Saturday, January 8, 2011

RIM Ready to Launch the Playbook 4G

Corporate high interest to the Playbook, to encourage a desire Research in Motion (RIM) launched the 4G version of the device, next summer. It disclosed a senior vice president of RIM Jeff McDowell on the sidelines of a demonstration in the arena Playbook Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

Yes, for the first time since its launch late last year, RIM is giving a demo using seven-inch tablet, which is thought capable of competing with the iPad (Apple). Wi-fi version of his own thought would occur in March 2011. The plan, RIM will hold Sprint as a service operator. According to McDowell, RIM's decision to work with service operators in the United States the third most popular was because Sprint currently has the largest 4G network .

Playbook IPAD could be the most awaited competitor than other competitors. Tablet market alone is estimated to increase to reach 50 million units next year. McDowell claims, the corporation is now looking Playbook as an important tool owned by employees like cellular phone or PC. Some time ago, the sticking issue if RIM is planning to delay the launch of the Playbook due to battery problems. However, McDowell asserts, Playbook battery can last like any other 7-inch tablet, or even longer.

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