Thursday, November 11, 2010

Physical Office RIM Indonesia is Still a Mystery

Although it has been inaugurated, the Blackberry manufacturer, Research in Motion (RIM), refused to tell the location of their offices in Indonesia (PT. RIM Indonesia) . "Sorry, for now we can not notify our office location, for security reasons," said Oliver Pilgerstorfer, Senior PR Manager RIM Southeast Asia, after the inauguration of PT. RIM Indonesia at the Hotel Dharmawangsa, Jakarta.

Unfortunately, Oliver did not explain details about the reasons of security in question, which resulted RIM will not tell me the location of their offices in Indonesia. "Clearly, there are in South Jakarta, Central Jakarta," he said.

RIM's silence related to the location of their office raised doubts of its own. Even the issue said that RIM has just pocketed a company name but do not have a physical office at all in Indonesia. "We do not hide or make it a mystery. We have an office. All is ready. It's just not ready time to convey to the public," said Oliver.

RIM's office will occupy a location in the area of Central Jakarta. As the person in charge, RIM appoint Andrew Cobham who was President Director. Establishment of PT RIM Indonesia following information about the 36 authorized service centers Blackberry which will start operating in late 2010. This service will support a 24 month warranty is given to customers who have purchased the Blackberry smartphone.

E-mail Invitation Nobel Prize Contain Viruses

A fake e-mail invitation to the event the Nobel Peace Price in 2010 recently circulated and carry viruses that can infect computers anyone who opened it. Originally from Oslo Freedom Forum, a group that had nothing to do with the Nobel committee events, e-mail that includes a PDF file attachment, could make the hackers take over computers 'victims'. This report Contagio Internet security blog.

"Dear Mr. / Ms in place, I attach a letter from the founder of the Freedom Forum Oslo, Thor Halvorseen, invite you to join him on 11 December for the award ceremony. Please tell me if you have any questions," so writing in an e-mail invitation. Ceremony of the Nobel Peace Prize 2010, which is dedicated to Liu Xiaobo, Chinese dissident activist who was imprisoned by his government, will be held in Oslo on 10 December.

"We do not know who launched a cyber attack, or who they target," said computer security group F-Secure on their website. According to online newspaper Aftenposten, meanwhile Geir Lundestad, president of Nobel Institute, was the target of cyber attacks through an e-mail. E-mail is reported to have a link that asks Lundestad to type his name and password, but Lundestad suspicious and warned the internet on Norwegian data security agency.

"There is someone who tries to infect the Nobel Institute," said Christophe Birkeland, head of the Norwegian Computer Emergency Response Team. "There are many indications that the same people behind this attack," he added. Nobel Peace Prize website also become targets of cyber attacks two weeks ago, with the address of the originating IP address from the National Chiao Tung University in Taiwan.

However, it is not possible cyber attacks also came from there, because a hacker usually use multiple computers to hide their tracks.

Google Employees' Salaries Increase 10% Next Year

Google shows that they know how to make employees feel special: Around 23,300 employees raised their salaries by 10 percent starting next year. Internet giants of the world is also changing its employees an annual bonus with regular pay check. This notice posted to all employees through an internal memo sent by the CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt. Bonuses were also not included in the salary increase of 10 percent.

This is a step 'indulgence employees' the umpteenth. Google has long been known to feed its employees for free and pamper them with additional bonuses that are categorized as a luxury for most employees in general. However, the company began to attract a bonus, the bonus in late 2008 and early 2009 to have to terminate the employment of several hundred employees, so the company can continue to run in times of recession the U.S. economy in the past.

This year was a good year for Google. Google revenue up 23 percent to reach USD21 million in the first nine months in 2010. Their confidence increases, because this year Google has added 3,500 employees expand its workforce by 20 percent. Google also did a lot of investment in data-centers that run their online services. Eric saw the policy of salary increase as compensation to the 'best people in the world', but the move was analyzed by many as a prevention for its employees do not move to Facebook.

Competitive world of internet today is increasingly becoming aggressive, especially after Google's top sales executives Sheryl Sandberg, hired by Facebook as chief operating officer at Facebook. "We believe that the plans that competitive compensation is important for the future of our company," said Google spokesman, Jordan Newman.

The Latest Version of Firefox 4 is Lighter

Mozilla significantly improve the performance of their browser from the latest beta version 7 of Firefox 4. What are the advantages? Overall, the Mozilla add a new iteration called J├ĄgerMonkey (JIT) JavaScript compiler, which is the support for hardware accelerated graphics for OS X and Windows. This feature allows the ability to display 3D images without the need to plug in via WebGL.

"With Firefox SpiderMonkey JavaScript now combines new J├ĄgerMonkey JIT compiler, which along with enhancements to existing TraceMonkey JIT and SpiderMonkey's interpreter, adding up to speed really show off kay Web applications,  you'll see this faster start-up time, increase page load speed and performance of web applications," explained engineer at Mozilla Jay Sullivan.

According to Jay, support for hardware accelerated graphics also help to optimize and improve the performance of the browser.  "It allows websites to load and respond faster to a rich and interactive content such as web, game or photo application. In Windows, including Windows XP, hardware acceleration is done by using DirectX technology in Mac OS X, it is done using OpenGL," said Jay.