Saturday, November 12, 2011

Uniform to Strengthen The Corporate Brand

Establish a good image by providing maximum service is an obligation that must be done for anyone who runs a business. The use of uniform will certainly give a good impression, brand companies can easily be recognized by your customers. Employees with a uniform appearance can certainly create a power brand in your business. Look different with the uniform in promotional activities and the daily activities of employees will have a positive effect in improving the performance of employees.

With the uniforms australia all your business needs can be met, for the hospitality industry, healthcare, restaurants, clubs and much more. So many choices of design uniforms for your office or workplace safety. Using a work uniform will certainly provide comfort for all your employees in completing their work. The use of a unique uniform with a different design than the others certainly will make it easier for your customers to find and interact with your staff.

Most products are sold in the market are products that are already known, because basically consumers will feel more confident to buy a product they already know before. The use of corporate uniforms as one tool that can introduce the product closer to your potential customers. Imagine if your employees are so many out of the office, or courier your way around with a logo of your company's products, how many people will see it and know your company?

Color, style and design to determine the identity of the company uniform. Work uniform also reflects a person's character, where they work, how their activity. Designing a professional uniform that will improve the appearance of your employees with emphasis on comfort in activities and create added value for your company's brand.

Use of uniform in the healthcare industry is important to consider, color and pattern can be tailored to the services rendered and create a fresh atmosphere. There is a wide selection of fashionable and professionalism to health care uniforms with the best quality.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Get WiFi Access in The Plane

With increasing number of passenger aircraft cross-country flight, United Continental Holdings announced plans to open Wi-Fi access to more than 300 passengers United Airlines and Continental Airlines, and the plan will be implemented by mid 2012.

United Continental Holdings also announced it would cooperate with Panasonic Avionics Corporation to bring Wi-Fi is. Hopefully, by 2015 that will come, they have managed to provide satellite-based Wi-Fi in the entire fleet.

According to officials from related companies, Panasonic's technology-based Ku-band satellite allows higher speed of the connection-to-ground water used by Gogo Inflight Internet service provider.

Panasonic system will be installed in the Boeing 747, 757, 767, 777, 787. A similar system is applied to the Airbus 319 and 320. With higher speeds, United and Continental plans to implement video streaming over wireless networks.

Surely passengers will receive a new inflight entertainment options. In addition, there is the possibility that a faster connection allows access to applications such as Netflix or Hulu Plus via tablets, smartphones, or laptops.

Mobile Chipsets are Shipping Worldwide

Jon Peedie Research (JPR), predicts that there will be two billion mobile chipsets are shipping worldwide by the year 2016. From 2 billion chipset, 750 million were earmarked for smart phones, while 869 million will be earmarked for other pieces of feature-phone.

While the rest of the other chipsets intended for tablets 300 million pieces, e-book reading device 100 million units and 91 million pieces of gaming consoles. For this type of chipset it, JPR says that nearly all chipsets will be able to display 3D graphics and supports high-level camera.

JPR also predict chipset supplier companies will continue to increase until the year 2016. "Currently there are only four to five companies, for the year 2016, may be increased up to 16 pieces," said JPR. "All the chipset will share the same functionality and capabilities. No one will attack each other, at least in the near future," said the JPR.

Although two billion chipsets looks quite a lot, JPR said that 1.5 billion chipsets will ship in late 2011, so it is not a drastic jump. Also uncertain whether the feature-phone still will dominate the world market in 2016, considering the magnitude of the supply of chipsets for these devices.

BlackBerry 9790 will be Launched in Indonesia

Indonesia reportedly will become the first country that will release his latest series of the BlackBerry Bold, which is 9790. The high market in the country making Research in Motion (RIM) to bring the newest smart phones. Let you know this is not yet confirmed directly by RIM, but a video that circulated showed that Indonesia would become the first potential presence of a BlackBerry with the code name of the Bellagio.

Why is Indonesia? Because as is known, when other countries experienced a decline in sales, developing countries like Indonesia, have increased in terms of sales of the BlackBerry. In fact, Indonesia controlled 46 percent of RIM's overall sales. With 56 percent of RIM's revenues come from emerging markets, of course, Canadian companies need to pay attention and figure out how best to get the maximum benefit for these areas, by offering accessibility.

Bold 9790 will reportedly be a bit similar to the Dakota 9900, which carries the 2.45-inch touchscreen display with 640 x 480 pixel resolution, including additional qwerty keyboard.

Another feature that may be added is, behind the camera with a resolution of 5 megapixels. Likewise, the addition of internal memory which reached 8 Gb. In support of his power, Bold 9790 will be embedded with Snapdragon processor 1.2GHz. The operating system is paired, of course OS 7 which supports the Field Niedl communcation (NFC). Meanwhile, on release, there is news that says that 9790 will be released in November.