Friday, April 22, 2011

Microsoft Windows 7 Phone for Barack Obama

Microsoft offers the Windows 7 Phone to Barack Obama, following a joke the President of the United States that he never uses the latest technology.   "I think the Oval Office will have the cool phones and so on," said Obama in an election campaign event he repeated in the presence of donor funds.  "We can not make our phones work fine. Give me a break,  I was the President of the USA! Where are the buttons or the sophistication of a large screen that suddenly appeared? That does not happen,"joked Obama.

  Although only joking, Microsoft turned out to take it seriously. Through Twitter account, Microsoft EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) sends a message to the president, while linking an article about Obama's complaint.   "Hey @ BarackObama, we understand you want a phone that's cool, what about Windows 7 Phone? We can send one to you!. Unfortunately the message did not get a response from Obama's Twitter account.  This is not the first time Microsoft offers tools WP7 to a popular figure. Earlier this year, the software giant had offered to free the WP7 famous hacker George Hotz, or commonly known as GeoHot

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