Thursday, August 5, 2010

Use Business VoIP for a Low Cost Access Anywhere

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a method for sending voice signals through the Internet. Before being submitted to the internet network analog voice signal is first converted into digital data. By using VoIP, we can speak like a traditional phone. But the difference is that we will not be charged an expensive as analog phone or PSTN phone.

VoIP technology is not limited and can cover the whole world who has Internet network. The Internet has provided tremendous revolution in the exchange of information in the form of text, sound, and video. VoIP technology advancement can not be dammed, and slowly shift the existence of the PSTN technologies have complex network and access costs are expensive.

There are so many other amazing benefits of VoIP technology, can make long distance calls at low cost has become a reality. VoIP technology has positively impacted the telecommunications industry, and VoIP has changed the way people think about their phone service. The internet has tremendous power for technological development, especially for VoIP.

VoIP technology is certainly very useful for anyone, and suitable for small business. By using VoIP technology becomes more efficient communication costs when compared to PSTN technology, How to change the VoIP technology for business phone? VoIP help realize the dreams of those who want to enjoy a cheap voice communications, and give anyone control over their telephone communications anywhere.

Provide cheap or free calls is one of the benefits of VoIP phone systems, unlimited communication makes you feel close distance with your friends, family and business associates who also use VoIP. For small business VoIP technology can save budget money for a phone company, and could reach 50% even more.

Businesses that choose to use VoIP technology can potentially save thousands of dollars to the cost of voice communications infrastructure. To use VoIP technology, you do not have to worry about complex telephone installations, equipment and hardware setup is very easy to do.

Currently voice communication using VoIP technology has become the ideal choice for low cost access, and VoIP technology also provides many features which can be utilized by each subscriber, such as can record and play back all the talk for those who are already using VoIP phone. The development of VoIP technology in the telecommunications industry has brought a revolution because of cheaper call rates.

I have felt the benefits of VoIP technology, make international calls more comfortable because they do not have to worry about paying expensive access costs, and I prefer to use VoIP to save on communications budget.

To take proper advantage in using VoIP, it would only get if you use business voip service providers who provide the best service. By using a good service would allow you to take full advantage of VoIP technology for your small business, and immediately get the benefits of VoIP today.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

U.S. Government Certified Google Cloud Computing

United States federal government has certified to the Google Cloud Computing applications. This means that there is a possibility the U.S. government will use Google's cloud-based services. he world's largest software company that has received federal certification for e-mail, calendar and other collaboration applications based cloud, after the General Services Administration said that Google meets the requirements of safety standards for services at the government level.

This is the first cloud-based services that receive such accreditation. Surely this will use Google to increase their share of services in the U.S.. "We hear, government officials really want the same technology for their use at home, or in the office," says David Mihalchik, business development, federal-executive Google. "What we have to do is to certify the Google applications so governments can compare their existing systems with Google Apps," added David Mihalchik.

Google has expanded its wings in the governance environment in recent years, mostly related to the agreements in the internet business as well as related policies cyberspace. "This is the paradigm of the latest technology," said Mihalchik. "This paradigm is slowed by legal decision makers about data security and privacy," said Deniece Peterson, manager of industry analysis at Input, the Reston research firm that follows the policy.

But although Google beat the giants such as Microsoft and IBM with the cloud-computing standard equipped FISMA, Peterson is not expected to be completed until the competition here. For certification from the government, Google itself in direct competition with Microsoft in the shows ability to set up an email service for approximately 15,000 employees.

Know the Activities of Internet Users Through the Software

Based on the research has found that one of the businesses on the Internet with a fairly rapid growth rate currently is spying on internet users.  "We can investigate all the people and activities they do in cyberspace," said marketing staff officer from Solution Inc. Lotame Eric Porres. Lotame himself is a New York company that uses software called Beacon. Software can investigate what people type on the Internet, their comments on the film, speech, their interests would be pregnancy, and others. As of right now is to experiment, Ashley Hayes Beaty.

Through Beacon, internet spy easy to get the information that the 26-year-old Ashley, live in Nashville, Tennessee, following his favorite films.  'I think that I have a personal secret to myself, it was not,' said Ashley Hayes Beaty. Lotame Business Solution Inc. is the data about people to then sell to their customers. A comprehensive investigation has revealed that the tracking of users has increased far greater.

About 50 great websites also have to install 64 kinds of machines into a computer tracking of visitors. Usually the installation takes place without warning. For example an online dictionary site which nonprofit Simple to install one type of software. The tracking technology is becoming more sophisticated. The proof is the latest invention that can track what people do when it was on the internet, and can instantly track the location, income, and even health conditions. Some of these devices can even track the accounts that have been deleted.

Monday, August 2, 2010

File Sharing Sites are Blocked in Bulgaria

Entertainment industry in Bulgaria continue their mission to combat illegal file sharing in the country. Four sites have been closed in Bulgaria after the investigation for months by a special unit of cyber crime. Action is performed after having previously been a complaint from the Bulgarian Association of Music Producers (BAMP) relating to the use of illegal music files. "This mission shows the number and the big advantage of the criminals involved. It also shows how big piracy problem in Bulgaria," said Executive Director of the Ina Kileva BAMP.

It was announced that, rapidadd, and apparently run by a network of organized crime syndicates and illegally distribute books, movies, games, music and software piracy on a large scale. Bulgaria Police believe that the users pay about 2.5 million Euros to access these sites and their revenues also increased due to advertising revenue.

"It is troubling the composers and musicians, making it difficult to establish the legal digital music market. The officers of Digital Crime Unit be congratulated for their work in defending intellectual property rights. With actions, Bulgaria can develop a digital economy in the future, "added Ina Kileva. The investigators have discovered several Internet service providers have a server that contains more than 120 Terabit content without officially licensed, equal to 200,000 pieces of CDs.