Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Now the Xbox 360 has Supported USB

Microsoft finally releases an update to the mandatory Xbox 360 system. Console game now, can support USB memory, which was previously difficult to Xbox users. "Now the USB memory can work in the Xbox 360, if the user is logged into LIVE and want to make a USB storage can be easily performed. One of the storage media that we recommend are SanDisk with 8GB and 16GB capacity," explained a spokesman for Microsoft's Major Nelson.

Previously, users of this gaming console is often to criticize Microsoft. Because every time they want to save the file on a USB, or vice versa, there would be trouble. "Method earlier memory card users are only allowed to simply insert the card into the device that plugs directly into a computer and copy them using drag and drop," said Jason Andrews.

"Folders are now encrypted files, and transferred to a USB memory content from the Xbox 360, then stored in a file together," he added. Not surprisingly, some people have managed to hack on the security methods imposed on the file to create a program that extracts of content to desktop PCs. With Xbox 360 support for USB is certainly going to facilitate users in performing file storage they want.

Internet Explore 9 not Support Windows XP

Windows XP operating system users must be prepared to bite the fingers because it will not feel the latest Microsoft Internet Explorer browser 9 (IE9), Microsoft states IE9 will not support XP. IE9 using Direct2D (API is only available for Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008). This browser is rumored to be supporting the new standard of HTML 5 and the development of Java engines.

Microsoft has released IE9 for Beta version. Latest features from the popular browsers include hardware-accelerated graphics and text, as well as a new JavaScript engine that uses many cores of modern chip to effectively manage and optimize resources Web computing performance.

In giving its support to a number of HTML5 Microsoft provides some detail the specifications, such as CSS3, Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), XHTML parsing and video / audio tags using industry standards (H.264/MPEG4 and MP3/AAC).

Nicky Hayden is Just Not Ready for MotoGP 2010

MotoGP 2010 performances will begin soon, but the Ducati rider Nicky Hayden just not ready to compete for the title this season. Known, the 2010 MotoGP series premiere will be held at the Losail Circuit, Qatar, Sunday, April 11, 2010. However, when all the drivers declared ready to compete, Hayden admitted it was not ready. This American racing driver confessed that he still was not convinced by the results of the developments carried his team all winter.

"I am very challenged to race, but I might still need time to prepare," said Hayden. "We have made significant progress, but, if we have successfully completed our target pairs since pre-season?," He added. "Well, I'll answer yet, but we have made progress in some areas. We have started the season well. Some of the tracks I do not like will be present at the beginning of the season, so I should be able to perform better and faster, "continued the driver was nicknamed The Kentucky Kid.

Hayden had to be able to perform better in the second season with Ducati. Holder of world champion in 2006 was regarded as a total failure with Ducati last season. He was only able to once climbed the podium and had to settle for ending the season ranked 13th in the standings.

Michelin will be Back in Formula One (F1)

Renowned French tire manufacturer, Michelin to show its seriousness to get back involved in Formula One (F1). Michelin intends to re-appointed as the official tire supplier for each team, the 2011 season. Speculation about a return to the stage Michelin pole position has indeed been circulating for a few weeks ago. Rumor blowing hard after the CEO of Formula One (F1) Bernie Ecclestone met with leaders of all the contestant teams Formula one (F1), some time ago.

In the meeting, said they talked about the supplier of tires that are considered suitable to replace the Bridgestone plans to resign as the sole supplier at the end of this season. Bridgestone own trusted as the sole tire supplier in 2006 which replaced the Michelin. Now, Michelin reportedly ready to back a single tire supplier, although the company itself has not given a decision.

As a form of seriousness, Michelin has also requested examples of the diameter of the tire to be used every team in the 2011 season. Known, starting next season the FIA will impose changes in the true tire diameter 13 inches to 18 inches. "We have not made a decision. Yet we continue to monitor the evolution of any new regulations, in order to demonstrate our commitment to promote products and ideas that might be useful also for the environment, "said company representative.

7.2 Ritcher Scale Earthquake Occurred in Aceh

An earthquake measuring 7.2 Ritcher Scale have occurred in Aceh early this morning (5:15 AM local time) , enough to panic the local community. Yet earthquakes who categorized big caused no casualties souls. Health in terms of casualties slightly injured 14 people, 3 people were seriously injured, and they were from the area of Simeulue Aceh.

Dozens of victims of this earthquake is now being treated by health workers in emergency care locations in the parking lot dr Zainoel Abidin Hospital, Banda Aceh. This information is obtained from the local Crisis Center based on reports from family members of residents who become victims.

Preliminary results have damaged some buildings which are six buildings in Banda Aceh suffered fractures, including those in Zainoel Abidin dr. Then also reportedly there two puskesmas that experiencing damaged lightweight and two again damaged with level medium. The possibility of severe damage also occurred on the island of Pulau lord and Bale, but until now still in the data collection further.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Chrome Users Increased Rapidly Compared to Other Browsers

Chrome is a browser that is quite young when compared with rival browsers. However, the growth of Chrome so fast and attracted much attention of the user. According to data released by Net Applications, the months of February and March, Google's Chrome browser has gained market share up 6.1 percent. With those results, Chrome retain position above Safari and Opera.

These results also make Chrome could cover the gap with the Mozilla Firefox is still strong with a market share of 24.1 percent. It is not impossible if Chrome will close the position with the Internet Explorer market share fell 1 percent each month. Chrome increase most likely comes from Mac users who switch from Safari, and Google has been successfully released Chrome for Mac last December. Although initially many Mac users who hate the beta version of Chrome because it has no extension or support synchronization of bookmarks.

But all the hatred that changed when a new version which was released in February. At that time, Mac users are given all the extensions or bookmarks synchronization support, with so many users choose to make the move to Chrome. Also Chrome success in taking a large share of fast because many users said that they heard Chrome faster and make a lot of users migrating from Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer.