Friday, September 27, 2013

System Recommendation Twitter

Twitter has announced a new recommendation system. This system originated from an experiment via @ MagicRecs account. It was raised Satuluti Venu, Sr. Software Engineer, Search and Relevance. According to Venu, he often feels nice to miss some tweets or just know when someone of interest has joined Twitter.

This new recommendation feature, he said, is expected to resolve such problems. "You will receive a personal recommendation when several people in your network follow the same user or mem-'favorites' or her 'retweet' tweet the same," said Venu.


This feature will be implemented in the Twitter app for Android and iPhone. Previously, the system was tested through the account @ MagicRecs. In that experiment, @ MagicRecs will send Direct Message (DM) to the Twitter users who follow your account download it. The DM contents are recommendations related to the user or tweets that are considered suitable by the follower.

While in practice, the recommendations will appear in the form of a notification or notice delivered Twitter app for Android and iOS. Surely, said Venu, this notification can be controlled by the user. Through the settings in the application, the "Recommendations" can be turned off or on.

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