Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Spread of the Virus Facebook Password Thieves

The spread of the virus in an attempt to steal important information on social networks is that hackers have long done. It is estimated that they could fool the approximately 40 million users Facebook. "Hackers have long made a target Facebook users, by deceiving them through a fake email from the Facebook. The attack is quite easy for them, because only require regular Internet networks to spread malicious software," said Director of Malware Research and Communication McAfee Dave Marcus .

Dave predicted, hackers spread the virus creator has spread to almost all the world Facebook users. Even the number reached tens of millions of targeted accounts, which spread in Europe, the United States (U.S.) and Asia. It is estimated that McAfee, the virus has spread since the beginning of this week. According to Dave, millions of computers already infected ascertained.

Even 400 million users of Facebook, if taken just 10 percent of the hackers have managed to infect approximately 40 million Facebook users, including the U.S. and Asia, where most Facebook users come from these countries. Therefore, Dave recommend that Facebook users who happened to find this email, do not be tempted to click on attachments that are included in the fake email. "If the attachment is opened the virus contained in it will directly download some software that endanger your computer automatically, including programs that can steal passwords of any kind," Dave said.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Computer Security Breaker Control 100 Cars from a Distance

A Texas man was fired from his job at a car dealership. He was convicted for using internet service, to turn off the ignition and lighting functions 100 car horn from a distance. Austin police team arrested the man who knows the name of Omar Ramos-Lopez this week on charges of committing crimes with a computer security break. Ramos-Lopez uses a former colleague's password to disable the starter function and set the sound of car horns from a distance. The car is a car dealer who sold the place to work. Some car owners say, this requires that they call a tow truck and left their car at the office or home.

"He caused consumers to be victims. Some of the car users even have to leave work to take care of their cars, "said Austin police spokeswoman Veneza Aguinaga. "They have to pay a tow truck services, and they do not know what's really happening with their car," he explained. Hand dealers where Ramos-Lopez's work, acknowledging that they are installing GPS devices on every car sold for at any time can not be burned.

"The system was intended to confiscate a car if the buyer delinquent car payments. Car horn can be lit even remotely as buyers refused to pay the mortgage, "said Jeremy Norton dealer oversight. With this incident, Norton promised to impose strict restrictions on extra security computer network security at the dealership so as not vulnerable burglarized. Meanwhile, Ramos-Lopez is currently undergoing legal process, and secured in jail Travis area.

The Children Watched a Playboy in 2 Hour

The little audience in North Carolina, United States, surprised the show broadcast a playboy who has replaced the animated show which awaited by the children. As a result of this incident for about two hours, the children caught a glimpse of pornographic content provided by Playboy.

"Due to a technical error, some impressions playboy wedged between the television network for children," said Vice President Director of Time Warner Cable communication Alex Dudley. Party Time Warner Cable television broadcasting service provider directly gave his apology to their customers.

Technical error in the network with a hot pose a woman, saying the event of replacing dirty Kids Channel on Demand and Preschool on Demands. Operator cable TV is only realized his mistake after receiving reports from parents who know the mistakes show their television.