Wednesday, April 7, 2010

7.2 Ritcher Scale Earthquake Occurred in Aceh

An earthquake measuring 7.2 Ritcher Scale have occurred in Aceh early this morning (5:15 AM local time) , enough to panic the local community. Yet earthquakes who categorized big caused no casualties souls. Health in terms of casualties slightly injured 14 people, 3 people were seriously injured, and they were from the area of Simeulue Aceh.

Dozens of victims of this earthquake is now being treated by health workers in emergency care locations in the parking lot dr Zainoel Abidin Hospital, Banda Aceh. This information is obtained from the local Crisis Center based on reports from family members of residents who become victims.

Preliminary results have damaged some buildings which are six buildings in Banda Aceh suffered fractures, including those in Zainoel Abidin dr. Then also reportedly there two puskesmas that experiencing damaged lightweight and two again damaged with level medium. The possibility of severe damage also occurred on the island of Pulau lord and Bale, but until now still in the data collection further.

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