Friday, April 22, 2011

Preview of Microsoft Windows 8

With the emergence of a preview of Windows 8, Microsoft is promising a hybrid line between local user accounts and online personas. Details leaked about Windows 8 Milestone 1 (M1) shows that in the future iterations of the operating system customers will be able to use the email address they own Windows account ..

This means, maybe Windows 8 will connect with Windows Live, including Hotmail, but become less friendly towards third-party email service provider. An email account is not required to use Windows but it makes it easy to access your personalized, favorites and content on any computer.

  Windows 8 can use an online email account as your Windows account for an enhanced personalized experience. Using your email account to make Windows a better life. With Connected Account, users will be able to do the settings, customizations, favorites, and synchronized content anywhere, for any machine running Windows 8, during which their online identities influence them to enter the platform.

Microsoft Windows 7 Phone for Barack Obama

Microsoft offers the Windows 7 Phone to Barack Obama, following a joke the President of the United States that he never uses the latest technology.   "I think the Oval Office will have the cool phones and so on," said Obama in an election campaign event he repeated in the presence of donor funds.  "We can not make our phones work fine. Give me a break,  I was the President of the USA! Where are the buttons or the sophistication of a large screen that suddenly appeared? That does not happen,"joked Obama.

  Although only joking, Microsoft turned out to take it seriously. Through Twitter account, Microsoft EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) sends a message to the president, while linking an article about Obama's complaint.   "Hey @ BarackObama, we understand you want a phone that's cool, what about Windows 7 Phone? We can send one to you!. Unfortunately the message did not get a response from Obama's Twitter account.  This is not the first time Microsoft offers tools WP7 to a popular figure. Earlier this year, the software giant had offered to free the WP7 famous hacker George Hotz, or commonly known as GeoHot

Rising Sea Temperatures of Fish Mortality

A study shows that rising sea temperatures at random in some parts of the world are able to reduce the population, inhibits growth, increases stress and the risk of fish mortality. The study was based on peneilitan Australian scientists, who focused on Morwong fish species in the Tasman Sea, which lies between Australia and New Zealand.

The scientists found that fish growth Morwong in some areas has slowed down after sea temperatures rise 2 degrees Celsius over the last 60 years in the Tasman Sea, one of the earth in the southern part of the level of the seawater temperature rises fast enough.

Effect of temperature changes also affect other types of fish and coral reefs, which causes a loss in fisheries sector. "Normally, cold-blooded animals respond to warm conditions with increasing growth as temperature rises,"said Ron thresher from the research agency CSIRO. "Through this research, we found evidence of slower growth and rising levels of stress in fish that live in the sea with a temperature threshold," said Ron.

Let's Celebrate Green for Earth Day Campaign

Earth Day is celebrated today throughout the world and environmentally conscious celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Ed Norton also participated in the campaigns 'Billion Acts of Green Campaign', which is the theme of Earth Day 2011. More than 100 million green campaign movement has been run by people around the world. Leonardo DiCaprio has pledged to donate $ 1 million to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) for tiger conservation. He also worked with WWF to launch .

While Ed Norton to run a marathon around New York with the Maasai tribe of Tanzania, to support the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust, which generate more than $ 1 million through fundraising on the site Singer Jewel perform a charity concert for the Clearwater Project, raising funds for educating developing countries about the importance of the right to have clean water. Earth Day is a day that is celebrated to promote environmental sustainability. Earth Day was sparked by the United States senator, Gaylord Nelson, on April 22, 1970.

Found a Lot of Ice in Mars' South Pole

NASA found that the south polar region of Mars has ice that are 30 times more than previous estimates. These findings suggest that the red planet was wetter than scientists previously estimated. By taking the data through the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, scientists found an ancient carbon dioxide trapped in ice. These results add to evidence that Mars has an atmosphere with carbon dioxide and water are slim.

"Great ice mass has reached 12,500 cubic km, equal to the contents of Lake Superior, the largest lake in North America," said NASA. "Previously we already know that the thin levels of carbon dioxide in the ice surface of mars, but this discovery also adds information that the amount of ice that was there was 30 times larger than previously thought," said Roger Phillips of Southwest Research Institute in Boulder , Colorado.