Thursday, July 8, 2010

34% Women chose Facebook Than Having To Go To the Toilet

United States citizens increasingly obsessed with Facebook. Even most women will admit checking Facebook before rushing to the bathroom instead. 34 percent of women presently engaged in the morning, which they say is more important than a shower or wash your face, that is checking the status on Facebook.

The survey was conducted by Lightspeed Research involving 1.605 for Oxygen Media social media users, both men and women, with age range of 18 to 54 years. In the report also found, 20 percent of women admitted to sneaking a chance to see Facebook during the night. In addition, 26 percent of them also will choose to wake up at night just to check an SMS on mobile phones.

Oxygen Media, a company engaged in NBC Universal's entertainment was also found, approximately 39 percent of all respondents had pledged himself as 'the Fiend Facebook' in May and June. While 51 percent of respondents also claimed to speak more often online than face to face directly. The most surprising, women in the survey claimed to be more confident with their virtual identity in cyberspace than in real life.

63 percent of young women in the survey also admitted to using Facebook as a tool in a relationship in your career, but 42 percent of respondents said no problem if a picture of them when drunk in the post to the social networking site. In addition, approximately 48 percent of respondents admit young women if they get the latest news from Facebook, while another 41 percent claimed to get from Twitter.

Approximately 50 percent of single women aged 18 to 34 years in the survey said no problem at all if they meet and date a man known for his single, Facebook, while single men who approve of this behavior reaches 65 percent. Six percent of young single women in the survey also admitted frequently using Facebook as a medium for 'shoot' spouses, as do 20 percent of men. Women who would rather break up via Facebook reached 9 percent, while men reached 24 percent.

YouTube Leanback designed to optimize the video on Google TV

YouTube wants to pamper their guests so much longer to watch the video, like watching television at home. Video-sharing site owned by Google's continuous improvement, today YouTube launches a new feature called YouTube Leanback. Here, visitors will be able to to watch the video with a larger display on the computer. Even later, this feature will be integrated into Google TV.

"YouTube Leanback will make you sit for long in front of YouTube, with conditions relaxed and entertained," says the YouTube. "Video will be adjusted to the interests of the visitors, complete with a larger display resolution and high definition, on an ongoing basis," YouTube said.

"There is no need on-click, search, or browse, because watching YouTube will be as easy as watching TV," said the YouTube. Range of existing video on YouTube can be played in accordance with the arrangements and the interest of visitors. All services will be navigated with the arrow there.

Google TV, which jointly developed the technology to Sony, Intel and Logitech, will integrate the Internet with television programming. Google introduced this service began in May. In addition to providing TV-like experience on a computer, YouTube Leanback designed to optimize video playback on Google TV.

Facebook Virtual Currency for Asia-Pacific

Facebook has signed an agreement with a company in Asia to allow for virtual currency in transactions conducted on these social networks. This virtual currency will be used in any transaction is on Facebook, both in the purchase of virtual items for games and other services involving retail stores throughout Asia. This service is claimed to be the first. Social networking giant is working together with the payment service provider named MOL AccessPortal. MOL will provide a means of payment named Facebook Credits for Facebook users that can be obtained by purchase.

Credits Facebook itself is a virtual currency that can be used by consumers to buy gifts or virtual goods in many of the services or applications that integrate game on Facebook. Many Facebook users who prefer to use a physical card to make payments online. But Facebook Credits will later be sold at 500 000 MOL existing outlets in 7-Eleven stores and internet cafes across the Asia-Pacific region so that Facebook Credits will be easily found.

"Facebook wants developers and site owners to provide content. We want to make it very easy for people to make a lot of money on the popularity of Facebook," said Director of Business Development and Corporate Facebook Vaughan Smith. "What we want to do is create a virtual currency to be more easy for users to buy services when they use games and services on Facebook." explained Smith. Going forward, Facebook and MOL will also launch Facebook Gift Card in Malaysia and Singapore as a testing phase before the launch of Facebook globally Credit.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Breeding Black Tiger Shrimp

To meet the requirement of shrimp consumption increased, the scientists develop genetically shrimp for this type of Black Tiger Shrimp. After research and breeding for 10 years, scientists from the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) finally succeeded in developing a tiger prawn that will reduce the import of the most popular seafood in Australia.

"The shrimp reproduce it will increase the capacity of shrimp harvested in Australia from approximately 5 tons per hectare to approximately 17.5 tons per hectare. Of course this will eliminate the dependence on imports of shrimp that dominate 50 percent of the seafood market in Australia, particularly import through China and Vietnam, "said the CSIRO was represented by Director of Development The Future of Food, Bruce Lee.

Tiger shrimp were raised in ponds with high levels of salt is enough and closed-loop system. Shrimp were also fed only wheat flour mixed with fish food."There are several advantages of this breeding result, we no longer need to take the shrimp nets from the sea," said Lee. CSIRO say, hypothetically, this tiger shrimp production will be increased to 12,500 tonnes from 5,000 tonnes per year, or add revenues of about 120 million Australian dollars until the year 2020. By the way of shrimp, I love to eat shrimp, and what about you?

Robot Surena 2 From Iran

After successfully developing nuclear technology, Iran again surprised the world by creating a robot which is similar to the human form.Iranian scientists made the robot is also able to walk like a human, despite a slower pace of motion. This robot is named Surena 2 and weighs approximately 45 kilograms with a height of approximately 1.45 meters. To make this robot, Iran gathered around 20 experts robots from Tehran University.

The media in Iran provide a sufficient incentive to the publication of this achievement. Even later, robots will be developed with the ability to see and speak. Unfortunately, no information is given certain when it will complete development. Apparently, the Iran only wants to show the world the power of technology they own. Because the Iranians did not give detailed information about the main tasks and objectives of the robot was created.