Monday, December 23, 2013

12.9 Inch iPad Threat Ultrabook

Although predicted tablets would be shifted by phablet, it did not loosen Apple to work on a tablet, even with a larger size, which is 12.9 inches.

The tablet will be released to the North American market. In addition to Apple, Samsung also plans to release a tablet with a size of 12 to 13 inches, the jumbo-sized tablet with predictable threatening Ultrabook demand.

Meanwhile, jumbo Apple tablet will be manufactured by Quanta Computer. Initially, the company considering the screen size of 12.9 inches or 13.3 inches. However, recent reports indicate, the electronics giant from Cupertino, California that has a size of 12.9 inches.

In addition to working on jumbo tablet, Apple also plans to release the iPhone a larger screen size. Where, the smartphone uses a processor with 20-nanometer manufacturing process by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC).

Christmas Shopping via Mobile Phones

Online Shopping
Boxing Day used very well by consumers to buy. Interestingly, online shopping is predicted to increase this year. Approximately 30 percent of online transactions made ​​via the tablet or smartphone.

Last year, the retail electronic products that saw 300 thousand consumers go to the store online at 19:00 until the early hours.

Based on a survey showed that 64 percent Tripwire consumers plan to use mobile devices to shop at Christmas.

In fact, IBM's report showed, 17 percent of Cyber ​​Monday sales come from mobile devices. This figure is up 55.4 percent from last year's report. Furthermore, the transaction of tablet devices accounted for 11.7 percent, while only 5.5 percent of the smartphone.

Mini Tablet More Attractive

Mini iPad
Currently a variety of tablet sizes amid enliven the mobile device market. But of the many variants, it turns the tablet with a smaller screen is more in demand by consumers.

eBay, in collaboration with Conlumino research firm to conduct a survey of UK consumer interest in the tablet size and usefulness. The survey results revealed that 60 percent of respondents prefer smaller tablets.

The findings of this survey indicate that small tablets are more popular and widely used for online shopping, survey, conducted this month involving 1,205 tablet owners in the UK.

On the other hand, 60 percent of tablet buyers on eBay were also choose the size of a small tablet. It is also known that 80 percent of respondents use their devices for shopping, while 60 percent of them admitted that tablets help them buy gifts for the holiday season this year.

When you're shopping online, 71 percent of respondents do when you're relaxing on the couch and 50 percent on the bed.

Sharp Meibus Pad compete iPad Air

Japanese electronics company Sharp did not want to lose in producing gadgets market is becoming a trend nowadays. The electronics company produces tablets with specs that can compete with the iPad Air.

Computer tablet-sized 10.1 inch diagonal screen is run with the Windows 8.1 operating system with support for the Intel Atom processor Z3770 Bay Trail and 4GB of RAM. Not only that, the tablet named Meibus Pad is also available with 4G LTE network connectivity.

Meibus Pad

Maximum specifications also shown in terms of the quality of the tablet computer screen from Sharp. Meibus Pad is said to have a screen resolution of 2560x1600 pixels. With such a resolution, pixel density of the screen Meibus Pad can reach 300 pixels per inch (ppi).

It beat the quality of the on-screen pixel density of the iPad owned water technology that uses retina display with 264 ppi. The resolution not only dropped the iPad Air, but also tablet computers using the Windows 8.1 OS is the latest from Microsoft. Currently the highest resolution of the tablet Windows 8.1 is 1.920x1.200 pixels (the HP Omni 10).

Meibus Pad device from Sharp 's actually been published in September 2013, but Sharp returned officially announced its launch in the Japanese market today. Meibus Pad tablets will be marketed in January 2014, but no reference prices released by Sharp .

Popularity Phablet in 2014

Social demand for mobile devices is expected to change from tablet to phablet (phone - tablet). The device is typically 5 to 6.9 inch size is predicted to be even more popular next year.

Technalysis Research, claims that the popularity of smaller tablets will fade in 2014. In contrast, devices with screen sizes between 5.7 inches and 6.4 inches will steal the show.

The vendor launched many smartphones and tablet devices with the screen size. For example, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Mega series, the Nokia Lumia 1520 and 1320, and the Sony Xperia Z with Ultra.

 Most of the smartphones sold in 2013 had a 5 inch screen or larger. The research also claims that phablet sales predicted to reach 175 million units next year, while the 7-8 inch tablet as much as 165 million. Separately, Pew Internet Research conducted a study with the result that consumers will easily focus shifted and tablet enthusiasts will likely glance at the tablet with a large screen and the convertible 2 in 1, due to weakness in have a mini tablet.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Google Street View Cars Hit a Pedestrian

Google Street View cars taking photos in the Bogor-Indonesia reportedly struck a pedestrian. The Google car driver attempted to flee, but instead crashed into another vehicle that stopped. The incident, which occurred on Thursday (09/12/2013) at around 14:00 in the rural areas of Bogor, Indonesia.

"Unfortunately, Google Street View car collision at the border village even after trying to escape", seen in the photo, Google Street View cars were damaged in some parts.

Google Street View

The car just did not seem damaged by the collision, but allegedly also ransacked. This is evident from the damage to the car in the front and rear are quite severe.  Google Street View car broken-ravaged masses in Bogor Indonesia, Thursday (09/12/2013). Photo: mginanjar, members of the forum Kaskus.

Google Street View

Windshield cracked, dented front bumper looks to hang. Meanwhile, the rear glass is broken to pieces. Seen a number of people who were gathered around the car. There is no clear information about this incident, including the condition of the driver who was hit by a car and citizens.

What Causes Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Sudden cardiac arrest is an unexpected event and can quickly lead to death and the largest in the world. According to data from the American Heart Association (AHA) in 2002, every two minutes, there is one person who died from Sudden Cardiac arrest. In the United States alone, each year there are more than 250,000 deaths caused by sudden Cardiac arrest.

Causes of Sudden Cardiac arrest can be divided into two broadly namely coronary heart attack and cardiac arrest electrical rhythm. Coronary heart attacks occur up to 75 percent of cases of sudden Cardiac arrest.

Monitor cardiac arrest

Coronary heart attacks occur because there is a blockage in the blood vessels of the heart. Generally blockage occurs due to a buildup of plaque in blood vessels. Blockage will make the blood flow choked and can not flow through the heart. This is what makes the heart stop working.

"The heart does not receive enough oxygen and nutrients should be obtained from blood," cardiac arrest electrical rhythm disturbances caused by the heart's electrical rhythm. Cardiac arrest is much less than the prevalence of coronary heart disease and its causes were varied.

Cause of cardiac arrest can be caused by electric rhythm neurological dysfunction, brain, and some non-cardiac causes another. "On the electrical rhythm of cardiac arrest, cardiac anatomy good, but it can be stopped suddenly.

Qualcomm Processors for Mobile Devices

Qualcomm SnapdragonQualcomm is currently enjoying their heyday as a global market share of the processors used in mobile devices.Qualcomm, a native of San Diego, California, United States, focusing on the research and development of wireless networking technologies, including 3G and 4G. This kind of technology they invest in the series Snapdragon processor.

Vice President of Business Development Qualcomm, David Nesh said, Snapdragon is currently used by more than 1,000 mobile device models. "We reach out to all segments of the market, ranging from low-end to high-end,"

Snapdragon series of processors are also used by the upper class smart phones, including the Samsung Galaxy S4 (for the U.S. market), Sony Xperia Z, HTC, Nokia Lumia 920, up BlackBerry Z10.

David adds, the company provides a Snapdragon series 200, 400, 600, and 800. The product supports all operating systems such as Android, Windows Phone, Windows RT, Linux, Firefox OS, up to the BlackBerry. In addition, Qualcomm also offers a family unit of Adreno graphics processor, which include series 200, 205, 220, 225, 320, and 330.

System Recommendation Twitter

Twitter has announced a new recommendation system. This system originated from an experiment via @ MagicRecs account. It was raised Satuluti Venu, Sr. Software Engineer, Search and Relevance. According to Venu, he often feels nice to miss some tweets or just know when someone of interest has joined Twitter.

This new recommendation feature, he said, is expected to resolve such problems. "You will receive a personal recommendation when several people in your network follow the same user or mem-'favorites' or her 'retweet' tweet the same," said Venu.


This feature will be implemented in the Twitter app for Android and iPhone. Previously, the system was tested through the account @ MagicRecs. In that experiment, @ MagicRecs will send Direct Message (DM) to the Twitter users who follow your account download it. The DM contents are recommendations related to the user or tweets that are considered suitable by the follower.

While in practice, the recommendations will appear in the form of a notification or notice delivered Twitter app for Android and iOS. Surely, said Venu, this notification can be controlled by the user. Through the settings in the application, the "Recommendations" can be turned off or on.

Android Version 4.4 Kitkat

 The presence of Android version 4.4 or Kitkat was first announced in early September. Now, towards the end of the month, leakage, seepage face of Google's latest operating system that have begun to circulate.

Google images seen in implementing a number of changes to the phone dialer and messaging applications on the operating system. Changes in the phone dialer display includes a more flat design and light blue color scheme is brighter.

For messaging, the control panel Kanas moved to the corner of the screen, from which ever before on the bottom. Color of the status bar at the top of the row containing the notification and signal and battery are now apparently subject to change, depending on the application being run.

Android Kitkat

In addition to some of the views above, new functionalist not known what Google implemented in Android Kitkat. This operating system is rumored to be released in October, along with a smart phone Google Nexus 5, and tablet Nexus 10.

Shareholders Sure Can Buy BlackBerry

Prem Warsa
Fairfax Financial Holdings CEO Prem Watsa, convinced that he led consortium to find the loan money to buy a BlackBerry for $ 4.7 billion. "We will not put our name as the leader of the consortium if it does not feel confident will be able to afford it," said Prem Watsa.

In its offer, the consortium will acquire cash for all outstanding shares in the BlackBerry, but not including shares owned by Fairfax. Shareholders at 9 dollars in cash for each share they own.If BlackBerry approve this bid, the company was formed in 1984 will again be a private company and withdraw from the stock market. According Watsa, BlackBerry better perusaha private so that irrespective of the public attention.

"BlackBerry is one of Canada's great success stories," says Watsa. He realized now BlackBerry is in hard times, but they have confidence will succeed again. "We are putting this consortium together to make sure what will happen," he added. However, Prem Watsa reluctant to mention anyone or any company belonging to the consortium. He also did not answer questions about the loan guarantee fund Reuters.

Fairfax has a 10 percent stake in the BlackBerry, which also owns a majority stake. While Watsa, Warren Buffett is often referred to as the Canadian, because he was successful in investing. Bid from a consortium led by Fairfax has not reached the final. BlackBerry still given the opportunity to 4 November 2013 to think and negotiate with other parties to bid differently.

Another party that is rumored to be bidding against BlackBerry is Mike Lazaridis, who was none other than the founder and former CEO of BlackBerry. The New York Times reported, Lazaridis reached out to Blackstone Group and Carlyle Group to draw up the offer.

Apple Maps Mislead Driver to Landing Runway Airport

Airport runway , must be sterile from anything that could interfere with the process of taking off and landing of aircraft . You can imagine the consequences if there are motorists who stray into the airport and across the runway . But it was reported actually occurred at Fairbanks International Airport in Alaska , USA . The culprit was Apple Maps navigation software gives wrong directions so that the driver in question is misleading .

Instead of directing the driver to the airport parking lot , instead taxiway ( runway and court liaison aircraft ) intended . Motorists are confused then crossed the runway. In fact , that crossed the runway worn by riders stray Boeing 737 at the airport . Luckily, when he passed there was no plane that was trying to take off or landing .

Apple Maps

The BBC reported that the incident occurred on 6 September 2013 , and then repeated with the other driver involved in September 20 . Party had barricaded airport entry and contact Apple to immediately correct errors in the services .

" We asked them to turn off the guide that leads to Fairbanks . Better maps than just vacated happen again like this , " said the head of airport operations Fairbanks , Melissa Osborn . Apple then responded and states will do what is asked by Fairbanks . On 25 September last , Apple Maps is not willing to give directions to the airport .

Do not use common sense

Fairbanks airport assistant manager Angie Spear could not understand why the driver would've followed advice " inconsequential " Apple Maps without regard to common sense .

" They must insist once . Problem is , they have to go through the gate , then there are a lot of signs , lights , and warning markers along the way to reach 1 mile before reaching the runway, " said Spear .

" But yet they apparently do not care because it was following the directions on the iPhone , " she said again .

Since it was first introduced along with iOS 6 September last year , Apple Maps has drawn controversy because it contains errors . Before Fairbanks , has a lot of events because of the stray drivers follow the recommendation software .

In fact , the Australian police had issued a warning that Apple Maps " endanger lives " misled users following the six- person citizen 's in the middle of the desert due to road directions given Apple Maps.

CEO Tim Cook also had to apologize and advise users of Apple Maps switch using another application while it is trying to fix the map service .
Facebook finally provides a feature to 'Edit Post' on social networking pages each user. This feature is one of the most anticipated by Facebookers.

The latest update of the Facebook for Android app bring up a button to edit the post and comments, as well as showing the changes that have been made​​. But not all Android devices are able to enjoy this new feature.

Edit Post Facebook

Facebook confirmed the feature will be available in the Facebook app for Android and the web tomorrow. For a while this post edit feature is not yet available on the Facebook app on various Apple devices. Button to edit this post can be found on the top right corner in the form of an arrow pointing downwards.

This new feature is a feature that many criticized by previous users. According to the survey, not a few people who felt sorry after writing a post on Facebook. Moreover this post edit feature has long been available on competitors like Google+ social networking

China Block Facebook

Social networks like Facebook is known inaccessible in communist China. Latest news mentioning China again increased blocking Facebook site in some other areas.

Not just Facebook, a social networking such as Twitter and news sites that are sensitive to politics also affected by the Chinese government blocked this weekend. The addition of a blocked area to the rest of China, but there are some areas that are still able to access it.

China Facebook

The only region in the distance range of 17 miles from the center of Shanghai which is a free trade area. Moreover, do not expect to have free access to popular sites in the world.

Previously China has blocked Facebook and Twitter since mid-2009 after a conflict that killed many people in the Xinjiang region. While news sites The New York Times blocked after preaching about corruption in the government of one China.

Found Treasure Tube Steve Jobs

A large tube contains a variety of unique objects have been found in the area of ​​Aspen, United States. Inside the tube there is a relic of the late Steve Jobs.

Nine meter long tube with a diameter of half a meter wide is a tube that deliberately buried 30 years ago. Tube 'treasure' is the idea of the delegates present at the International Design Conference in Aspen in 1983.

Every delegate who came to contribute to providing a wide range of goods to be buried with his personal belongings other delegates. Not least the maestro technology, Steve Jobs, who also attended the conference. This tube is actually named Aspen Time Tube by the conference committee, but as Steve Jobs donate a mouse inside the tube, the team changed its name to Steve Jobs Time Capsule.

Treasure Steve Jobs

Not only mouse's Steve Jobs, in in vitro artifacts are also various other items wrapped in plastic. Such as notebooks, Kodak Instamatic camera, Rubik's, business cards delegates, even a pack of beer cans probably dedicated to the excavation team.

Actually, the excavation was going to do in the year 2000. But the team is plagued with loss of the exact location where the tubes were buried. "There are dozens of items wrapped in plastic in the tube. And I hope the delegates found the photo, but it's not," said George Wyant, one of the excavation team from National Geographic.

At the 1983 conference was Steve Jobs giving a speech about the future of the technology world. Jobs At that time recording his speech and gave a tape recorded speech for those who want. But until now the tape is lost somewhere. Jobs believed the speech talking about the advanced technologies of the future wireless networks, the iPad, and even the Apple App Store.