Friday, December 18, 2009

Monkey Beat Taekwondo Coach

Monkey beat taekwondo coachDo not be abusive toward animals will get the plague, the elders said. I do not know whether this guy this plague hit or not. A troop of monkeys who had rehearsed for the performance of the martial arts taekwondo revenge against him. Lo Wung (42 years), he taught the monkeys so they can entertain a crowd of people outside a shopping center on Nshi, Hubei Province, eastern China. However, the primates who brought the money to turn the tables Lo when he slipped on a show. A monkey without a second thought immediately hit the coach with a kick in the head.

Hu Leisure (32 years), viewers who photographed the incident, saying, "I saw a monkey punched right in his eyes, he (Lo Wung) to catch the others in his ear and was treated monkeys with the coach won his nose. They pranced and jumping up and down. Sscene is better than a Bruce Lee movie. " On one occasion, the coach encourages his staff (Wung Lu) to attack the monkeys. It just makes himself confronted with a monkey swinging and beat his head.

Wung Lu finally managed to control the monkeys by using a rope used to stop them while running away. Hu said, "He (the coach) is very upset, he made the monkeys were kneeling on the ground with hands tied back to punish and make them sorry for the bad attack".

50 Needles Found in the Boy's Body

X-ray 50 NeedlesThis is the result of X-ray on December 15, 2009 from a little boy two years old living in northeast Brazil, precisely at the Hospital do Oeste. In the X-ray visible needle sewing machine 50 which is believed by doctors inserted into the body one by one. The boy's mother told police that he did not know how the needles can be entered into the body of her son.

However, some reports alleged needle is inserted into the boy's body through the rituals of black magic called Macabre. Dr. Luiz Cesar Soltoski treating the boy said that, in the surgical removal of the needle, not all the needles can be lifted. This is because there is a needle that is located too close to the liver so that, if appointed, then the fact would endanger the child's soul.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Collection of Dresses for 2010

Prom Dress 2010
Honor and dignity we can form through fashion and self expression of a lifestyle. Using a beautiful dress and matching is a reflection of our personality and social status differences. Sometimes fashion can cause the problem and negatively impact us. Using clothes made by professional designers would have increased confidence high on ourselves and also gives the best performance and admirable.

female clothing is designed so perfectly to express the attitudes and certain characters that can cover the shortcomings and maximize the existing strengths in ourselves. Choosing a dress in accordance with the shape of our bodies should consider us to be comfortable to use, I really like the look of a woman who used prom dresses, she appeared so perfect, beautiful and charming. Prom dress provides various collection options to support your activities.

Looking good can also be found by using the short prom dresses that was so charming and has been widely used by artists. prom dress designed by professional designers such as Terani Tony Bowls, Alyce, Mori Lee, Jovani, Dave & Johnny and many more. Once the importance of choosing a dress material because it is reflected in taste and flavor the wearer. Although each material has its own beauty, but not every material can be applied to all fashion models. Choosing materials that match the tastes of course will provide comfort when you use all day.

For those of you who frequently attend events at night would need a pretty evening gown, and also there are many models you can use. Caring for an evening dress that is not broken, it's not easy. This is because the model evening gowns and materials used to make an evening dress is very soft and need special care.

Model captivating style clothing provided by the designer is also available for wedding dresses, you can choose the right wedding theme and available a variety of bridal fashion. Wedding dress is important to think about, because all of your guests eyes will look at non-stop. So as not to cause much trouble to avoid using a burst wedding dress was too long and many variations, that can move freely and comfortably worn.

The bride needs to choose a bride wearing a dress in accordance with her personal character to provide more flexibility and will increase your confidence in front of guests and of course more radiating an aura of beauty. It is also important to determine the right choice and dress according to your body shape. Only then will designers be able to determine the form of what wedding dress style that will make you look graceful when walking. Clothing provided by professional designers is so innovative, your choice of dress can customize to your budget, and are also widely available prom dresses 2010 trendy with low prices for you.

Post Office was Given a Special Domain

Post Office
Although it's a lot of people who send letters using the Internet network, it does not mean the post office closed. In fact, the post offices around the world can now have a specific domain address ".post" by ICANN (Internet Corporation or Asssigned Names and Numbers), an independent body that regulates Internet addresses.

These new domains approved Friday, December 11, 2009 ago. Right to manage top-level domains is given to the UPU (Universal Postal Union) will soon issue guidelines and rules that domain usage. "People who access a site ".post" will automatically be sure that it is the official postal service or postal service provider," the statement that submitted proposals UPU this domain name as reported by AFP.

UPU and ICANN plans to offer these domains starting the second half of 2010 after completing all the forms of agreements. Although sending a letter dropped dramatically, many post offices are held by expanding into online business and support the delivery of the goods sold through online stores.

Standard WiFi 802.11ac Reach Speeds up to 1 Gbps

Standard WiFi 802.11ac
IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) standard was brewing latest WiFi wireless technology 802.11ac. With this technology, a wireless data transfer can be done through the air at speeds up to 1 GB / s.

These standards will be an improvement of the 802.11a standard which works at 5.0 GHz frequency band. The part is a wide kanalnya added. If the standard is now used to use 20 MHz channels, the new standard uses 40 Mhz, 80 Mhz, 160 Mhz even. With a wider channel, even greater throughput so that users can enjoy faster data access.

However, that does not mean an automatic increase of this rate increase Internet access speed. Because Internet access speed depends on the capacity of its infrastructure and bandwidth availability.

Stoba Technology to Prevent the Battery to Explode

Laptop Explode
Often we read cases of how the leaking battery can be hot and eventually cause a fire that must be withdrawn by the manufacturer. Fortunately, now present new technologies that can prevent a fire or explode on Li-ion batteries installed in the laptop or mobile phone. Stoba technology name, this technology was developed by Taiwanese research institute named ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute), and likely will be marketed in the first quarter of next year. When Li-Ion battery shorted out, the battery temperature will quickly rise, which can reach 932 degrees Fahrenheit.

This is why the battery flammable or explosive. Stoba prevent fires or explosions by being positive and negative sides of the battery. If the battery temperature reaches 266 degrees Fahrenheit, Stoba changed from a porous material into a film and had to stop the reaction. Currently the battery manufacturer's testing Stoba. Stoba expected to be present in the market in the first quarter of 2010. Use of Stoba also expected to lead to an increase in manufacturing costs for 2 to 3 percent.