Saturday, November 19, 2011

Google's Music Creates New Fears

Google has just launched its music downloads service, but analysts regarded it as a lost opportunity. The presence of these new services, signaling it will directly compete with iTunes. According to the independent music analyst Mark Mulligan, Google has missed a great opportunity, by making these services 'just a store downloads'.

"Google is a crossroads for many of their digital lives. The company is expected to make the service a much more imaginative than just simple downloads and stores the digital locker system," said Mark. Mark Mulligan also assesses Google missed an opportunity to create a digital music service, which can be traded in the company's dominance.

"I think Google Music will be a product that joins the dots of digital music in one place. Look at how much you accomplish on Facebook f8 conference (with the partnership offering of streaming services Apotify and Deezer), without a lot of licenses from a single record label. most people begin the journey of their digital music with a Google search bar and Google music does not reflect it, "said Mark.

The launch of Google Music also has prompted fears that the giant search engine that will compete directly with the number of partners and application developers for the Android platform. "With the launch of its own donwnload store, now Google will be competing with the music service from the many manufacturers of mobile handsets. It can be scary for them," he said.

Smartphones Business Options

The new survey revealed, if now the iPhone beat BlackBerry to be the major cell phone used by businesses to support the smooth running of their business. Previously known as the BlackBerry mobile phone of choice for the business community to meet their business needs. However, according to iPass survey, it is now no longer valid.

iPass has conducted a survey in 2.300 workers in more than 1.100 companies around the world. The results of the survey showed, 45 % of them prefer to use the iPhone to support their business activities, while 32,2 % still chose to use the BlackBerry. Whereas last year, BlackBerry is still slightly ahead in front of the iPhone with a percentage of 34,5 % for BlackBerry, and 31,1 % held an iPhone.

In third place was certainly no Android smartphones with the percentage of 21,3 % who said the businessman prefers to use the phone with the operating system from Google to facilitate their business activities. If Research in Motion (RIM) dared to issue a new operating system in the near future, businesses may increase the desire to re-use BlackBerry, at least, can go up 2,3 %.

BBX will most likely be the new name of the BlackBerry OS is planned next slide in June 2012, but RIM has not issued an official announcement about it. With the results issued by iPass, it is clear to make Apple proud, because it is currently a major mobile phone selected businesses to support the smooth running of their business.

How to Protect Smartphones From Malicious Applications

A large number of smart phone users to make mobile devices as well as the data in them as a target for criminals. Although mobile malware is not at issue here, could have been hackers and thieves wearing datalah malware.

So how do I secure the smartphones of rogue applications?
  • Ensure the security of applications and application resources before you install it in smart phones. Generally people tend to install just the applications that are to be a trend. but it would be better if the smart phone owners do some research prior to the application through the review, friend recommendations, as well as the Google search engine.
  • Build awareness of the threat. The number of smart phone malware that has been identified tend to be less than the malware on your desktop or laptop. But the threat is really there, and the more dangerous applications continue to emerge. Remain vigilant against such threats could be one way of protecting the smartphone.
  • Recognize the use permit application. Whenever installing new applications, permits the use of this application will be presented to the user. Generally in the use permit will be mentioned which access has the potential hazards. For example, if a game application for permission to access the address book, users can immediately block the request is irrelevant.
  • Use antivirus mobile, some antivirus providers have a particular version that is used specifically for smart phones. There is a choice of mobile antivirus applications of the paid up for free. For those who feel the need to protect his smartphone, is now looking for an antivirus application via the web.
  • Looking for an application through a reputable provider. Some mobile platforms allow the installation of any application that can be found via the web. Normally it would be better if you choose an application-situ via the official website provider of application.

Co-Founder of Google Donate funds to Wikimedia

Wikimedia Foundation, which is the parent company of the encyclopedia site, Wikipedia managed to reap a donation of $500.000. Donations came from one of the founders of Google and 23andMe, which Sergey Brin and Anne Wojcicki. They both give half a million dollars to the Wikimedia Foundation. "This grant is an important support for the Wikimedia Foundation, and I hope this will send a signal, we begin our annual fundraising campaign for this week," said Sue Gardner, executive director of Wikimedia Foundation.

Wikimedia projects which have reached more than 477 million visitors worldwide each month, and make Wikipedia into the five most famous sites in the world. Wikipedia is available in more than 280 languages ​​and offers over 20 million articles, contributed by a global volunteer community of more than 100 thousand people.

Rob Enderles, principal analyst at Enderle Group was pleased to see support for the Wikimedia Foundation. He compares the support for Wikimedia by WikiLeaks, which stopped publishing temporarily because of lack of funds. "WikiLeaks branded a terrorist organization and locked from anyone who can use credit cards to make donations to the site," said Enderles.