Friday, March 22, 2013

The Advantages of Cleaning Using Dry Ice Blasting

Dry Ice Blasting Machines
Dry Ice Blasting is a cleaning method with blasting that is similar to sand blasting, bead blasting, or soda blasting, where the medium is driven by the flow of high pressure air (or other inert gas) to hit the surface to be cleaned. Dry Ice Blasting is a revolutionary blasting method that uses small, compact dry ice pellets as the blasting material. These pellets are accelerated in a jet of compressed air similar to that used in traditional blasting methods.

 Dry Ice Blasting is designed to replace the high pressure cleaning and traditional blasting methods that use materials such as sand, glass and plastic as abrasive agents. In addition, a wide range of other cleaning methods that involve the use of hazardous chemicals, solvents, etc., can be replaced by this cleaning method as well.

The Process Of Cleaning with Dry Ice Blasting Works in 3 Ways:

1. Kinetic Energy
The kinetic energy is transferred from the medium to the surface of dry ice, at this speed, it hits the dirt, and then is converted into heat which causes sublimation,the process of the phase that changes the solid to gas.

2. The difference in temperature
In certain conditions, the dirt and the substrate on the surface crack and loosen due to cold flow of blasting. Dry ice has a temperature of -78.5 ยบ C. The two different materials have different cooling speeds, and this weakens the bond between the two materials, allowing the dry ice to permeate the existing coating.

3. Solvent Removed When the dry ice is transformed into carbon dioxide gas, the volume will increase suddenly and CO2 gas will expand lifting dirt up from the surface. This effect of sublimation rapidly increases the volume of the gas and pushes the dirt from the surface so that it falls off.

Dry ice blasting has unique benefits and is superior to many traditional blasting mediums used for the following reasons:
- It is a non-abrasive cleaning method and non-conductive or flammable.
- It is environmentally friendly and contains no secondary contaminants such as solvents or grit/residue.
- It is clean and approved for use in almost any food industry.
- It is most likely to be used in places that are difficult to reach without time-consuming disassembly.
- It can be used without damaging active electrical or mechanical parts or creating fire hazards during cleanup.
- It can be used to remove production residues, release agents, contaminants, paints, oils and biofilms.
- It can be used for many general cleaning applications in many industries such as construction, computers, food, manufacturing, medical and more.

The unique feature of dry ice blasting equipment, is that the dry ice evaporates on contact with the surface to be cleaned. Treated surfaces are therefore left dry and clean, without any detergent residue or blasting material. Because the process is completely dry and non-conductive, Dry Ice Blasting can be used where other methods are not suitable. For example, electric motors and electrical equipment, pneumatic or hydraulic components can be cleaned up immediately using this method.

Wanna see more? Look at some videos which show the process in action. Dry Ice Blasting produces no waste products. Only the layers that have been removed remain to be thrown away, and this can usually be swept or vacuumed off the floor of the object treated. This is absolutely ideal for removing coatings such as adhesives, varnishes, oils, grease, coal dust, soot, mold release agents and bitumen.

Dry Ice Blasting will often allow a company's production equipment to be cleaned during operation without the need for dismantling and costly downtime. Because it is non-abrasive, the surface is treated gently, and this system can be used on fragile surfaces such as aluminum nickel, chromium and soft metals. The process is dry, and there is no waste material produced. This means that cleaning can be done quickly without affecting the production process in the industry.

Features iPhone 5S little different with the iPhone 5

iPhone 5S
Some parties believe that Apple will launch two smartphones products every year. Latest source said the iPhone 5S will present a few changes from its predecessor, the iPhone 5.

Digitimes who obtained information from supply chain reveals, iPhone 5S will slide in the third quarter of this year, the estimated change in September with a camera and a better chipset.

As for the software, Apple is expected to announce iOS7 at WWDC in June 2013. Well, when the iPhone 5S slide in September, the iPhone 6 will start in 2014.

In addition, the China Times reported on the Taiwan-based company, is developing Chipbond touch screen driver for the latest generation iPhone. Reportedly, the successor to the iPhone 5, it can only be accessed by scanning the fingerprint owner.

Could it be that the Asteroid will Hit the Earth

Head of the U.S. space agency NASA, Charles Bolden revealed how it can handle a large asteroid that reportedly will approach Earth. This space rock is heading right now predictable over the skies of New York City.

In such a case, Charles reveals that all parties should pray. In addition, it hopes to be able to avoid things that are undesirable due to the possibility of the asteroid threat.

Charles said, this is about all of the United States or anyone else for that matter, who could do something about the asteroid which is now rumored to be on track with the Earth. Bolden brought this to MPs in the House of Representatives Science Committee of the United States.

Landing event space objects or meteor had happened some time ago in Russia. Meteor is estimated to have a diameter of 55 feet (17 meters) causing injuries to 1,500 people due to the shock wave broke the glass and damage to buildings.

This event, he said, are proof that humans live in an active solar system with objects potentially dangerous. Eddie Bernice Johnson of Texas Democrat said, these asteroids have approached the Earth with surprising frequency.

"We are very fortunate that the incident last month was just a simple coincidence rather than a disaster," said Committee Chairman Lamar Smith. NASA discover and browse approximately 95 percent of the space object approaching Earth.

Of the asteroid is detected, the largest asteroid has a diameter of 1 kilometer wide. "An asteroid that size, one kilometer or larger, it makes sense to be able to put an end to civilization," said John Holdren, the White House Science Advisor.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Find The Best Web Design Company

The website is one of the publications that are very popular in the modern world. All kinds of information can be presented quickly and can be viewed by anyone, anywhere and anytime. There are several steps that you should take in building a website.

1. The goal in creating
websites a website can be classified as follows:
- marketing: for media presentation and as a marketing tool.
- customer service, as a means to serve consumers.
- e-commerce: online transactions media facilities.
- information / news: news information media facilities.

2. Website content 
The most important factor in a website is the content of the website itself, where visitors will gain valuable information as they explore every page they have visited.

3. Targeted visitors 
Although the website has an open nature in the sense of a free website visited by everyone, it would be nice if the website was created to do target mapping. This can be addressed by a website. The is based more on the use of hardware and browser applications that vary with each visitor.

4. Structure of the website
The structure of the website is required to provide facilities to manage a website. Of course, the structure must be tailored to the content of the website. By having a well-organized structure, a website will provide convenience in navigation, editing and maintenance of the website.

5. Website design
The factor of visual beauty of the website and the ease of exploration is something that must be considered to determine the success of a website, apart from the speed of loading that must also be optimized. A good website has a unified design can be said to have a common theme in the web pages. This is important in terms of aesthetics and navigation. The similarity of the design is usually maintained including the similarity of the font used, the color, the navigation menu, menu layout and so on. It is therefore important for a web designer to know the rules that apply in designing a website. It is necessary for the design of the website to be built not to be overly impressive, but modest.

Building an e-commerce website is not easy, the use of scripts are so complicated and difficult to do, by those who have limited knowledge. Designing an e-commerce website or the other type can be done quickly if we use the services of professional website designers who are experienced. For those of you who do not have the knowledge and ability to build a website, you need not worry because now you can find the best web design company that will help you to build a professional website for an organization, individual or company. A good company has many professional web designers that will make your company's products known worldwide, and purchased by many people. So do not delay making your dreams come true, see products here.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Benefits of Playing Games

Games Kids
Research shows that the game does not require much physical movement can have bad effects for children when they grow up. However, on the other hand play games but also provides many benefits, such as to reduce stress, improve motor skills and improve your eye sight, and more.

There are seven health benefits of playing games, such as:

Chronic Illness Therapy for Children
The University of Utah examined the effects of video games on children diagnosed with chronic diseases such as autism, depression, and Parkinson's disease.  The children who play that particular game showed signs of improvement in the resilience and fighting spirit in the face of their disease than those who do not play games.

Improve motor skills Kids Preschool (3-5 years)
Researchers from Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia, said it's OK to let kids ages four years playing video games in front of the television. Of the 53 toddlers who observed its development, it was found that those who play the "interactive game" will have the motor skills of the object better than those who do not.

Reduce Stress and Depression
2009's Annual Review of Telemedicine Cybertherapy and found that gamers who have mental health problems such as stress and depression, can vent their frustration by playing video games. This study provides a hypothesis that certain games will allow them to avoid a certain level of stress. Thus helping them to calm the mind.

Providing Pain Relief Effect
Video games not only reduce emotional pain, but also those who suffer from physical pain. One psychologist University of Washington to develop a game that can help hospital patients suffering from physical pain.

Improve Your Vision
You may often hear that are too old to sit in front of the TV is not good for the eyes. But there is a developmental psychologist Visual Development Lab of Ontario's McMaster University dr. Dephen Maurer of finding different results. He said people suffering from cataract can improve their vision by playing a shooting game like Medal of Honor and Call of Duty. Games that require the amount of attention, training, and high adrenaline.

Improve Your Decision Making Skills
Most video games require quick reactions in a split second to make decisions regarding life and death virtual character. The cognitive neuroscientists from the University of Rochester in New York found that games can provide a lot of games brain to infer information.

Giving Happiness in Old Age
Researchers from North Carolina State University examined the relationship between playing video games with the mental well-being. "Those who love to play video games have a higher level of happiness, while those not playing video games are actually negative emotions such as depression," said a researcher at PsychCentral Rick Nauert.