Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New App Sprint Total Equipment Protection

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sprint for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Nowadays mobile phones are electronic devices that are very important when compared with other electronic devices. What can be done with phones like talking, send a short message, send picture messages, play games, chat, word processing, and many other functions. Despite the small size, the phone has so many functions, and easy to carry around to help us resolve personal and organizational tasks.

HTCEVOSHIFT_GCVS_settings menu.jpg (5 documents)I really felt a lot of advantages to using the phone, ease of communication to stay connected with friends, family or business associates. Ease in performing activities would be easier if we use smart phones, smart phones which can run various applications developed for the needs of users, and there are a lot of app that can be installed.

Now there is a new app for Sprint Total Equipment Protection (TEP) subscribers. Available for Android, Blackberry and select feature phones, with this app, you can:

1) Locate phone
2) Sync contacts
3) Remote wipe phone
4) Lock phone
5) Sound alarm

Sprint TEP customers can be up and running in just a few minutes at no additional cost!

  • Customers that didn’t enroll in TEP within 30 days of activating their phone are in luck. Sprint is holding an Open Enrollment from August 1-30, 2011. This means any Sprint customer can add the Total Equipment Protection feature. In addition to the new App features, TEP provides Sprint customers with a quick and convenient way to receive a replacement if your phone is ever lost, stolen, damaged or malfunctions after the warranty expires. Hey it’s summertime, this feature even covers accidental dips by your phone into the pool or lake!
  • TEP cost $8.00 per month. The Protection App included with TEP with no added cost provides the ability to find a misplaced phone with an audible alarm, locate your phone on a map using network integrated GPS technology, remotely lock a missing phone, as well as wirelessly sync and manage and restore your contacts. Should a customer need to file a claim a deductible of either $50 or $100 is required for approved claims. While some people might think the deductible is a bummer, have you ever check on the non contract price of that EVO –$449. Or even that LG Optimus you thought was free -- $299 is the full retail.
To enroll or learn more about the Sprint TEP you must hurry, open Enrollment from August 1-30, 2011, your time is limited and only until August 30 to add this feature on your phone. So right away, do not delay you to check out and download the Sprint Total Equipment Protection App which will help you with a solution at no additional cost when the problem occurs on your phone. I think this TEP is the right solution to your problem in the future.

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Free Trendy Jeans From Express

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Express for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Jean leggings made of a flexible, comfortable, and very suitable for women who have a high activity that wants to always look gorgeous. Jean leggings has become a trend, could be used for work clothes, casual clothes to party dress. Perfect wear jean leggings will show your body shape, and your feet will look sleek thus attracting the attention of people who are around you Express giveaway.

EXTREME STRETCH STELLA JEAN LEGGING at ExpressExpress really understand your needs, there are many choices women's jeans with a variety of sizes to support your appearance. Jean leggings currently so popular, many famous female artists always use jeans leggings when they appear in public. I really like to see women using jean leggings, they look more dynamic, relaxed and charming.

Color choices for the fashion jean such as red, white and gray you can match with accessories that you use so that your appearance will become more perfect and charming. Not only jean leggings, Express jeans also provides clothing for women and men who designed exclusively for you. Jean pants paired with shirts that will create the impression of relaxed, stylish and comfortable to use.

Now express discount "50% off" if you buy a pair of jean. Not only that, the Express also gives you a chance to win free jean. For a limited time, enter for a chance to win free jeans! Express will be giving away 50 free pairs that you could possibly be rockin’ on the sidewalk! I recommend you to immediately enter Express if you want to get a free jean.

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Monday, August 1, 2011

Straight Talk Cut Phone Bills

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Straight Talk for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Communication becomes very important thing for us all, so do you. Communication is currently using mobile phones have become the primary choice for those who need fast service anywhere. Communication cost is expensive of course makes us into a limited space, and information sent or received is not to be intact because the communication time is limited. To save on communication costs would you have done, but of course it will limit the communication time is shorter, and this way does not make us comfortable in doing activities.

You do not need to worry, cheap communication costs you can find right now, and it does not burden the budget your phone bills. By using the Straight Talk, then you will get many benefits when doing communications and make you will feel richer with service plans that offer cheap rates with best quality.

I like the idea of ​​Straight Talk that will cut half of the cell phone bill, unlimited and no contract month on the plan. Can you imagine how much money can be saved when you switch to Straight Talk, and you can buy anything from the money you save. By using the Straight Talk, no surprise bills and no credit check. Large national coverage and excellent reception / connectivity. Unlimited talk time by simply using a trusted phone manufacturers like LG, Motorola, Kyocera, Nokia and Samsung.

Straight Talk provides several options Monthly Plans:
  • ALL YOU NEED: $ 30 for 30 days, talk to 1.000 minutes, 1.000 text or picture messages and 30 MB of web data access.
  • UNLIMITED MONTHLY Service: 1 month ($ 45), 3 months ($ 125.99), 6 months ($ 249.99) and 1 year ($ 499) including call, text, picture messaging, and web. Unlimited communication, everything you need can be done anytime and anywhere.
Free of charge activation, reactivation, or termination, including 411 calls at no additional cost, and real Straight Talk customer. Straight Talk also provides services to talk directly International long distance that allows you to make international calls from landline or mobile at a low cost, Hook, line and sinker.

To simplify your communications, Straight Talk provides reconditioned mobile phones starting from $ 10.00 with camera, mp3 player, mobile web access, and blue tooth capability. Not only that, the Straight Talk also provides other options such as smart phones: touch screen, app capable phones with features like voice navigation, camera, video recorder, music player, instant messaging, and Bluetooth®. I hope that by using the Straight Talk, you will find real freedom for your communication.

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