records for record number of awards won by a TV game show. This event also ranked first in the category of syndicated quiz show with 9 million viewers each day. Jeopardy! produced by Sony Pictures Television, a Sony Pictures Entertainment Company. The event was distributed domestically by CBS Television Distribution and internationally by CBS Television International, both units of CBS Corp.

Some Browsers are Vulnerable to Hacker Attack

As many as 8 out of 10 web browsers were vulnerable to criminals burglarized because rarely updated. Thus the findings of researchers who successfully obtained. Most users claimed to have never committed a basic precautions by installing the patch to find security holes found in the browser. This will indirectly make the browser is vulnerable to attack.

This research was conducted by the Qualys, U.S. security company. This finding is made after the government estimates losses from crime to reach 3.1 billion euros per year.  If not included Plug-ins, security in browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari, not less vulnerable. Only 25 percent of the browser successfully tested in January and then claimed to have weaknesses that are not patched. This is because the browser is always updated automatically.

But the feature plug-ins, software add-ons that are owned by almost all web browsers for additional features such as video and interactive, was allegedly not very often updated automatically so that makes the user at risk. Plug-in with the target of cyber crime is Oracle's highest, with the percentage of approximately 40 percent of potential hacking. While the Adobe Reader plug-in, which lets users view documents in PDF format in the browser Windows, was second with 32 percent of the potential safety and need to be updated most frequently.

Apple's Quicktime media player plug-ins are third on the level of network security vulnerabilities approximately 25 percent.  In January, the giant networking company Cisco claims that security vulnerabilities occur in the Java software, and it is very profitable for a hacker who can control the browser from the remote prison and allows cyber criminals to steal sensitive data such as bank account information of users.

Cisco also said that Java will remain a potential target of hackers because the users are not too much attention to the importance of patching the Java. Java update itself last patched last October with about 29 issues of vulnerability, called Oracle very critical. Security experts expect the latest generation of browser and website to help solve this problem since the introduction of HTML5 can be interpreted, many of the functions provided by plug-in will work on browsers automatically updated.