Monday, February 21, 2011

Smartphone Lower Productivity

One of the advantages of smartphones, is the ability that can make mobile work done wherever and whenever. However, a study says the device that constantly deliver mail outside office hours do not make someone more productive, that's just wasting one's spare time Research conducted by Ian Price compile data from more than 500 workers with their work experience managing emails, both with and without a BlackBerry. The result is users who are used to connect with email, outside the office just is not productive.

"This is the first study that focuses on technologies such as BlackBerry, where the user is always connected to the internet. The consequences that want to get is, a balanced life, durability and productivity. But it is hard to find," said Ian. "BlackBerry users an average of 2.5 times to see the email every hour. In fact, when they were in office, they are not or less see their email. Because usually workers who worked in the office, only has 13 percent of the total existing email," he said. Though not all the email they see associated with the job. For this reason, sometimes see the email that is not necessary, into something redundant.

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