Thursday, October 29, 2009

Karmic Koala Latest Version of Ubuntu

Ubuntu Karmic KoalaMatch promise to do a new release every six months, Canonical finally released the latest Ubuntu version of 9.10 called Karmic Koala. The latest version of the software either Server Edition and Desktop Edition is downloadable for free beginning October 29, 2009 in all the Ubuntu mirrors. "Ubuntu version of 9.10 to give more benefits to users who will use Linux as an operating system option. We provide a platform for users who want an operating system that is easy to use, great display, and appropriate for the web," said Jane Silber, Chief Operating Officer Canonical, a company that develops Ubuntu.

Compared with previous versions, Karmic Koala including software that comes with many changes. According to Jane, the latest version of Ubuntu features a more user friendly, faster boot times, better audio support, and support for more connectivity. The main changes are also carried out the presence of the Ubuntu Software Center feature that provides information of all software used. This is a software management tool to help users manage the solutions they need open source more easily.

In addition, this Ubuntu version of 9.10 has supported Ubuntu One as a standard feature. Ubuntu One is the service back up, synchronization, and sharing data online. Ubuntu version of 9.10 users can access with a capacity of up to 2 GB of data free of charge and can add capacity to pay. While for the Ubuntu version of 9.10 Server Edition has the full support of Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud. This is a cloud computing technology that enables business people to make their own cloud services.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Strengthen Security System to Avoid Vicious Virus

Virus.Win32.Virut.ceToday, I did repair the client's computer, where there are many problems. Corrupt the operating system because it failed to update, and also saved a lot of Virus in the file system. To repair Windows XP operating system these damaged I threw some system files and make modifications to the registry. System restore is not available because all the tools in the disable and the hidden, is enough to make me a little inconvenience. But all my problems could be overcome by using other tools that I downloaded from a trusted site. By using the supporting tools such as registry tools, registry cleaners all the problems on the operating system can be found and corrected.

Repair Windows XP operating system that has infected the Virus is not easy and required little hard work, but it could be overcome if we have additional tools to bring back important files have been hidden by the Virus. Now operating system issues on client computers can be repaired and was operating normally again. The problem that one has been completed, but now I have another problem, which the Windows XP operating system on my laptop a little trouble, the Virus tries to inject the operating system via a flash drive that I use to transfer support tools to improve the client computer. Beyond my expectations were a flash drive has been infected, and existing Anti-Virus on my laptop did block the Virus that tried to inject the operating system.

But it was pretty vicious Virus despite being on the block by Anti-Virus is still trying to escape and was detected by Windows XP security system, this Virus attacked repeatedly through all the files that have been infected, a result of the actions that Windows XP operating system Blue Screen displays to avoid system damage caused by the Virus. Several times a Windows XP operating system has blue screen every time I plug in a USB flash drive port, Anti-Virus scanning do not complete because the Windows XP operating system detects something harmful. The Virus is quite fierce, although the Anti-Virus has done block still trying to penetrate the security system of Windows XP. To overcome this problem I did update the drivers and security for Windows XP blue screen does not happen again. After the update Windows XP security system, Anti-Virus can complete the task perfectly to remove all the Viruses that are stored on flash drives.

"virus Virus.Win32.Virut.ce" & "Worm.Win32.AutoRun.qnf" which has been detected by the Anti-Virus, the Virus attacked repeatedly by changing the spread to all the existing folders and converted to *. exe, and several *. exe programs have also been injected. Not only that done by this Virus, all folders that have their "super hidden" and we can not see it. To display the normal return all the missing folders, I use MSDOS command E: \>attrib -s -h *.* / s / d , and the results returned to normal as before. So soon update computer security systems on a regular basis to avoid large losses which may occur without our underlying, and strengthen the security system to avoid the vicious Virus with Anti-Virus.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Company Offers $500,000 for Ads on Twitter

One company offered $500,000 US to Twitter to put their banner ads on social networking sites in a single day. If this offer released, Twitter will be the first site with the highest advertising rates in the world. "Although the $500,000 US is seen as a large amount to invest on a banner in one day, we believe this investment will be more useful later on," said Leon Hill, Chief Executive uSocial, a company that specializes in marketing products and services through social networking sites .

Until now, Twitter has not answered, whether the ad can be posted or not. Microblogging site was indeed never any ads, though regarded as one of the options may be considered by the founders of the company when they find a sustainable business model for Microblogging business. However, co-founder of Twitter, Evan Williams, has said that Twitter will focus on improving the quality of products and technologies that will use. According to him, a mistake if the company's focus on earnings. He said that would be way Twitter is a charge on the other side using Twitter brand for commercial purposes.

"We will put on their costs, but they will pay if we offer them something worthy to be paid and this site works well for them," he said. This week, Twitter has signed an agreement with Microsoft and Google to integrate Twitter data will appear, either in the Google search engine as well as Bing. However, the cost to be paid Microsoft and Google over the use of these data was not announced.

PayPal Releases API for Developers

Online payment service provider, PayPal, plans to open API (Application Programming Interface) for developers. Such a move is an attempt to integrate PayPal more extensive services to various applications and devices. "I am very proud that within two weeks, PayPal will be the provider of the first online payment service that opened its platform to everyone," said Scott Thompson, President of PayPal in the Web 2.0 conference in San Francisco, USA. API will be released on November 3, 2009.

This decision was not come suddenly. PayPal is now owned by eBay is already working with several producers of electronics and handheld devices to integrate their services. Thompson pointed out what would be done similar to PayPal so that the open Facebook API to developers, many applications that can be available on these social networking services.

He hopes, the same thing will revolutionize the digital payments business and used cross-currency and cross-platform in many countries around the world. Nevertheless, he could not specify when the PayPal service became available in a variety of mobile devices, television, and social networks.