Saturday, January 8, 2011

A hacker Hijacked the Kenya Police Website

A hacker hijacked the Kenya police website and dedicate the attack to the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. Site http://kenyapolice.go. contains information about the country's national police force Kenya, when it opened the website reads the message "Could come in, and which I think is Mark Zuckerberg! It's for you Mark!"

Until now there has been no information about the motive of the hacker. Kenya police website that was attacked is the main page only. While the rest of the links are indexed by Google can still be accessed. This is not the first time in Kenya. Last year, the website of some departments there are also under attack from hackers.

RIM Ready to Launch the Playbook 4G

Corporate high interest to the Playbook, to encourage a desire Research in Motion (RIM) launched the 4G version of the device, next summer. It disclosed a senior vice president of RIM Jeff McDowell on the sidelines of a demonstration in the arena Playbook Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

Yes, for the first time since its launch late last year, RIM is giving a demo using seven-inch tablet, which is thought capable of competing with the iPad (Apple). Wi-fi version of his own thought would occur in March 2011. The plan, RIM will hold Sprint as a service operator. According to McDowell, RIM's decision to work with service operators in the United States the third most popular was because Sprint currently has the largest 4G network .

Playbook IPAD could be the most awaited competitor than other competitors. Tablet market alone is estimated to increase to reach 50 million units next year. McDowell claims, the corporation is now looking Playbook as an important tool owned by employees like cellular phone or PC. Some time ago, the sticking issue if RIM is planning to delay the launch of the Playbook due to battery problems. However, McDowell asserts, Playbook battery can last like any other 7-inch tablet, or even longer.

The Rats Are Able to Sing Like a Bird

A team of researchers from the University of Osaka have created a different animal in Evolved Mouse Project.  The scientists have successfully created a mouse that is able to sing like a bird. They used mice that have children are genetically engineered and potentially mutate. "Mutations are the driving force of evolution. We have made crosses of genetically engineered mice for several generations to see what would happen next," said lead researcher, Arikuni Uchimura.

"We examine the new-born rats one by one. One day we found a mouse that sings like a bird," he said. Uchimura confirm if the rats 'singing' was born after genetic engineering and the character will be forwarded to them in future generations. The scientists claim to be surprised with this result, they expect the birth of mice that differ in physical form.

Research center headed by Takeshi Yagi, professor at the University of Osaka, claimed to have had more than 100 'mice sing' which will be empowered to further research. The research team hopes they can get clues about how human language evolved so that they can understand the origin of human language.

The scientists also found that the bird was using a different sound elements, just like human languages vary with the particular linguistic rules. "For the study, subjects are better than mice because they are mammals, birds and closer to humans, related to the structure of the brain and other biological aspects," Uchimura said.

"We see how the new mouse that emit sound will affect the normal mice in the same category. In other words if it has a social connotation," he said, adding that ordinary mice squeak because of stress.

700 Pigeons Still Mysterious Death

Mysterious mass death of animals continues on Friday, January 7, 2011 when Italy, as about 700 pigeons mysteriously falls from the sky city of Faenza, province of Ravenna, Italy. Birds commonly seen in the town of Faenza lot, now just a pile of corpses.

The cause of the mysterious mass death was investigated, a local scientist named Dr. Frasnelli, said that it would conduct tests toxins and disease in birds. Before this incident, there was the death of 1000 fish in the river Arkansas, 40,000 crabs in the UK, and many more. Some theories about the mass death of animals recently stuck around fireworks, stress, disease and natural factors. Even some parties claim that this mass death is one of the signs of the apocalypse.