Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Know the Activities of Internet Users Through the Software

Based on the research has found that one of the businesses on the Internet with a fairly rapid growth rate currently is spying on internet users.  "We can investigate all the people and activities they do in cyberspace," said marketing staff officer from Solution Inc. Lotame Eric Porres. Lotame himself is a New York company that uses software called Beacon. Software can investigate what people type on the Internet, their comments on the film, speech, their interests would be pregnancy, and others. As of right now is to experiment, Ashley Hayes Beaty.

Through Beacon, internet spy easy to get the information that the 26-year-old Ashley, live in Nashville, Tennessee, following his favorite films.  'I think that I have a personal secret to myself, it was not,' said Ashley Hayes Beaty. Lotame Business Solution Inc. is the data about people to then sell to their customers. A comprehensive investigation has revealed that the tracking of users has increased far greater.

About 50 great websites also have to install 64 kinds of machines into a computer tracking of visitors. Usually the installation takes place without warning. For example an online dictionary site which nonprofit Simple to install one type of software. The tracking technology is becoming more sophisticated. The proof is the latest invention that can track what people do when it was on the internet, and can instantly track the location, income, and even health conditions. Some of these devices can even track the accounts that have been deleted.

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