Friday, April 22, 2011

Rising Sea Temperatures of Fish Mortality

A study shows that rising sea temperatures at random in some parts of the world are able to reduce the population, inhibits growth, increases stress and the risk of fish mortality. The study was based on peneilitan Australian scientists, who focused on Morwong fish species in the Tasman Sea, which lies between Australia and New Zealand.

The scientists found that fish growth Morwong in some areas has slowed down after sea temperatures rise 2 degrees Celsius over the last 60 years in the Tasman Sea, one of the earth in the southern part of the level of the seawater temperature rises fast enough.

Effect of temperature changes also affect other types of fish and coral reefs, which causes a loss in fisheries sector. "Normally, cold-blooded animals respond to warm conditions with increasing growth as temperature rises,"said Ron thresher from the research agency CSIRO. "Through this research, we found evidence of slower growth and rising levels of stress in fish that live in the sea with a temperature threshold," said Ron.

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